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Chapter 10

Lazarus POV

After I went out of the elven forest I ran back to the old forest to get some water which I had forgot to bring earlier. I left the vines in my arms, after a few minutes it was stored inside my D-storage.

If I remember correctly, this disables the mana of the person entangled in it. This might be useful later on. Hahahaha! Not only did I get the Azalea flower, I also got these mystical vines! Serves them right!

After fully packing some water, I went back on my way and arrived at the 3-way path, this time I headed right of course. It wasnt long until I arrived at a village which could be found a few meters downhill. There was a large sign at the entranc  {Balur Village}

::::: Balur Village :::::

It was already nightfall by the time Lazarus had arrived at Balur village. Most of the houses were built with stones, bricks and wood, just like any other medieval house. The only difference was that nobody was using light, instead they used magical stones that glow in various colors. Most of the stones used were yellow.

I wonder how these stones work, relying heavily on magic is a mistake. If all the mana in the world suddenly disappeared I’m pretty sure everyone would be helpless. At least that’s what I think.

Lazarus shrugged the thought and continued on his way.

He can’t exactly go inside any inn since he didn’t have any gold, heck he doesn’t even have a single copper coin. For now he thought that asking what the Azalea flower does, should take priority and the best place to ask is where people usually gather. There wasn’t many people outside since it was already night time.

Lazarus kept on roaming around the village until he came across a tavern. It was rather obvious from the loud bustling of the crowd as well as the scent of alcohol. Lazarus went inside, although he wore strange clothing people continued to drink and ignored him. Probably to drunk to notice or they couldn’t be bothered.

A villager girl with brunete hair and frickles approached Lazarus. “ Excuse me, you’re not from around here are you? ”

Lazarus glanced around before speaking “ Uhmm yeah.... ”, he noticed that there were a few people inside and were mostly villagers.

The villager girl smiled “ Ah! Sorry where are my manners, my name is Tiffany. Would you like a table sir? ”

Lazarus scratched his cheek while looking at the sides “ Errmm, I only came here to ask about Azalea flowers ”

Normally important information were sold amongst people, unless it was something trivial then it would be for free.

Tiffany placed a finger on her cheek and looked up the cieling as she contemplated “ Hmm, I think everyone knows what they do. Perhaps you’re not that well informed ”. She chuckled then smiled at Lazarus  “ Why don’t you take a seat first? Don’t worry it won’t cost you since there aren’t that many customers right now ”

They went to an empty table and Lazarus proceeded to sit down while the girl was still standing.

“ So what do you want to know about the Azalea flower? ” – Tiffany

Lazarus placed a hand on his chin as he spoke “ What do they do exactly? And how much are they if you sold them? ”

Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows “ Hmm, well they supply the forest with mana which gives them a slight healing effect, fertilizes the soil to enable plants to grow fast and healthy making them bear fruit in just a few weeks. The elves rely on them for food, they usually have a few in the forest but those are off limits, they’ll probably strangle your or lock you up for a long time, so don’t go thinking about taking them from elven forest. ”

“ But if it’s plucked from the ground, what good is that? ” – Lazarus

“ Well, it can heal you entirely no matter how grave your wounds are as long as your not dead, and it provides a strong shield that will last a while ” Tiffany suddenly blushed and started to fiddle with her fingers. “ I-If you remove the only leaf in its stem and give it to someone, it-it me-meanssss that person is your first love and your feeling still burn ever so bright till this very day! kyahhh!!! ” Tiffany then placed her right palm on her cheek and started wigglying.

Lazarus then gave a wry smile and spoke “ Then how much is it? ”

Tiffany then held Lazarus hand and began speaking fast “ A-aa-a Are you going to proppose!?? It’s really expensive!! I think going to the highest point of the mountains is easier!! But even then it would be hard to find !! Oh my god what to do.......”

“ Errr,, nothing too grand. I’m just curious ” Tiffany suddenly lost her vigor and sighed “ Oh......... It’s around 50,000 gold.  ”

Lazarus then sighed   I’m not sure if that’s a lot or not much....

