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Lazarus glanced at the crowd that fell silent after his entry.

"Hey isn't that the lad who is devoid of mana? " The crowd began the whisper to each others as they all gazed at Lazarus.

I knew I shouldn't have come.

He downcast his eyes as the entire crowd stared at him. Their gazes felt heavy and Lazarus' heart began to sink.

Reisha had noticed the crowds reaction and began to walk a few meters ahead of Lazarus and inhaled.

"Thank you all for attending this party! I hope you all have a wonderful evening."

Reisha's voice was loud yet firm as she bowed and did a curtsy with a cute smile which tugged at the hearts of the crowd.

*Clap* *Clap*, Lazarus heard a loud applause as the crowd began to divert their attention towards Reisha.

"She truly is an angel in disguise! " a man with a husky voice chuckled.

"Indeed. Not only is she kind and gentle as a flower, she also to happens to be one of the most talented mage among the kids! "

"Well compared to her that guy is.... Well no matter, this is a party and we should drink till our hearts content! "

"Big brother you should enjoy the party as well", Reisha slightly tilted her head and gave Lazarus a warm smile while she clings on to him.

She's right....

Lazarus gazed at Reisha who seemed to be very happy as they made their way to the ballroom. They saw a group of children their age that wore high class gowns and suits that gave them an air of nobility.

As the group continued to converse, one of the young girls spotted Reisha and made her way through the crowd.

"Reeisshhaa !" The girl shouted as she approached Lazarus and Reisha.

"Hey let's go ! My friend wants to talk to you. Clovis and Anna are already there!" The girl grabbed Reisha and started to pull her towards the group's direction.

"Wa- wait! What about big brother Lazarus?"  Reisha gazed at Lazarus with an acquiring tone.

"Umm.... ha-ha, well...  " The girl gave a wry smile while looking away.

"Don't mind me, Go ahead and join them, I want to try drinking the punch it looks good."  Lazarus gave Reisha a smile before heading off towards the table where all of the food was placed.

I don't want to ruin her party so I might as well lay low.

As Lazarus went over to the table. He spotted a noble with long black hair and purple eyes with a dali moustache going to the punch.

The man stood there for a few minutes and seemingly stirred the punch. After a few seconds he grinned and grumbled a few words "heheh. I wonder what the effects will be. Well I'll just wait and see."

Of course Lazarus couldn't hear the man as he walked away.

Strange... that man just stirred the punch and went on without getting some. I wonder what that was about... Maybe it taste bad?

"Hmm... this looks good. I wonder what's so bad about it "

Lazarus casually took  a glass and filled it with punch and proceed to drink it. Being at a young age he didn't become wary of what the man had done.

It taste good. Maybe that man wasn't too fond of the color.

Lazarus glanced around and saw some nobles who were eating, some were dancing to the music while the others continued to chat. A few minutes passed and Lazarus just stayed near the punch which was located near a corner in the ballroom.

"Big brother! big brother! " A childish yet feminine voice resounded in the crowd.

"Reisha? Why are you in such a hurry?" Lazarus gazed at Reisha who was breathing heavily together with her friend who called out to her earlier was also catching her breath.

"It's ha..ha.. they told... me that you were sick! I kept hearing that ever since I was small and I don't believe it!" Reisha was complaining while furrowing her eyebrows.

"Umm... we didn't mean tha- " The girl beside her tried to intervene but Reisha kept on talking.

"I'll prove it to you now! "

Reisha suddenly snatched the glass that I was holding and suddenly began to drink from it.

*Gulp * *gulp * "ha~~ See? I'm fine ! " Reisha gave a triumphant look towards her friend and had a big grin.

Her friend blushed as she squirmed about and said " That was an Indirect! ".

"Huh? " Reisha look confused for a moment when she suddenly realized what she had done.

Lazarus look dumbfounded as he stared at Reisha who was now blushing up to her ears and was as red as a tomato with steam coming out of her head.

"Uuuu.. Umm... Thiis...I....waa~~" Reisha kept stumbling on her words as she tried to think of something to say but nothing came to mind as her heart was racing so fast she couldn't think straight.

Lazarus chuckled softly as his sister was being unbearably cute in front of him.

"Muuu!... What's so funny!? " Reisha pouted while still blushing as red as a tomato.

"Well it doesn't really count since we're siblings. " Lazarus gave her a wry smile.

Reisha stared at him and mumbled softly.

"Are you ok? Are you sure that you didn't get his disease? " The girl asked not knowing what Reisha was mumbling about and had thought she might've gotten sick. A look of concern appeared on the girls face as she placed her hand on Reisha's forehead.

"What are you doing? " Reisha looked at her with furrowed eyebrows. "I'm not sick! ok? That means big brother isn't sick either!"

"Hmm that is true.... Maybe it was just rumours? haha.. I guess I was wrong." The girl forced a smile as she thought she had wronged Lazarus.

"I deeply apologize for my rudeness.... ahhh! I haven't introduced myself. My name is Rin Valentine. " Rin held out her hand and gave Lazarus a smile.

Meanwhile the nobles were chatting together with the king and queen. They were seated together with a few nobles. The king was seated at the center wearing his crown together with a long red cape that had a white head of a dragon symbol and underneath he wore his armor and on his left was the queen that wore a simple frilly white dress with a tiara decorated with green emeralds that complemented her emerald green eyes.  

" Shouldn't they be arriving soon? " Emilia looked towards King Veyron  with a concerned tone. (Father of Lazarus and the son of King Vastia )

"They're already here. I can sense that artifact from miles away. " King Veyron stared at the large doors as at started to creak open.

