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Lazarus POV

I entered the forest where I found large trees around 20 meters tall, some were 15 meters and they had vegetation growing from their trunks. The forest has a cool breeze and the sunlight was blocked by most of the leaves in the forest, though a few managed to go through the gaps between the leaves.

I continued through the forest where I saw a stream which was as crystal clear as transparent glass.

“ Woah! With this I wouldn’t have to worry about water. Surely Reisha would find this beautiful if she were here to see it. ”

I shrug my shoulders and anchored down the carriage I had been towing for a few hours to a nearby tree. It had a lot of vines growing from its branches that reached all the way to the ground. Of course I didn’t use the vines to tie up the carraige, but rather I used a rope.

I made sure the knot was tight enough before going to the stream which was just a few meters away.
This feels refreshing... Rather than living in the palace..

My heart started to pound faster. I don’t know if it was because of excitement or nerviousness. Though it’s most likely the latter.

“ This isn’t so bad.. “ Then I heard a grumbling sound, I looked down to my stomach and placed a hand on it.

Hmm, I’m geting hungry. I wonder what they packed for me.

I went to the carriage and pulled it down tying it the on the base of a large tree. I hopped inside and find that the food was located at the corner of the carriage, everything was seperated by a piece of wood ang organized properly.

I guess Falon had it prepared. His always been a perfectionist.

There was a lot of thing to choose from, biscuits, bread, milk, water, chocolate milk, and peanut butter.

He probably chose food that would last longer.

I took a bread and started munching on it, though it was tasteless, the chocolate milk made up for it with it’s sweetness. I continued to gaze at the river where I could see the rocks at the bottom. It’s probably around half a meter in depth.

I continued to gaze at the river and glanced around the forest while the birds were chirping. The nervousness I’ve felt until now slowly turned to excitement.

Maybe I should make a base here since it’s close to the stream.

A grin appeared on my face as I continued to eat.

I can do a lot of things without any restrictions, hmmm Maybe after I make a base, I’ll have a look around and see what animals live here. Hehehe this feels good.

When I finished eating I went back inside the carriage and grabbed a tent that I found earlier while looking for food. I start to set it up but failed. It proved to be more difficult than I had originally thought.

“Gaah!! Stupid thing! ” I kicked the green cloth like object on the ground as I placed both of my hands on my waist.

“ I’ll just sleep at the carriage during the night! ”

I really wanted to make my very own base but the carriage can still be my base hehehe

An image of me floating in the sky together with the carriage entered my mind.

“ Err, I’ll tie it down with some more rope just in case.... I wonder what sort of animals are inside the forest, I hope its nothing too dangerous.”

After tying down the carriage which contained all of my supply, I started going to a random direction and walked for a few minutes since I didn’t feel sleepy and it was still noon.

After walking several meters away from my make shift home, I stumbled upon a strange rectangular stone that was covered in moss.

What sort of rock is this?

The stone thingy formed a rectangle, which I find strange and had a height of 3 meters, and span 2 meters across. But what makes this interesting is that it had a smooth surface where moss was growing from.

Maybe this isn’t stone but some sort of blue iron?

I noticed a small black stone attached to the right side of the giant stone.

Strange.... I wonder what these grids are?

I touched the mysterious looking black stone when I suddenly saw a small red light that started to flicker on top of the black stone thingy.

“ Huh? What’s happening? Did I just do something bad? ”

Meanwhile in a far away galaxy, there was a planet with many black floating objects that seemingly belonged to what was once a spaceship . In the surface of the planet one could see a desolated wasteland with tall buildings. Some were intact while the others were seemingly torn apart.

But there was one building with lights on. A man with jet black hair and brown eyes was drinking his coffee, he wore a black undershirt which made a good contrast with his white lab coat. He was inside a room filled with computers and more computers.

There was helmet wired to one of the bigger computers placed on the chair.

Scientist POV

“ Haah-... ”

Sighing has already been a daily habit of mine, well... who wouldn’t sigh like this everyday? When there’s nobody to talk to. It has been like this for 65 years now, I managed to maintain my sanity by playing a few virtual reality games...

Maybe today I will play some-

 *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

What’s that sound !!?

My heart started racing as I stumbled to find the source.

“ God! I can’t find it!.... Unless it’s downstairs... but it can’t be..  “ I made my way downstairs as the beeping continued to grow louder. I turned on the lights in this dust filled room with god knows how many cobwebs are sticking to the wall and cieling.

This room was significantly larger than upstairs, with older looking computers.

There it is!!  

One of the many computers in this area was flickering a red light, it had a sign I-Finder 201. I jumped towards the chair without any care of the dust cloud that I made when I landed.

*Cough* * Cough*

“Let’s see.... “ I pressed a button when the screen turned on. I saw a young boy which was dressed like a prince during the medieval period.

