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Ch 8: A new beginning and first impressions


Ch 8 – The start of a journey and first impressions

Here's a new chapter and tell me if there are in grammar issues, suggestions and spelling error. I will fix them as soon as possible ^_^

Lazarus logged out from the VR and stared at a wall in the room . After a while, he stood up and slapped both of his cheeks. “ No time to stay around, I need to start building the comms tower. FS, what equipments are available on the ship? ”.

-= There is a forcefield generator, laser edged sword and a few grenades at the hangar. The rest of the equipment needed to create more tech is already in your dimensional storage.= -

Lazarus got the dimensional storage from the dead pilot’s head, Rex took a small blue microchip near the pilot’s head and placed it inside Lazarus brain while he was still in the VR, he got extremely mad when he realized that Rex had performed brain surgery on him without his consent.

He remembered Rex saying that it wasn’t dangerous since FS was the one controlling the medical machinery.

The dimensional storage allows one to store items in a seperate dimension, any items stored inside the dimension can be warped in at the users will. The only problem with the dimensional storage is that new items tend to take time to be processed before it is placed inside the storage.

“ Anything else? why isn’t there a laser gun? ” – Lazarus

-= I am afraid that, that’s all there is master, I don’t know why the pilots were not armed with guns. =-

“ So I’m going out there with only a sword and a shield? “ – Lazarus

-= Yes master, but you can take the cloaking device from one of the guard bots as well as its stun gun. =-

Lazarus went to the hangar room and opened a case, there he saw a katana and a black bracelet. The katana had a white handle with black ornaments while the bracless had a simple design and could change its color at will.

He gazed at the sword’s silver blade and suddenly a blue light coated its sharp edge, the katana could detect his brainwaves and can activate its laser edge at will. The bracelet on the other hand was the forcefield generator, it works like a mana barrier but it uses energy, it recharges whenever its not in use.

Lazarus stored the sword in his dimensional storage while he wore the bracelet on his left arm.

Now.. all that’s left is the cloaking device and the stun gun.

The blue microchip in Lazarus brain also made him see screens that were floating in mid air and could interact with them. It also allowed him to have nightvision, thermal vision and it worked like a wifi that allowed him to interact with his gadgets.

After a few hours, Lazarus was now where he had went through when he first entered the forest.

“ Haaaaa---.... ” A long sigh escaped from his mouth as he looked back at the forest where he had lived. Lazarus felt that he was more of an earthling rather than a valerian. He knew very little about his own planet and knew more about earth.

-= Master where are you going to start? =- The robotic voice cut off Lazarus train of thought.

Lazarus felt a strange ting of excitement as he placed his hand on his chin. “ Come to think about it... This is like one of the novels I’ve read, though it may be fun to explore this world... I dislike magic. ”

When I played online games I remember that I always played any class as long it had nothing to do with magic. I also played sci-fi games more often than fantasy ones.

“ First thing is first FS! I need to gather materials to build the comms tower right? ”

-= That is indeed correct master =-

Lazarus then smiled “ But for most of the part I need iron so I can make steel. There are a lot of people who sells iron but I don’t have any gold with me. I need to find a way to earn gold and at the same time get other materials that are similar to the ones we used in earth. ”

-= So gold is your first priority.From your memories it seems that gold, silver, and copper are the forms of currency in this world. =-

“ Yes it is, I’ll try going to town and see what I can do, I also need to know more about this world since what I know is only limited to a few things. But first I need to take care of this ” Lazarus placed his left palm in the air when suddenly a blue light emerged.

To think that I thought that I would be trapped in here forever.... hahahaha, well I was naive back then.

Lazarus opened his right palm when thousands of small blue squares that flickered appeared and made a crackling sound of electricity, as the small blue squares started to fade out, one could see that it had formed a sword in his palm.

Lazarus griped the sword as the edge of the sword glowed a blue light. He raised his right arm and slashed down with all his strength. As the sword clashed with the barrier it was cut in half as if he was slicing butter.

The barrier made a shattering sound as it came crumbling down. The mark on Lazarus forehead started to glow brightly for a few seconds, afterwards it started to turn into blue little dots which seemingly faded into the air.

I need to find a town first Lazarus gazed at the grasslands and started to walk a stone path. He felt a strange sensation of excitement, he had never went out of the forest for 10 years.

When he first entered the forest he felt helpless and powerless, A strange sensation filled him as now, unlike before, he has the knowledge of the technology on an advanced civilization.

He followed the only path he saw because he knew it would lead him to a village or a town. After a while he stumbled across an intersection, he had to decide wether to go left, right or forward.

Lazarus had no idea where each of these road led him. He zoomed in where the roads would take him and saw that the road on the left and right went up a hill which blocked his view of what lie ahead. The road going straight went towards the mountains.