A guard went through the crowd and approach King Veyron.

" Your majesty, King Zarus of the Azure Kingdom has arrived together with King Leon II. "

King Veyron immediately stood up together with the queen and approached the door. The nobles who was in the hall made way for the king as he made his way towards the entrance.

The door was opened completely by the guards and they immediately formed a line and kneeled.

" Hahaha! Quite the welcome I see! "

A man with silver hair with cat like eyes appeared wearing leather gauntlets and boots with a blue cape that had the symbol of a golden sword. He has a sword sheathed in a dazzling gold scabbard attached to his waistline. This was the king of the Azure kingdom and the son of King Lionel III.

" You're a king, you should act like one " a calm yet firm voice resounded from the back of King Zarus,

" It's been a while King Veyron and Lady Emilia " The voice belonged to a man who also wore a crown with a green cape that had the symbol of a silver face of a lion. The man had an armor that was made of gold underneath his cape.

His hair had a brown color spiking upwards with a diagonal scar from his upper right side of his eyes down to his left cheek which game him an intimidating aura, though in contrast his eyes were as blue as the deep sea which showed gentleness and compassion.

This was of course King Leon II, ruler of the Imperial Kingdom. Unlike Veyron who mastered arcane magic and Zarus who wielded the legendary artifact Excalibur, he had great insight and leadership skills that is comparable to none.

The nobles continued their chatter and some continued to dance at the music.

" Welcome to my daughter's party and I thank you for taking the time to come here. May I ask as to where lady Trisha might be? " Emilia looked towards Zarus with a gentle smile.

" Hmmm... She has things she needs to attend to, I'm really bad at political stuff so I leave those complicated things to her " Zarus grined while placing both hands at the back of his head with a carefree tone.

Leon could only sigh while Veyron just gave a wry smile.

" Speaking of which. Where's little Reisha?  " Zarus surveyed around placing his hand on his forehead as if making a salute gesture while slightly bending forward.

"Hmm...Ah! There she is! " He found her near a corner together with Lazarus and Rin who are seemingly having fun chatting.

" Huh? " Zarus stared at Reisha while rubbing his chin.

" Is it me or is her mana shrinking? " - Zarus

King Veyron's face distorted upon hearing this and frowned.

" Are you sure it isn't a mistake? " - Veyron

He didn't want the most prized jewel in his family to be damaged. Though Clovis and Ana where considered geniuses, Reisha was still beyond them which made her the target of the Veyron's and Emilia's affection, not to mention she's also the youngest which makes them overprotective of her.

" No! Really! I've been sensitive to mana ever since I was young because of my mixed birth. I don't know why but her mana pool is really shrinking and it's shrinking faster." - Zarus

Emilia immediately walked towards Reisha with a concerned look.

Lazarus POV

We continued to chat about trivial matters as the party on, Reisha is blushing and not because of what had happened earlier but I think it's something else. I suddenly noticed mom approaching us with a concerned look. She bent down and looked at Reisha.

" Dear, is everything alright? " - Emilia

Reisha looked at mom with a curious look.

" Yes mom, thanks a lot for this wonderful party " - Reisha

She hugged mom and gave her a kiss to the cheek.

" Oh yeah! I just discovered that big brother is not sick! " - Reisha

" Huh? what do you mean? " - Emilia

" She drank from Lazarus cup. " - Rin

" You know if you drink from a sick person's cup that you also become sick but look mommy! I'm fine! " - Reisha

She placed a fist on her chest as if proud to have proven something.

" So from now on can I play ... Laz..s " Reisha suddenly fell to her knees with a blank expression.

I stared at her for a few seconds not able to comprehend what was happening, until it hit me.

" Reisha are you alri-  " - Lazarus

*Thud* * Clink*

I tried to run towards her when I suddenly got shoved by something, I heard the sound of glass breaking as I hit something. I couldn't see since it was fast. I fell on my butt and it hurt like hell which made tears well up in my eyes.

" Owh! " - Lazarus

My head hurts

" YOU! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? " - Emilia

Mothers eyes were in tears as I saw Reisha turning even more red and is panting heavily in her arms.

Why is mom looking at me like that? My chest hurts when she looks at me like that. I don't want mom to look at me like that.

My heart felt as if it was being forcefully torn apart, when I noticed a smell of iron reach my nose while my left eye could only see red.

Lazarus was bleeding from his forehead which was cut by the glass he had hit when Emilia sent him flying towards the table with glassware.

The crowd fell silent and gathered around. They saw the queen in tears holding Reisha who is panting heavily and is turning red while the young prince was on the ground with blood dripping down from his forehead down to his cheeks.

" You little brat! To think that the disease was real... " Veyron looked at Lazarus as if some sort of abomanition.

" But.. ! -"  -Lazarus

" We don't have proof that it was Lazarus who caused this, aren't you all overeacting? " - Leon

" She drank from Lazarus glass and ended up like this ! " Emilia shouted at Leon while holding Reisha.

" Get the healers! and have her checked-up. " Veyron

" Yes sire! " - Guards

" As for you " He looked at Lazarus and spoke with a fierce tone.

" Go back to your room and stay there until I say otherwise! " - Veyron

Clovis and Ana also went towards Emilia and gazed at Lazarus with an accusing look.

" How dare that filth make mother cry! " - Ana

" Yeah.. " - Clovis

In the operation room the healers were scrambling to find a way to heal Reisha while Lazarus was already healed before sent back to his room.

" Hmm... I wonder why only the girl was affected? " The man with a dali moustache scratched his head while looking at the scenery.

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