He then stood up and made a bowing gesture to tiffany “ Thanks a lot, that was very helpful. Then I’ll be heading out. ”

Tiffany then smiled “ You’re welcome, come again sometime! ”

Lazarus then went out of the tavern and headed to the outskirts of the village to set up his tent. As he finished up a loud grumbling sound could be heard from his stomach.

Guuh I have nothing to eat, tomorrow I need to get to the town to find a job or else I’ll die from hunger.

Lazarus then closed his eyes and ignored the rumbling of his stomach.

Come to think off it, she was just as energetic as her....

He saw a girl with lustrous silver hair and sapphire blue eyes, her smile was very warm, she was very beautiful and very energetic.

As he tried to remember the days in the VR, his conciousness started to fade..... then he slowly sank into the darkness.

As the dawn came, Lazarus was already awake due to his military training. His tent was already tucked inside his bag. There were only a few villagers awake during this time.

He continued on the road headed to town for a few hours when he suddenly came upon an old man with a straw hat who was riding  wagon filled with hay with two horses towing. As the old man passed Lazarus, he stopped a few feet in front of him and looked towards Lazarus.

“ Hello there young man, are you headed to the town of Celes?  Want to take a ride with me ? It’s much less tiring than walking.”- Old man

Lazarus raised a brow and replied “ It’s alright, I’m used to walking and I don’t want to trouble you”

The old man chuckled and then smiled “ Sometimes it’s good to relax and you wouldn’t be troubling me if you came, in fact I’d be much happier with someone to talk to. ”

Lazarus thought for a moment after careful thought, he rode on the wagon together with the old man.  “ Then I’ll take you up on your offer. ” After all he had nothing to lose.

The carriage then began to move as the old man urged the horses forward. After a while since they started moving, silence greeted Lazarus which made him curious.

I thought this old man wanted someone to talk to?

*grumble* *grumble* Lazarus stomach was singing the voice of its people which made him slightly embarrased. Upon hearing this the old man rummaged through his bag and what emerged was.. bread!!

Lazarus stared at the bread while his stomach was singing praises to what looked like their saviour. The old man smiled and offered him the bread. “ You seem to be hungry young man ”.

-= Commencing scan =-

-= No anomaly detected =-

Lazarus then looked at the old man and said “ I don’t have money to pay you. ”

The old man chuckled “ Accept it, you’ve already paid me ”

Lazarus was taken aback. " With what? "

The old man smiled and looked forward " With your time. "

Lazarus felt a strange sensation inside of him, although he couldn’t understand he took the bread and could only utter a few words of gratitude “ Thank you... ”

They arrived shortly in the town of Celes, the old man went on his way towards a farm in the outskirts of town.

“ You’re not alone young man, remember that ” those words the last words of the old man before they parted.

I never asked him for his name...

Lazarus saw houses that were 2 stories high unlike the village where he just came from. Many people were on the streets since it was already noon. There were many establishments who had some signs up, such as a hammer for the blacksmiths, beer for the taverns and swords for selling equipment.

Besides these establishments there were also many people selling their items on the street with only some sort of mats and makeshift roofts above their heads selling various items. The streets were bustling with people.

Where the hell do I start looking for a job? I can’t make enchanted weapons or primitive ones. Which leaves me with 2 options, work in a restaurant as a waiter or manual labor.

Lazarus continued to walk around when he noticed that a lot of people stared at him as he passes them by.

Come to think of it, I’m wearing military clothes, which isn’t exactly normal in this world.

As he continued to walk around he noticed a big wooden board where many people were gathering.

Finally! A list of jobs, although some letters are difficult to read since I haven’t read valerian in a long time,though they’re still understandable

Lazarus was reading from afar while zooming in at the job offers posted at the wooden board.

“ Let’s see ” Lazarus read through various posted jobs when he then fixated his gaze on one of them.

It says “ Looking for a person to clean the library – 10 silver coins ”

“ Ah! Maybe I’ll take that one, or maybe I could sell the flower... ”


I can't decide what to have Lazarus do, therefore I'll probably make a poll on which he would do.

If he chooses to sell the flower, the story will progress faster
If not then... the pace will continue

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