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Prologue II

The planet Valeria is four times bigger than earth which is why most of the continents were still unexplored and in the center of it is where Assail is located.Assail is a massive central continent where all the different race reside in.

       As of now the races were in peaceful times. As time passed in this peaceful era, the different races began to venture out to new continents as they are yet to be explored in hopes to expand their territories and discover new things, though Assail itself hasn’t been fully explored.

Large and sturdy wooden ships were now being crafted by the humans which were used as transportations to the adventurers who wished venture these unexplored continents, but out of the many ships made, three were exceptionally larger. The first one called “Bismarck”. Having a height of 40 meters, a length of 211 meters and a beam of 35 meters (Beam  - The overall width of the ship) this ship could easily contain a large number of passengers which can easily amount to 5,000. It carried with it all the races except the angels and some demons who’re capable of flight. Painted with red and gold outline and 3 massive sails that was imbued with magic, Bismarck was set to venture the northern continent named “Ventus”.

          The second one which was named  “Hagane” was set to sail to the East continent named “Kratos” that could contain 3,800 passengers had a height of 40 meters, length of 180 meters and a beam of 30 meters. The ship was not painted because most that compromised the ship were elves and beast men who could care less about beauty and styles.

          And lastly , the ship known as “Hagane II” was to set sail to the west continent named “Gallia”, which was identical to Hagane for they were both made together and both had the same dimensions. Hagane arrived at Kratos in 18 days after setting sail. The adventurers, after finally arriving in the new land, could no longer suppress their excitement and they immediately sought out and explore this unknown place. As it was for most of the part similar to Assail, many began to build some establishments.

       The grand council which consist of the King, Sage, Head clan leader, demon king and the archangel was founded for the purpose of distributing the lands through the races equally and discussing matters that concerned the different races.

       As Kratos was almost similar to Assail, they decided that the lands in Kratos would not be divided by the races but instead would promote cohabitation between them, although the demon king did not like the idea, he still agreed to it since majority of the council decided it.

        As Hagane II ventured the waters they had seen fishes and sea creatures never been seen before in the rivers and lakes of Assail. When they arrived at Gallia they noticed that it was colder and it had a lot of mountain ranges. Adventurers began their journey to explore and write about what they encounter as well as the information about the lands of Gallia.

        The Southern continent named “Hestia” was closest to Assail that during the time when the waters were shallow a path could be seen and it only took a mere 4 hours to reach Hestia. The southern continent was warm and mostly consisted of large rain forest but had less animals. As the adventurers went through the lands they discovered many carnivouros plants which would explain why only a few animals were there.

          Bismarck arrived in Ventus 34 days after setting sail. One particular party of the adventurers discovered a cave nearby where the ship had docked, they immediately went to venture its insides. Their scout Ishana of the elven race had determined it was a dungeon. They alerted the different adventurers who were still in the ship. Driven by a feeling of intense curiosity of this new found dungeon coupled with their excitement arriving at unknown lands, they waste no time in seeking out the treasures that lay buried beneath this enigmatic dungeon.

          They were all in high alert as they had yet to encounter the inhabitants of the dungeon, since most of the dungeons always had monsters that lays in wait inside them defending the treasures hidden within. Deep inside the dungeon they encountered ancient elven scriptures which they couldn’t comprehend even with the help of the elves, while looking at the walls they noticed some drawings and the one which seemed to catch most of the interest of the adventurers was an image which portrayed a magnificent fiery bird like creature. This painting in the wall lit a spark their curiosity. In the wall paintings they noticed that what it depicted was that the bird like creature was burning forests which forced the elves to seal it. Although only 4 elves were portrayed to have sealed it, little did they know that more than thousands were actually used.

            After seeing the images on the walls, Fey who was a human mage in the party urged them to turn back as the place was giving him the chills, but contrary to what he expected, they just laughed it off not knowing that the impending danger they would soon face would be quite different than anything they have ever faced.

            When they finally reached the deepest parts of the so called dungeon, they saw a huge square rune with runic engravings at the walls. At the center of the room, encased in a transparent blue barrier was a bright luminescent stone that was shining very brightly but was only as big as an egg. As their leader brought out his right hand and proceeded to touch it, he suddenly felt a jolt of numbing electricity on his hand which made a fierce crackling sound as he was sent flying to the walls.

               They attacked the barrier with magic since they discovered that any form of physical contact with the barrier was a no-go since they will be electrocuted. They attacked the seemingly indestructible barrier for hours until they noticed that it was gradually weakening as cracks started to form.

It didn’t take long until the mages became tired, after all they have been attacking it endlessly and so they decided they would come back tomorrow, not wanting to leave empty handed and knowing that the stone/egg will make them rich.

                  The next day they came back into the center as easily as they did yesterday since no monsters could be found to interfere or stop them from doing so. They noticed that the barrier did not recover and was still weakened from their attacks yesterday, they continued to attack it for hours and repeated the routine for 4 days with the cracks becoming more visible and apparent with each passing day.

                They saw that the barrier was already about to break on the 5th day as it contained hundreds of cracks, their leader who noticed this, urged his men to attack it furiously. Finally, after days and hours of attacking the barrier, it finally broke and shattered like a big glass wall which was hit by a rock and went crumbling down. When the barrier broke, the ground suddenly shook lightly and after a few seconds, grew more violently which started to make the party nervous and fear of the unknown.

The dungeon began to shake as rocks began to fall from the ceiling, fear took hold of the hearts of the adventurers as they felt the tremor becoming stronger and severe. The egg that was shining, started to float in midair as it emitted a powerful aura. The party ran towards the exit as fast as they could after seeing the danger it posed if they were to stay in the dungeon.

