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During that night the other kings returned to their kingdom after the incident, they didn't want to get involved in family affairs and such. The nobles on the other hand was told to keep quiet about the incident until the King has decided on how to deal with the matter.

Of course this still became the topic of the villagers and the people within the kingdom. Rumors began to spread about a young prince that has a disease that can rob you of your ability to use magic.

Meanwhile in the throne room a cleric was talking with the king and queen together with their adviser Falon.

"............ How is she? " Emilia asked one of the clerics that attended to Reisha.

" She is stable now. It seems that her mana pool has vanished, naturally we unconsciously use mana to enhance our movement and even supply us energy when we're tired. Her body wasn't use to just relying on her energy reserves which caused her to faint when her mana pool was drained. " - Cleric

" Is it permanent? " Veyron asked in an angered tone.

" We don't know for sure, we investigated the punch that Lazarus had drank from and found nothing. But when we tried to give it to one of the cats, it also lost its mana pool, but it didn't faint from it. "  - Cleric

" Why? " - Emilia

" Because cats don't use their mana, so even if their mana is taken from them they wouldn't be affected. " - Cleric

" Is there anyway we can help her? What about the angels, can they help her? Call the demons! I don't care as long as Reisha doesn't end up like that good for nothing insect. " - Veyron

The clerics face distorted for a split second as she tried to avoid shouting at the king.

How could he treat his own son like this !!?? - Cleric

" My king I know of a possible way to ease your daughter's suffering, as well as to putting a stop these rumors from causing anymore unnecessary worries. " - Falon

" Eh? What rumors? " - Emilia

" Some rumors I heard was about the young prince. They say he might end up affecting other people with his disease, the nobles are a little edgy on this matter. " - Falon

" So what are you suggesting? " - Veyron

" It's simple, kill the root " - Falon

" Wha!? " - Cleric

" What !!!??? " - Emilia

The cleric and Emilia was dumbfounded at Falon's suggestion.

" But of course that would be a bad image for the King to have his own son executed but it would also be bad if the source of our problems to continue to stay. So I suggest that you exile him far from our kingdom, it might cure princess Reisha if the source of the virus is no longer here, and if not, then we can at least prevent him from contaminating the entire kingdom. " - Falon

Emilia felt bad for Lazarus, though she hit him, she didn't necessarily hate him. He was still her son and that made her worry, but on the other hand Reisha was also in trouble.

" You can't expect us to exile our own son! What if he dies!? He surely can't  fend for himself let alone survive... He can't even use magic!! " Emilia was shouting at Falon and was angry at him for even suggesting it.

" It's true that it might affect other people, but it seems that the disease will only spread if you have direct contact with his saliva. " - Cleric

" His disease couldn't affect people before.... that is until now. Do you think it won't get worse with time? Like any other disease, his could get worse until it has spread in the entire king dom. If that happens....." - Falon

Falon frowned while rubbing his temples.


She shouted at Falon while tears were forming under her eyes.

" Do you have a better idea? What if  it infects us all? " - Falon

Falon's tone was unchanging even under the queens glare.

" But there has to be a better way.... " - Cleric

" Are you prepared to face the consequence, should his disease affect the people in the entire kingdom? " – Falon frowned and looked towards the cleric.

" Besides the people..... the princess who's already affected could get worse, and if it becomes permanent. She will live a miserable life, no one would want to marry a girl with a disease and no one would follow a sick leader, who knows, she might end up as a sex sla-" - Falon

" SILENCE! " The king roared out as his magic was running amok.

Falon trembled and felt his life was suddenly on the verge of danger.

" I...I'm.. I'm sorry your majesty ... Pl-ease excuse my rudeness " Falon was now kneeling down with forehead inches from the ground, his voice became meek.

Upon hearing Falon's logical way of thinking and the thought that her daughter might end up in a horrible situation. Emilia was now bawling tears.

*Sniffle* " Hic-... I don't...want "  *Sniffle*  " To..end up like that !! " Emilia was still crying while the cleric patted her back.

