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Lazarus woke up in a room that’s completely white, rather than a room it would be more accurate to say that he inside a white space where there’s nothing, other than himself of course.

Now where the hell am I!? First I was near my carriage then I suddenly woke up strapped to a chair, now this!?

Lazarus face distorted as he felt a strange heat that slowly started to burn inside him. When suddenly a man in a white coat appeared infront of him. He gazed at the figure, he remembered this man when he was strapped in the chair.

“ You!? What did I ever do to you!!?? Why have you kidnapped me!?” Lazarus yelled as loud as he could. The man just stood there and grined.

“ Hhahahah.... Sorry about that, I’m sure you have a lot of questions and I just got a little too excited, but before that, may I now your name? ” The man sat down where he would surely fall to his butt, but a chair suddenly appeared like a mist that suddenly solidifed at the man’s will.

Lazarus noticed that a table and another chair appeared the same way the man made his chair appear.
Wha-!? He was at a lost for words as the man before him just created something out of nothing, no chanting, no magic circle, nothing...

“ Who are you? What is this....? ” Lazarus voiced started to tremble when he realized that this man is shrouded in mysteries. What made it worse was that this man was still grining like a mad man.

To Lazarus he simply looked like an alchemist that created those weird potions that has various effects, that is until this man suddenly did what only a god can do.

“Why are you looking at me like that? ” – Lazarus

“ Kekekek.... well calm down young one, I’m just really excited... I won’t hurt you, I promise ” The scientist tried to supress his excitement but it still appeared on his face which made him look like an insane person.

I need to think of something fast, otherwise this kid won’t talk to me..... Maybe I should start with an introduction..

Guhh... I’m scared... I- I don’t know what to do... Lazarus wanted to run away but feared that the man would just make him faint again and drag him in another place. Lazarus started sweating when the man opened his mouth.

“ My name is Doctor Rex Hargreave, what’s your name?” The man wiped that grin off from his face and replaced it with a more human smile.

Lazarus couldn’t think of anything else other than the man’s question, he tried to muster his courage and inhaled “ I’m Lazarus Val-.. ”

The wheels on his head started turning, this man was a dangerous man and his instincts told him not to tell him his full name.

If this man realizes that I’m a prince, I don’t know what he might do to me..

“ Hahah, good..good.... I’m sorry about earlier and a lot of things, but don’t worry, I only want to talk. Nice to meet you Lazarus Val ” Rex stood up from the chair and offered his hand.

“ It should be tiring just standing there, come and have a seat.  ”

Lazarus thought about it for a few seconds, he won’t get anywhere if he doesn’t talk while just standing up is a pain.

“ Alright... ” Lazarus sat on the chair and cautiously eyed Rex.

“ I’ve got trillions of things that I want to ask you but since you still don’t trust me... I’ll let you ask the questions. Oh and while were at it, might as well have something to eat and drink. ” The man clicked his fingers when suddenly.

Food started appearing on the table the same way he made the chairs and table appear. Lazarus glanced around and found peculiar looking food. He only recognized the cake to his left, at his plat there was meat sandwhiched between bread.

It had a strange red thing oozing from it while there was also some sort of vegetable inside. Though this looked peculiar and abit horrifying its smell pierced Lazarus nose and made his stomach grumble.

“ What is this? ” Lazarus pointed at the strange thing infront of him.

“ That’s a hamburger, try it, I’m sure you’ll love it ” Rex smiled and gazed at Lazarus with eyes of anticipation.

Lazarus only gazed at the food which might seemed to be poisoned.

“ Oh... since you’re a noble, you might be used to using utensils... haha silly me ” Silverware appeared on Lazarus side which still surprised him even though the man had done it many times.

“ I’m not hungry... ”

“ Oh ok.... so......... anymore questions? I’d like to start asking mine, if you’re done.. ” Rex seemed to be a balloon that was ready to burst within moments.

Lazarus gazed at him when he remembered something.

“ Can’t you just let me go? The truth is I’m sick and you might get infected. ” – Lazarus

“ Oh, don’t worry I won’t get infected..... So what’s your illness? ” – Rex seemed to be unfazed.

“ I’m unable to harness mana.... a few weeks ago... my sister got infected and ended up in a bad state ” – Lazarus

“ Harness mana?  ” – Rex

“ To be more precise, I can’t use magic... If you get infected, even this unique ability of yours might end up as nothing... ” – Lazarus

“ WOOoooHHhooooOOO!!!!! ” Rex jumped from his chair with both arms upwards while seemingly trying to dance.

“ what!? What’s wrong!? Are you mad?” – Lazarus became worried at the Rex’ sudden outburst.

“ I can’t believe it!!! MAGIC EXIST!????...I can’t believe it !! unless...... wait................. you’re not trying to trick me are you?  ” – Rex
“ Huh!? What are you saying!? Why would I lie about magic? And who the hell doesn’t know of its existance!? ” – Lazarus

Rex studied Lazarus face and showed no signs of lying, after all most kids don’t know how to lie.

“ So does that mean that people in this world can shoot fireballs and lightning!? ” – Rex
“Yeah...” – Lazarus

People in this world? Why does he say that... doesn’t he belong here? – Lazarus

“ Umm, can I still continue to ask the questions? If it’s alright with you ” Lazarus was now starting to get interested as the man before him seems extremely happy just knowing that magic exist, this wasn’t normal since everyone was already used to magic.

Rex snapped out of his little delusion and sat back in the chair “ Sure go ahead. ”

I wonder what he’ll ask me, it seems like is now interested all of a sudden... Maybe my dance somehow opened his heart to me!!! I didn’t know that I had a hidden talent.... I truly am fearsome....  

