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Chapter 3

The magical potential of a person is known from birth but only angels are able to tell the potential of a child. Humans could use a magical device known as “Magical potential tester” but could only be used after the child has reached the age of 5. Each race had its own way to detect the magical potential of a person. Of all the different races, the angels whom could tell the magical potential of a person from birth was sought after.

Churches were developed as a means for the angel to easily transport themselves in the kingdom. These churches bore a magical symbol that allowed teleportation. Only the demons and the angels could use such a magic.

The following day after prince Lazarus was born, he was brought to a church. The bell on the church was ringing 3 times, ringing the bell 3 times meant that an angel was being summoned for the purpose of testing a noble’s magical potential, 5 times for an emergency, continuous ringing meant to leave the kingdom for an impending disaster.

*DING* *DING* *DING*  Large bells rang as the sound echoes through the kingdom. “Hmm, I wonder if you will be a unique magic user? But who knows.” a grin appeared on Emilia’s face as she pondered.

As the bells finished ringing, a sudden gust of wind blew around the church, though it was just a light breeze it carried a strange warmth with it, the magical circle placed at the center of the church started to glow a faint blue light gradually becoming brighter until it became so bright that it was blinding.

As the light began to lose its brightness a humanoid figure could be seen in a blur.

“It has been awhile, lady Emilia.” A familiar yet emotionless voice could be heard as the light died down, an angel could be seen with bright golden hair that flowed to her waist with sapphire blue eyes that looked as deep as the ocean, with a taint of the blue sky that gave a feeling of faint warmness. Her face showed no emotion as she gazed down at the new born.

“Indeed it has been, Elysia” Emilia gave her a smile and looked to her son “His name is Lazarus.” The angel knowing why she was called opened her arms and looked to Emilia.

Emilia stepped forward and handed Lazarus over to Elysia delicately as if she was handling the most brittle glassware. Elysia received Lazarus in the same manner and gently placed her right hand on his forehead as she deeply gazed at his eyes, light began to emit from her fingertips.

Elysia closed her eyes and focused her sense into her fingertips, “…..huh?” she suddenly opened her eyes as she felt something strange. Emilia began to wonder as this was the first time Elysia reacted this way.

Elysia then regained her composure as she looked to Emilia giving her a deep gaze “His different from us…..” she gave a slightly displeased look and continued “He can’t harness mana like the rest of us”.

“Huh?” Emilia did in fact hear her but part of her couldn’t grasp the truth or didn’t want accept it. “He-..he can’t use magic?” her voice trembled.

Seeing Emilia frowning and looking like the world had ended, Elsyia spoke in a gentle voice “It might only be temporary, this is certainly the first time this has ever happened.”

“How do I know this isn’t permanent?” Emilia stuttered on her words as her voice crumbled.

Elysia placed her hand on her chin and began to ponder “In 3 years if he still cannot harness mana…. Then it is certain.” She looked to Emilia and gave a small sigh. “I shall take my leave as I still have matters I need to attend to.”

Emilia nodded and received Lazarus.

Elysia began to disappear as her body began to crumble into little golden glitters that swayed with the wind until she had completely vanished.

Emilia looked worriedly at Lazarus and embraced him. Feeling his body warmth across her soft cheeks, she then embraced him and tears began to flow from her cheeks to the blanket covering his body as she whispered into his ears and said “I’m so sorry”.

Behind the castle the king was sitting in a throne like chair in a garden, he gazed upon a young boy who had blonde hair and emerald green eyes that was at least 5 years of age playing with a young girl that also had the same blonde hair and emerald green eyes.

The maids were close to the kids and attended to them when necessary.

A large man in armor came running to the king and made a bowing gesture. “My lord, Prince Lazarus cannot harness mana.”

“WHAT!?” the king roared loudly which frightened the guard, the maids including young prince Clovis and princess Ana who were playing together.

Looking displeased the king arised from his chair and went away. “Why papa angry big brother?” Ana looked to Clovis who was also dumbfounded at his father’s sudden outburst.

The maid who hugged Ana and prince Clovis, thought to herself as the king went away. “What a despicable sight”.

“Tch.. this changes everything” the king thought to himself as he sat at his throne waiting for someone.

The guards were all lined up in parallel facing each other not daring to make any unnecessary movement.

The large doors opened as guards were escorting Emilia, as she looked at the king she knew that he was displeased. She probably knew what it was about.

The king let out a sigh as he faced Emilia “Is it true that Lazarus cannot harness mana? Wasn’t there some sort of mistake?” he spoke in a calm yet irritated tone.

“No, but she said that it might only be temporary. We can’t know for sure until 3 years has passed.” The king began to ponder as he and his wife originally planned to conceive 3 children in order to lead each kingdom that the humans once had, through arranged marriage with the respective kingdom's royal bloodline.

“Just in case he cannot harness mana then we must have a replacement ready.” The king looked to Emilia with a mischievous smile while Emilia nodded in embarrassment.

5 years had passed since then and now Lazarus has a younger sister who was a year younger than him. As luck turned for the worst, Lazarus was not only devoid of mana but also had a weak body. He was neglected by the king and avoided by his elder siblings.

Most often of the time when Lazarus wanted to play with his big brother Clovis or his elder sister Ana, they would ignore him. His mother who only exchanged pleasantries with him such as good mornings and good nights also avoided contact.

Whenever Emilia came home Lazarus would often draw pictures in an attempt to impress her. The picture he had drawn had scribbles of what seemed to be sun and his family all smiling though they only appeared to be stick figures, it was easy to discern which was which, since the king had  a crown while the queen had a smaller crown, the rest of the figures were small compared to the 2 bigger figures.