The road going straight was a no go since, he pretty sure that there isn’t any town in the mountains, there was no logical reason to build one there. He pondered for a few seconds before a virtual coin appeared on his hand. Of course no one else could see it but him.

tails left and heads right....

-= I do not deem it the best of action to leave your decision to a coin master =-

“ What choice do I have? ” Lazarus then flipped the coin and catched it as it descended. When he opened his palm . “ Well that settles it... ”

Lazarus started walking the path to the left, he continued to walk for a few hours. He eventually noticed that the trees he encountered seemed to look different and the shape was a bit off. He felt that the mana in the area was much more richer.

Dusk arrived as Lazarus continued on, he saw a few strange blue transparent spherical light floating in mid air, some were 2 inches in diameter while the largest were 5 inches across. He stared at one of them and began analyzing it.

In his point of view one the the screens indicated a strange energy source that clumped up that created that blue spherical light. “ hmm.. probably condensed mana... ”

As night came the scenery was very beautiful, now thousand of blue light hovered the air as if they were fireflies, it illuminated his path making it bright enough for him to see without night vision. Lazarus continued on then checked the bottom right on his screen to see that the time was now 8:03 pm.

Lazarus didn’t easily get tired because of his daily training for years and the superhuman serum. As he continued he came across a forest.

“ Gahh! Another friggin forest but I’ve already gone too far to go back now.... ” Lazarus frowned and scratched his head in irritation. Nevertheless he continued inside the forest, the trees in these forest gave off a mystical feeling.

Lazarus kept on glancing around, it was strange that he couldn’t here any insects or animals. A forest this big surely would have a lot of insects. While he was glancing around, a flower caught his attention.

The flowers had a white outline and was completely transparent while giving off a faint glow. Lazarus ran towards the flower and stared at it hoping his neural microchip could give him information, but the only info it displayed was the energy readings from the flower.

“ This flower is really interesting, heheh I guess I’ll take it with me and study it when I get back to the ship. ” Lazarus grinned as he proceeded to pluck the flower from the ground, it gave off a strange sensation, something that made him feel good.

He placed it inside his backpack, since his neural chip needs to be within 4 meter radius from the object without it ever going out of its processing zone, it needed a few minutes or hours depending on the item before it can be fully proccessed, so he could be able to store it in his dimensional storage.
The backpack that Lazarus was wearing had a camouflage design similar to the once that the military uses.

Lazarus continued on his way when he started hearing a faint sound of music.

Is someone camping near here?

He continued on the path when suddenly he heard something going to him at a high speed. He gazed towards his right and he tilted his head a bit backwards when an arrow passed by him going to the tree next to him, this all happened in a split second.

*Thud* The arrow had pierced the tree which put Lazarus on alert.
It was a few centimeters away from his face, had he not dodged it would have triggered his forcefield, he then side rolled to a nearby bush on instinct and activated the cloaking device. Lazarus body then started to dissapear as something like electricity engulfed his body before completely disappearing.

His vision suddenly was dyed in green including the screens he could see, of course he had activated night vision mode and it caused the outline of his iris to glow a faint green. He saw a figure jumping from branch to branch 30 meters away as it started to close in.

Lazarus already left the bush and drew a knife from his waist while raising both of his arms, he didn’t want to warp in the sword, unless he was sure he needed it. The knife was a standard military knife with a black handle.

“ Why did you take the Azalea flower you filthy human scum !? Do you know what you have done!? ” – A feminine voice echoed as the figure dropped from the branches. She had pointy long ears, her wavy long hair was as blue as the ocean, that reached up to her well endowed chest. Her eyes had the same color as the sky which complemented her hair. Her figure and beauty would easily make any man who gazed upon her to fall in love or shiver in excitement. Although none of this mattered to Lazarus.

She pointed her arrow at the bush where Lazarus had already left. The arrow suddenly started to glow a faint blue at the tip and emitted a cold air. She was planning on freezing the perpretator and interrogating him later on.

“ Come out! I know you’re there you thief! If you don’t then I’ll just force you out! ” She frowned while continuing to aim her bow at the bush. When suddenly, something grabbed her and and she felt a cold sharp tip prickling her neck.

Lazarus had already decloacked the moment he jumped her.

“Don’t move and don’t talk unless I tell you to, if you erect your mana barrier I will stab your neck before it finishes ” The elven maiden made a grave mistake of not placing her mana barrier around her, since she was just out to get some mushrooms, when she felt the forest weaken and noticed a man stealing the flower. Her anger got the better of her.

Lazarus left hand was on her neck putting a choke hold while his right hand held the dagger to her neck. Her big soft buttocks were pressing against Lazarus leg which made her white skirt crumple and she had the alluring fragrance of a flower. Normally any man would have jumped her at this moment but Lazarus gaze was cold and so was his voice. In the battlefield there is only ally or foes, and the beauty in his arms acted much like the latter.
The elven female could only grit her teeth in frustration as she was at the mercy of the man behind her.

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