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Chapter 7 : Disconnected

Back in the twilight kingdom, there were several maids outside a door looking extremely worried.

“ Princess, please open the door! ” – Maid 1

“ No!!! Leave me alone!! ” – Reisha

“ You haven’t eaten anything for two days now.... We’re really worried about you... ” – Maid 2

The maids were all lined up outside the door trying to convince the young princess to go out when they noticed Emilia heading towards them.

One of the maids with glasses approached lady Emilia, she gave a bowing gesture before proceeding to speak.

“ The princess still refuses to come out of her room, we have already tried to convince her for two days. I’m afraid that we might have to force her out...... If this continues.... then her life will surely be in peril. ” – The headmaid spoke with a calm unchanging tone throughout.

Emilia downcast her gaze upon hearing the headmaid. After a few seconds, she went towards the door and gave a soft knock on the door.

“ Dear.... please come out. ” Emilia softly spoke through the door and gestured the maids to leave.

The maids gave a short bow before leaving. Emilia rested her back at the door while looking up the cieling.

“ Why shoudl I !? ” Reisha roared in anger with a hint of sadness. “ Big brother Lazarus was exiled because of me!! Why did you agree to it mother!? ” Reisha’s voiced started to crumble and tears started to form under her eyes.

“ Didn’t you..... ” her tears started to flow down her cheeks as she held both of her legs to her chest. “ DIDN’T YOU CARE ABOUT HIM!? I HATE YOU!!”

Reisha could no longer hold back and her tears continued to fall down.

Emilia held her fist towards her chest, as she had remembered all the time that Lazarus drew something for her. They were nothing more than scribbles but deep inside she thought it was cute. When she was sick Lazarus stayed beside her only to be shooed by the king.

She felt her heart was being torn apart at the young princess statement. She didn’t notice the tears until she felt a wet sensation on her lap, she had tried to say something, but her heart was in too much pain remembering the boy that no one had loved but to her right now, Reisha was more important.

While contemplating these thoughts, Falon had already walked up to Emilia and gave a slight bow.

“ Falon ? ” Emilia looked up to see Falon with tears in her eyes.

“ Let me take it from here lady Emilia, I can assure you that I can get the princess out. ” – Falon

Upon hearing this statement, Reisha frowned and moved a chair to block the door. “ Go away!!! ”

Emilia stood up and gazed at falon. “ Then I’ll leave her to you, I don’t think she will listen to me.... After what I had done..... I’m sorry.. ” She gave a forced smile when she went away.

Falon then gazed at the door and sighed. “ Princess, I know where the young master is but I’m not allowed to tell you. He was exiled by the order of the king and queen and you’re in no position to argue. If you want to see him.... Then..... all you have to do is become strong.”

“ ...........”

“ You’ll never be able to see him if you stay here forever. If you want something... all you have to do is become strong enough to take it.... Tears will not save anyone... ” – Falon

Reisha had realized that Falon was correct, she had already cried enough to know that. Reisha stood up and wiped the tears off of her face. “ I will... save you .. big brother... ” She whispered to herself to ensure her resolve.

After a few minutes of silence, the door creaked open as Reisha gazed at falon with determination.

Somewhere in the forest ---

Lazarus' body was lying down on a bed while a helmet wired to some computers covered his head.

Inside the VR-----

Lazarus was walking beside Rex with a huge grin. They were now heading home after a day inside an the amusement park.

“ That was the best day of my life!! When are we comming back here? ” – Lazarus

During the past week, Rex had took Lazarus to an arcade center, a peting zoo and to the beach as well as the amusement park.

Hhehehe I knew this kid would cheer up if I gave him a dose of fun. He was so determined to learn science but... Rex gazed at Lazarus, who had the brightest smile as if the child that talked about his parents didn’t exist.

“ Well, you’ll be starting elementary school tommorow so..... maybe if you get good scores ” – Rex

“ School? Why don’t you just teach me... ” Lazarus looked at Rex with curious eyes.

Rex chuckled before giving his reply. “ I want you to learn english, history of earth and many more. Besides I will teach you when you get the basics done, probably after you graduate highschool. ”

“ Hmmm, but won’t they find me strange? It kinda makes me nervous” – Lazarus

“ Don’t worry, this is a virtual world, nobody is really real. Nevertheless I want you to interact with them because that’s what makes school more fun. There’s also a school field trip you could look forward to, it’s just as fun as going to an amusement park.” – Rex

“ Really!? ” Lazarus face lit up with excitement.

“ When you get home, I’ll be waiting. You also need to disconnect from the VR from time to time, Remember, ten days here is one day in the real world. You need to eat and do stuff in the real world. ” – Rex

“ I only have limited supply in my carriage... ” Lazarus looked down, he remembered Falon had told him to learn how to hunt.

“ Don’t worry, I will mobolize the robots to get food and water for you since... you’re not exactly a hunter....yet. Oh and when you get home, tell me more about this world.” – Rex

“ Why are you going this far to help me? I can’t give you anything besides the stories I’ve read about this world..... I don’t have any talents.... I have nothing..” Lazarus gazed at the ground while clenching his fist. He felt guilty after he had realized that he had nothing to offer Rex.

Rex walked towards him and knelt down, he placed his hand on his head and smiled. “ I don’t know... Maybe because I want to see you happy? ” – Rex

“ Why.....? ” – Lazarus

Rex started to stroke Lazarus’ hair while Lazarus felt a sensation that he only felt while reading books, a strange warmth.... A warmth he had yearned for..... Rex then had a massive grin on his face. “ After weeks I spent with you in this world. It feels like you’re the son I never had. ”

*hic* Lazarus started to bawl tears as he had never been this happy before. “ Uwaaaahhh!! ”

After countless of years and months he had yearned for this warmth, and now he had it. He couldn’t hold back his feelings as it just gushed out like a dam that had it’s wall torn in two.