“ Are you from another world? ” – Lazarus

“Yes ” – Rex

“ Then how did you make all of this appear? ” – Lazarus

“ This is a virtual world, anything I want just pops up whenever I want to. ” - Rex

“ What does virtual mean? Is that some kind of word in a new planet? Come to think of it why do you look like a human?” Lazarus heart started to beat faster as all these questions started to come to his mind one after another.

“ Err, where do I begin.... well virtual means that it doesn’t exist physically. I look like this because of evolution, it seems like the same thing happened here. ” – Rex

“ Wait so... If it doesn’t exist physically then why am I able to sit in this chair? ” – Lazarus

“ hahaha! You’re not just able to sit on the chair, you can even it the food that I made, try it! ” – Rex

Lazarus contemplated for a few seconds but his curiousity got the better of him. His hand went for the cake as he was familiar with this food compared to the burger in front of him.

*Chew* * Chew *  “Mmm!! Thwes ishh good “ – Lazarus

“ Hahahhaha... Finish your food first before  you speak.” – Rex


“ If it’s not really here then how am I able to taste it? ” – Lazarus

“ Do you know what a brain is? ” – Rex

“ Yes ” – Lazarus

“ Do you know what it does? ” – Rex

“ It helps us think? ” – Lazarus

“  Not just that, it does a lot of things, well one of the things that a brain does is give you dreams. To put it simply it’s like everything here is a dream and I’m able to control your dream. ” – Rex

Lazarus head was now in cloud nine as he discovers these new things, he has never been this happy in his life so the experience just overwhelms him.

“ Oh and I also remembered that you were surprised to find out about magic? Does magic not exist in your world? ” – Lazarus

“ No... It is merely fantasy in mine. Now then! It should be my turn to ask some questions ” – Rex

“ Umm... I’ve told you before that I can’t use magic so what I know is only limited. ” – Lazarus

“ Err, I wasn’t really planning on asking you about magic. I want to know why a noble like yourself is doing in a jungle? ” – Rex
“ I’ve been exiled by the king.... ” – Lazarus

“ What about your parents? Were they exiled as well? ” – Rex

“ My parents are the one who exiled me..... ” Lazarus started to recall his feelings when his mother gazed at him like an abomanition.

“ Can you tell me more about what happened? ” – Rex

Lazarus told him his entire story and how he ended up in the jungle. It took them a few hours but time was slower here compared to the real world.

Upon hearing the entire story of Lazarus, Rex felt sorry for the boy. Not only did he not know of familial love, but neither was he ever really happy in his life. All because he couldn’t use magic. After a few moments of silence between them.

The chair where Lazarus was sitting tranformed into a bench while the table disappeared. Rex sat next to Lazarus and spoke to him in a soft tone.

“ You know... My people never had the ability to use magic.. but let me show you what we are capable off. ”

The scenery suddenly changed to a city where thousand of people were walking and going about there business. Buildings touched the sky while there were horseless carriages that zoomed pass them.

Lazarus heart started to beat faster and faster as if there was a mad man that kept banging on it. He felt goosebumps, amazement and most of all joy beyond what he has ever imagined. The feeling overwhelmed him as he gazed across the limitless objects that were unknown to him.

“ Hahahahhahahaha!! That’s just only a fraction of what we’re capable off, look up ”

Lazarus eyes widened as his jaw dropped at the sight of a massive bird like creature built with iron with wings that spanned to 40 meters. It made a loud sound as its shadow swallowed the sky. To Lazarus it would definitely be the one that rules the skies.

“Wha-!! ” Lazarus couldn't continue as his words were burried in amazement from the ruler of the skies. Lazarus pointed towards the massive king of the skies as he was at a lost for words.

“ That’s just an airplane...." - Rex

" It's so beautiful and amazing "

" Not all of the things we make are beautiful." Rex' voice had a dark tone as he gazed towards the sky.

" Let me show you how terrifying we can be. This is the type of war that was fought 2,000 years ago during the 20th century.” - Rex

The scenery suddenly changed where everything was on fire. Loud booming noises could be heard. The skyscrapers crumbled as something impacted.

*Boom! * *Rattatatat!* * Boom! *

But Lazarus was not afraid but he was ecstastic when he saw massive iron things that fired a ball of flame which couldn’t be seen, but the destruction that it had caused laid waste to the people that opposed it and destroyed the skyscrapers.

Each time it fired it shook the earth as if a very angry god had awoken. Thunderous roars could be heard across countless screams. It was one would call chaos....

Lazarus felt as if his entire body went numb while his head felt as if there was a powerful grasp that held him. His hairs stood up, his heart was beating like it was going on a rampage as he gazed everywhere with awe.

“ WHA-.. WHAT IS THIS!??” – Lazarus

“ All of this is what we call technology ” Rex raised both arms in the air as if he was the very God that created it all. Lazarus stared at him as if he was a revenent of destruction.

The man infront of him seemed as if God himself, his arms was in the air,the scenery was bathed in a crimson flame from the setting sun while thunderous roars of angry gods could be heard throughout the battlefield.

“EVERYTHING HERE............., ALL OF THIS, IS FROM SCIENCE!!! SO TELL ME, DO YOU WANT TO PARTAKE THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT OF KNOWLEDGE!!?? ” The mad man screamed from his lungs as the winds howled, it brutally blew on his coat which made it seem like a ragdoll hanged to a tree while a raging typhoon unleashed its wrath.

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