If I remember correctly the medieval period was 2,500 years ago? Well who cares.

“ Anootheeerrr huuummaaannn is alliveee besides mee!! wooooOOohhoOOOo!!! ”


“ Wasn’t I-Finder 201 sent to find intelligent life on other planets? ”

I opened a drawer where many files were located, and proceed to open one of them.

“ This was sent 100 years ago.... that means.... this human is from another planet... or should I call him an alien? ”

 I was slightly disappointed at the the thought that we’re lightyears apart but this won’t stop me!!! I will talk to him!! Does he speak english? I wonder..... The equipment on the ship should still function since most of the equipment was built to last a millenia of harsh environments... Wasn’t this ship manned?

Lazarus POV

The flickering red light stopped after a few minutes.

I wonder what that was about?

The rectangular stone thingy started to make funny noises.

*Creaakk...* A loud sound of a sharp claw to a chalk board pierced my ears. I close my eyes while kneeling down with my hands covering my ears but it’s no use.

* Creaakk.. * “Guuhh make it stopp! I’m sorry for touching you stony thing! Please stop! I didn’t know you were sensitive! I promise!!!” – Lazarus

The sound stopped after a few seconds. I gazed up to see, that the stone thingy was now open.

“ Are you telling me to come inside? “


I’ve read too many stories to know where this is going...

Scientist POV

“ Guh! The kid is running away!! This little shit ! You cannot run from the greatest scientist of mankind!!! Who the hell do you think I am!?? ” – Me

I mobolized a scout drone while the guard bot equiped with high voltage stun gun was still rebooting, thought the ship has been damaged in it’s landing, everything inside is still fine.. Except for the 2 men who flew this ship.. they’re a little... bony...

I need to get him inside to talk to him. I WILL TALK TO HIM AT ALL COST!!! Muwahhahaha! Even if his the son of a noble, they can’t do shit to me! I’m light years away!!

The drone followed the kid towards a nearby stream, he obviously hasn’t noticed since it’s invisible.

His trying to untie a carriage which roped to the ground. Too bad for him the guard bot is already behind him, I lowered the voltage of the stun gun to prevent him from dying.

The guard bot that was cloacked also followed after the drone. After spotting the kid I controlled it to thrust it’s skinny mechanical arm towards the kid and when he noticed it was already too late.

*Bzzztt* *Crackle*

Now he is lying on the ground face down while twitching and drooling.

Did I overdid it? Hahha... he’s still alive! so who cares? But I doubt he speaks english since I couldn’t understand him when he was rolling on the ground mumbling while the door was opening.

The robot was carrying him over its mechanical shoulders and placed him on a chair with straps to prevent him from escaping. Of course I know that wooden carriage of his contained his supply for camping so I brought it with me inside the ship.

The strange thing was... It was friggin floating, even with all that load! Probably the strange blue light is an advanced anti gravity plastic? There’s no way you can make anti gravity plastic... Maybe I should ask him.

I gazed towards the unconscious little brat strapped on a chair while his tounge was sticking out.

Better wait for him to wake up then...

Lazarus POV

I woke up in a strange white room where I was strapped on a very comfy chair. My mind was still hazy from what happened.
If I remember correctly, I was running from stony..... that’s what I call that strange stone thingy. I went to my carriage and I’m now suddenly here.

My vision is still hazy and all I see is nothing but white. When suddenly a beam of strange colored lights came from a glass on the ceiling. It formed a man wearing a white coat similar to alchemist, probably around his 20’s, with jet black hair and brown eyes.

“ Where am I? ” – Me

“ What the hell are you trying to tell me? I can’t understand a word you’re saying. ” – Scientist

  Author’s note, The scientist is speaking in english while Lazarus is speaking in valerian. 

“ Hmmm, I have an idea!  ” – Scientist

“ I don’t understand what his been trying to say to me. ” – Me

Scientist POV

Since we can’t communicate directly, we can communicate virtually! The virtual reality helmet that was made centuries ago was upgraded so that language difference wouldn’t hinder the players planet wide. It detects brainwaves and interprets it in the receiving persons language

The pilots of the I-Finder 201 certainly had a pair of virtual helmets to aleviate their boredom during long space travel, if they didn’t want to use the hybernation chamber.

I just need to find it.

I used the drones to search the entire ship until I found it in one of the rooms that had a big computer connected to the helment.
It was easy to find when I noticed the sign ‘ VR ROOM’ .

I put the kid back to sleep again, this time just using the good old sleeping gas instead of that nasty taser. Of course everything is being done by the security bot that I’m currently controling. I placed the virtual reality helmet on the kid and pushed the power button on the helmet.

Heheh I can finally talk to this kid, I wonder what he knows about his own world. Heck I don’t care as long as I can converse with a living being rather than these NPCs!!!

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