The king, seeing his wife cry, held her in his arms. He remained silent as he gently stroke her head. Emilia held the king while burying herself in his chest.

" FALON! I will see to it that you will be severely punished later. For now we have to deal with that worm !! " - Veyron

" But...Lazarus is.. " - Emilia looked towards the king with pleading eyes.

" It's either him or our precious daughter, our people and us.... We don't know if it will get worse. If we are weakened, we could be attacked and will be helpless.... There's no other choice. " The king gazed at her eyes while speaking with a firm tone.

Emilia thought about Reisha and coudn't bear the thought of her ending up in the arms of flithy men. She steeled her resolve and gave the king a light nod.

" Have him exiled during the night. I don't want anyone to make too much of a fuss about his exile. Inform him immedietly and prepare all the neccessary food and water, send him to a forest where he cannot come into contact with people. And make sure he is as far away as possible and he stays there for good. " – Veyron

“ As you wish your majesty ” Falon made a bowing gesture and left the room.

“ Before he goes, can you tell him something for me? ” – Emilia

Falon looked at her as he awaited her statement.

Lazarus POV –

Lazarus stayed in his room feeling sorry for himself and Reisha. He was given food and water outside of his door, and sometimes Ana and Clovis would place bugs in them. Time went by as the sun had already set.

During the days I was locked up in my room, shivers went down my spine thinking of what father would do to me. I silently await my punishment while always remembering how my mother stared at me.

She even sent me flying.... and stared at me like I was some sort of criminal...

I remember all those stories I’ve read when I was in the library. Where the mother and father there were always much kinder, I could feel a sense of warmth from those stories that I had never truly experienced in reality.

Though I did feel that warmth when I was with Reisha.....  but I don’t think they will let me see her again.....

As these dark thoughts continued to swirl in my mind, I heard a knock on my door.

*Knock* * Knock * “Young prince it is me Falon, I’m here to inform you of the judgement that his majesty has bestowed on you. ” His tone is cold and unchanging.

“ Wha-t is it? ” My voice trembled as I feared for the worse.

“ You will be exiled to a-” – Falon

“Wha- what!?” – Me

“Let me finish, You will be exiled to a forest where you may never leave” - Falon

“ But what did mother say!? ” – I desperately tried to cling to the last hope I had.

After a long pause, though it was only a few seconds, it felt as if several mintues had passed to me.

“ She..... also agreed to this. ” – Falon

I felt as if my chest was stabbed by an extremely sharp spear, my eyes were filled with tears. I can’t hold them back....
*Sniffle* *sniffle*  

“ Kuh! ” Tears ran down my face as I held back my voice.

Why would she!?

It was then I realised and remember all those times that she had avoided me. When she took Reisha away from me. And always tried to keep me away.

I thought that she at least cared for me!!!

My head was now getting hotter while anger welled up inside me.


As my head was filled with nothing but anger...... I remembered Reisha.....

I’m sorry..... You’re the only one who truly cared about me, and yet.... I hurt you....

My tears already went dry after crying endlessly alone, nothing came out, even as my grief continued.

I don’t care anymore... I’m tired of living in this place and I’m sick of everyone here....

“ Young master, I know that your mind must be in turmoil but I have to take you away now. Even if it means..... by force ” –Falon

“ I understand... How’s Reisha? ” I at least wanted to know the well being of my only family.

“ Reisha is stable at the moment, but she might get a little better after you’ll leave.... As for the queen she wanted you to know tha- ”

“ It doesn’t matter... I know how mother feels and what she had told you was nothing more than mere obligation... Because if she truly felt that way about me then she..... ” He held back his voice trying to be careful as to not make it crumble.

“ Well no matter... Can I have one last request ? “ – Me

Falon felt that he should at least listen to his request and see if it isn’t too troublesome. Otherwise he had no reason not to fulfill it.