“Mama look look!” Lazarus came running down with a big grin on his face while raising both his arms holding a little painting to show Emilia what he had drawn. Emilia only gave him a forced smile “That’s wonderful dear”.

“Mama I also drew something for you” a voiced suddenly called out, it belonged to his elder sister Ana. She drew a picture that one would not think she was 7, it seemed as if a painter actually drew this. The portrait had a family, yes anyone can see this is a family but the family she had drew was lacking something.

Lazarus stared at the picture and looked at his, it was nothing alike, the difference was like the heaven and earth, he felt embarrassed and disappointed at himself. He continued to stare at the picture when he noticed something was missing.

“Big sister Ana where am I?” Lazarus looked to Ana while the throbbing of his heart started to feel painful. “Father said you are not his son because you can’t use magic” Ana teased Lazarus as she spoke.

Lazarus downcast his eyes, looking at the floor. Though this only seemed to be a normal sight for children, Lazarus felt as if his heart was being forcefully pryed opened by sharp knives. *Sniffle sniffle* unable to contain it, tears started forming on his eyes as he looked to Emilia “Mother is it true?”

Emilia couldn’t answer, she wanted to comfort him but it was also the truth that his father had disowned him. Not wanting him to hate her she tried to avoid the question. “I don’t-… know. I have to attend to Reisha she seems to be crying” she averted her gaze from Lazarus and left.

Another 2 years had passed and now Lazarus was 7 years old, he stopped trying to impress his mother knowing it was useless. Rumor began to spread in the kingdom about the disease that Lazarus might have held within him. After the rumors started going on like wildfire, the guards and even the maids who would attend to Lazarus would always keep their distance. Only Reisha, who was Lazarus younger sister went near him and played with him often.

His case was the first and that no one knew if it was possible for his so called “disease” to be caught, as such many tried to avoid him. Always feeling neglected and not knowing what familial love would be he mostly secluded himself inside the room.

“Why?” Lazarus looked to the floor with downcast eyes. He felt as if a spear was puncturing his heart as he uttered to himself with a voice filled with grief and sorrow. “Why does nobody care?” He hurled like a ball in his bed trying to ease up his pain, though this only proved to be futile.

*knock* *knock* “Brother come play with us!” A young voice called out to him. “No Reisha…. Clovis and Ana will leave if I join in… They always do..” Lazarus held back his tears as he spoke. He knew that Reisha was attached to him and that he didn’t want Reisha to be shunned by everyone else.

“Please just leave me alone…” Reisha then tried to open the door making a clicking sound as she turned the knob. “Muuuu” Reisha pouted and puffed her cheeks which made her really cute but on the other side of the door was just a little boy in pain.

A maid suddenly arrived seeing Reisha trying to open Lazarus’ door. “Reisha stop! You have a magical potential greater to even Clovis and Ana” the maid frowned as she raised her voice “If you get to close to him you will be infected. Please move away” She tried to grab Reisha as she struggled in her arms.

“Nooooo!!!, I want to play with brother!!” like a spoiled child she kept on squirming.

Emilia arrived when she saw the scenery and chuckled “teheh” she gazed down at Reisha who looked really cute while trying to puff her cheeks when she noticed that the door Reisha was trying to open was Lazarus’ room.-

She then approached Reisha and kneeled to match her height as the maid stepped back. “Reisha my dear, your brother is sick please let him rest”.

“But brother is always sick! Why!?” Reisha began to scream as her eyes became teary. Emilia could not answer knowing that he wasn’t actually sick.

Days passed, turning into weeks and eventually months.

One afternoon. Maids and guards are running around the castle the cooks are blazing the pans as they try to cook a large amount of food.

“I wonder why everyone is so busy” Lazarus thought to himself when he heard footsteps one after another.

Lazarus peeked through the small opening when he opened the door slightly. “Perhaps an event of some sort. Well it has nothing to do with me” he gave a sarcastic smile as he closed the door.

Lazarus went to the bookshelves and picked one of the books with a red cover and began to read it. “The five races and the great disaster….” Well this should be interesting to read. He began to read and endulge in the books for hours until night came.  

*knock* *knock* Lazarus glanced at the door and raised his eye brow “Annoying…” he thought to himself as he ignored the knocking and continued to read. “Big brother Lazarus are you there?”  The voice belonged to none other than Reisha.

“It’s my birthday so you have to come out!” Reisha screamed at the door knowing Lazarus was inside.

“…..” Lazarus stayed quiet as he felt guilty but if he went out then surely Reisha will cling to him and might get hated by the others, on the other hand she was the only one who cared about him.

“Please…. ” Reisha softly spoke through the door as she placed her hand on the door.

Lazarus felt his heart becoming heavy with her words until he let out a big sigh and said “Okay but I will only watch you from afar”

“Muuu! You’re stingy!” Reisha grumbled as she frowned.

Lazarus changed into his formal clothing and opened the door.

*Click* the door  opened as Reisha looked to the door, she dropped her jaw as she looked at Lazarus, who wore a black long sleeve suit with white inner shirt and black pants accompanied by a red tie. “You look wonderful” she blushed as she looked away.

Lazarus gazed at Reisha as he exited the door, he saw a girl that resembled his mother with black hair and emerald green eyes who wore a simple sky blue dress with frills at the edge of her skirt.

“You really are beautiful” Lazarus blushed as he complimented his sister.

They walked hand in hand as they went to the ballroom. Meanwhile the nobles were chatting as they had planned to use this opportunity to strengthen their bonds with the royal family in hopes to have benefits.

The door opened when everyone gazed at the newcomer they all fell silent.

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