Rex hugged him like he would’ve held his son while the sun set tainting the area with it’s brilliant orange glow. Lazarus kept on weeping while holding on to Rex.

They stayed like that for a few minutes until Lazarus calmed down, when Lazarus said “ Can you fa-father? ” Lazarus looked to him with pleading eyes while getting embarrased with some of his tears still remaining in his eyes.

“ I think dad would be more efficient to say... heheh ” – Rex

After a few hours Rex was humming a tune after he had disconnected from the VR and noticed a loud beeping. “Hmm..~hmm.. What’s that?” he pressed a button which displayed a massive black thing heading towards a red line.

“ Tsk!! I didn’t expect this to happen.... Why now!? ” Rex face had lost all it’s color as he gazed at the black vortex.

Rex banged the computer as hard as he could, he only felt sorrow as the black vortex continued it's way.

Lazarus POV

A year had passed in the real world ( 10 years in the virtual world ). When I was a bit older, dad injected me with a green liquid which gave me regeneration, strength, agility, and made me a bit sturdy. Though people with mana can still overpower me, depending on his magic capabilities.

He called it the superhuman serum.

Everyday I trained my body in the real world and did some excercises in the gym which was still intact inside the ship. Dad also develped an AI which could also use the ship’s systems and drones, he named it F.S. short for ‘FUCKING SHIT’, thinking it would be funny .

Dad always had a few loose screw, probably because of all these years being alone.

I just call him FS since his real name is kinda... well that doesn’t matter.

FS was the best AI dad had ever developed, it could learn and do very complex jobs. I also learned that Dad is basically immortal but not invincible because of the same drug he had injected me.

That’s why he looked to be in his twenties even though he is 104 years old.

Today I’m starting highschool with two of my childhood friend Sena and Smith. We really had a blast when we messed with the NPC’s since sometimes they would bug out.

I’ve always been curious why Sena and Smith seemed too human to be NPCs, but it doesn’t matter.

After I enter highschool, I was given combant training. I used the old guns and the new laser guns. I was also trained in hand to hand combat and use of multiple types of weapon since I had a lot of time. I also became proficient in using a combat suit.

Most of all, I learned how to build a lot of things, laser edged sword, hoverboard, anything! You name it. Though I never built them in the real world since I lacked the raw materials, I grew to love science as the years had passed by.

10 years had passed since Lazarus met Rex. Lazarus was now wearing a military suit since his old cloth couldn’t be worn anymore, while the only available clothing that fit him now was the previous pilots’ clothing which consisted all of military clothes.

Rex and Lazarus were both eating while sipping tea in a place where everything was white.... Yes, just like the very first day they met.

“ So what did you want to tell me? – Lazarus

“ I’ve managed to finish my analysis on the barrier that kept you inside the forest. It’s just like a massive door that closes when the mark is close. Kinda like an automatic door but it does the opposite, all you need to do is slash it with the sword I gave you. ” – Rex

“ Oh about that, I already discovered that a long time ago. I just never broke it since I had no reason to leave.” – Lazarus

Rex sipped his coffee and placed both of his hands on the table. With a grim expression“ Well you see... It’s time for you to go out and live in this world... ” – Rex

Lazarus jaw dropped as he was dumbfounded at the suddent statement of his father. “ But Dad!! Can’t I just stay here? ” – Lazarus

Rex frowned and sighed “ Well, you can stay for as long as you like but..... It’s just that I can’t be with you any longer... ”

Lazarus heart sank as he continued to look at Rex.

“ Why? ” Lazarus cassually asked, thinking it was just a prank.

Rex then stood up as he sighed. “ You see there is a super massive black hole that will be passing by in between our galaxies. It will completely cut me off when it passes by, because it’s directly in the path of our line of communication , though we can see each other after it passes. ”

“ How long will that take? ” Lazarus felt the same prickling pain in his heart when he was exiled by his former parents. Although now he had better control of his emotions and just remained calm while listening to Rex.

“ Probably billions of years..... ” – Rex

“ WHAAT!!!??, But Dad, we’ll both be dead by then!! ” – Lazarus

“ I don’t plan on waiting that long either.... Remember the war that you saw on outerspace? Where the Enterprise battle cruiser crashed down to earth after being shot? ” – Rex

“ What about it? ” – Lazarus

“ You see that wasn’t a film.... that was what had happened here.... the Enterprise warp drive is functioning and most of it is still intact, I just need to fix it’s core and some other damages it sustained during the battle. ” – Rex

“ That will take thousands of years by yourself!! ” – Lazarus

“ Actually it will only take me 5-10 years with all the robots that I command. And that includes fixing the ship and warp driving to avoid the black hole, then warp driving to your planet. I also need you to build a comms tower so I can pinpoint where to warp drive.” – Rex

“How the hell do I do that!? ” – Lazarus

“ I already uploaded FS to that ship, I also gave him all the technology that has ever been created here, as well as how to build the comms tower, it’s up to you how you can find the materials to build. So I wish you the best of luck. ” - Rex

“ When will we lose communication? ” Lazarus looked down while furrowing his brows and biting his lips

Rex smiled and hugged him. “ In 4 seconds... ”

“ What!? Wait!! Daad! Nooo! ” - Lazarus

“ Goodbye, and I love you son ” – Rex

“ FATHEEERR!!!!! ” Lazarus roared in anger as the man he called father instantly vanished from the white space.

As his only family had vanished, Lazarus knelt down and banged the white ground with his fist until it bled, though it was painful, it was nothing to the pain he felt after losing the only man who had cared for him.

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