“ What may that be? ” – Falon

“ Please watch over Reisha for me..... ” – Me

“ That goes without saying ” – Falon

“ Young prince, it was I, who suggested for you to be exiled. Please understand that this has nothing to do with my personal feelings, rather it’s the best course of action to take. ” – Falon

“ That might be true, but you’re the only one who doesn’t hate me besides Reisha. So I won’t hold it against you. Rather I am grateful for you to have always remained passive and not look at me with those eyes... Like the others... and...........mother... ” – Me

“ Hmm, I didn’t expect you to be this understanding at your young age. Maybe I can fullfill one more of your request? ” – Falon

“ Then can we leave now? ” – Me

“ What about the young princess? She surely would be saddened if you just left without saying goodbye. If you haven’t noticed, she is quite fond of you. ”- Falon

“ I can’t face her... after what I did to her... ” – Me

“ Then let us be on our way. ” – Falon

I opened the door and I saw Falon having some sort of mana barrier around him. Probably measures against my disease. He placed his hand near my forehead and erected a small blue transparent sphere around me.

Of course, he doesn’t want me getting people sick on my out.

We proceed outside and I saw 2 carriages, one was filled with food, clothing and other necessities while the other was empty. I proceed to mount the empty one as I take a last look at the castle. I glanced at a balcony 2 stories up when I noticed mothe- I mean lady Emilia.

I stared at her for a few seconds when she finally noticed my gaze, I suddenly experienced a sharp pain in my chest when she suddenly averted my gaze. I looked away and thought to myself.

I’ve read that what makes a family truly a family is not by blood but bonds. I guess she isn’t my mother... I don’t have a mother... I never had one..

Tears welled up in my eyes as I couldn’t control my emotions. I try to hold it back but I just can’t stop it. Suddenly the carriage started to move and Falon was personally escorting me to wherever the heck I’m going and some villager is riding the other carriage and following us.

That night was no different than all the other night. Other than Reisha not being there to annoy me this time. I slowly closed my eyes and went to sleep while covering myself with a blanket.

We arrived at a forest after 2 weeks and we resupplied at villages along the way. Falon never uttered a word during our trip to alcatraz. We arrived at a forest where I couldn’t see any villages nearby or even any people.

“ I think this should be far enough, and here, this should probably help you survive. ” – Falon

He gave me a small dagger which was light enough for me to use and he also gave me a ring that had strange runic symbol on it. I wore the ring when a red transparent barrier appeared for a few seconds before fading away.

“ What is this?  ” – Me

“ A shield that uses the mana around you, but you can only use it once. When your about to get hit by something the mana around you, act as a shield until the ring breaks. Despite this to be a peaceful forest, there are still animals around here that might cause harm to you. “ – Falon

“ Thank you, and why is the other carriage floating? ” – Me

I noticed that there was a blue light engulfing the carriage that had my supplies.

“ I placed a spell that will last for a few weeks for that thing to float, it will make it easier for you to navigate through the forest just towing away at the floating carriage. Just be sure to anchor it down when you sleep, it might float towards the sky. ” – Falon

Then Falon looked at me and tapped my shoulders. Light began to shine and a strange symbols appeared on my arm.

“ The king didn’t want you to return or cause harm to others so I have to do this. I’ve already erected a barrier around the forest. Anyone with this mark cannot leave unless, you manage to break my spell of course. ” – Falon

“ I see, well then, this is goodbye? ” – Me
“ Indeed it is young master. Oh and I think you should learn to hunt, your supplies are not unlimited.  I wish you the best of luck.”  - Falon

He left together with the villager who never said a word until the end, maybe he was paid to do so. I wonder what will happen to me? I’ve never been outside of the castle but this feels refreshing after all that time crying.

Lazarus glanced around the forest.
This place is probably better than home... I mean the palace, that place is no longer my home.  

He went inside with the carriage in tow and began his adventure in the forest. Birds of different color were chirping as a gentle breeze touched his cheek. He tried to touch the boundaries of the barrier when the mark on his arm suddenly glowed.

He saw a transparent blue shimmering light. It felt as if there was a massive wall placed around the forest for him, he gazed at the birds that come in and out of the forest with nothing chaining them down.

He continued inside the forest with the carriage in tow, as his figure slowly fades into the background. The figure continued, as he had nothing to look back to.

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