Not long after, the dungeon crumbled to pieces as the party barely made it out. The egg was now in the sky but it grew as large as a massive bolder in the sky as it still kept on growing. The tremors became worse, the adventurers who watched this scenery had felt its power, and everyone trembled and felt as if their lungs were being forcefully filled with a cold and ominous air, some didn’t even dare breathe. Their hairs stood on end as if a menacing hand was caressing their very skin, their throats felt as dry as a dessert.

As the egg grew as big as a third of an entire kingdom, it suddenly shone a bright dazzling gold that blinded the adventurers, as it grew larger it seemed as if the shell was starting to crack and in that moment, the egg suddenly shattered and suddenly “BOOM! ” a deafening explosion could be heard as fearful scarlet tongues of flames riddled the air. Even though the adventurers stood afar, it still felt as if the flames were right beside them licking their bodies, this caused the adventurers to groan in pain, the giant bird like creature in the sky was shrouded with intense golden flames, it’s as if its whole being was made with brilliant golden flames. A scarlet red in the tip of its fiery feathers. A fiery bird that was 15 meters tall and had a wingspan of 35 meters emerged from the explosion.

People started to glance towards its direction but didn’t because it was so bright it seemed as if the sun had taken form of the bird, let’s call it a phoenix.  As the phoenix flapped its burning wings it suddenly yelled out a piercing cry “kyeeaa !!” Its voice echoed throughout the continent. Its screech carried emotions that was akin to that of a slumbering devil that was robbed of its peaceful and serene sleep.

“Arghhh!?” Galov who was the leader of the party roared As he ran towards the ship with great haste “We have to warn the others!”. The Fiery bird like creature flapped both of its mighty wings which produced a gust of dazzling flames engulfing the adventurers and the ship, the adventurers who were burning, screamed in agony as they were devoured by the flames.

Smoke with a scent of burning flesh arose to the sky as the brave water-mages risked their all to quench the terrible conflagration… but alas, their efforts were in vain as the insatiable flames continued to devour everything in reach. It didn’t take minutes for a once mighty boat to turn into ashes. Some ran towards the sea in an attempt to put out the fire but proved to be futile, they were still burning even in the water. The last thing they saw, was a flicker of a bright golden flame.

One of the adventurers who had escaped, used a magical scroll that allowed him to contact the council. “Help uss!!” he pleaded, as a deep voice responded “What happened!??? ” King Lionel III asked in a surprised tone “We… we’re being burned alive by thi--..” the message was cut short when suddenly a burst of hellish flames had hit him - “Guaahhhh!!!!”He screamed in agony as the sound of fierce fire was burning what used to be his body that no sooner turned to ash.

 The grand council was called by King Lionel III, “Something happened in Ventus….I don’t know what, but I heard our people were suffering and dying! ” King Lionel III said in a sharp and angry tone, irritation clearly visible in face.  

Gabriel replied in a calm and worried tone “I had felt a power rivaling that of a legendary artifact or even more coming from the northern continent, What could it be?” the angelic voiced resounded from the scroll like object that King Lionel III was holding.

As the phoenix made its way in the vast blue sky tainting it with a dim gold and vermillion color, it flapped its wings creating powerful gust of winds impacted the water even if it was high above the sea, the gale was still powerful coming from this majestic burning creature.

Meanwhile in the Azure kingdom where people were going about their business, little kids were playing with a ball as their laughter could be heard, the bustling market filled with merchants and people were all smiling. “Ha…- ”an old man who wore a robe and a cloak sighed, one could only see him smiling as his eyes were hidden under his cloak.

As the old man looked to the sky, it was tainted with a dim gold and vermilion red glow which bewildered and gave him a strange feeling. “Wha…t is that ?” He stuttered on his words as he saw the giant bright golden bird in the sky. “Kyeaahhh!” A loud screech resounded in the entire kingdom as the phoenix dove down.

The people seeing this felt as if the air around them gradually became hotter as the phoenix approached closer and closer. “RUuuuUUNnnn!!!! ” one of the adventurers screamed as his voice echoed in the ears of the confused people. Panic ensued in the kingdom as the air became hotter.

The mages situated in the corners of the kingdom who saw this began to chant a spell in unison “O great light which protect the people”, blue strings of light started to appear beneath the ground where they stood, “we ask that you aid us in this time of despair and darkness, we seek thine strength and call forth!!“ A shining blue magical circle with a pentagon pattern in its center with scriptures of some sort appeared on top of the kingdom ”Infinity Aegis!!!”. The magical circle which was large enough to cover the entire kingdom suddenly disappeared as a transparent blue spherical barrier suddenly appeared, it could be seen covering the vast expanse of the kingdom and protecting its people.

As the phoenix unleashed its burning rage, it flapped its wings emitting the same golden flame that had burned the mighty ship Bismarck and its passengers. As the flame was large enough to engulf the kingdom, it collided with the barrier, the flame razed violently while the shield remained unyielding. The flames continued to rage as the phoenix kept on attacking the barrier.

King Lionel III, who was in the twilight kingdom which was approximately 50 miles away, had herd the situation from one of his guards. He immediately mounted a white horse and went out towards the azure kingdom bringing the best of his knights.

As King Lionel III headed for Azure kingdom he stopped his horse after seeing a majestic bird like creature, coated with brilliant golden flames and a taint of red in its tip. “What in God’s name is that?” as his words were calm yet astonished, a look of shock mirrored his face. “Sir, your orders? I doubt the shield would last long bathing in that inferno.” Lancelot, the commander in chief asked in a strict and well-disciplined tone.

“We must save the people, first we need to divert its attention away from the kingdom, I want you to fire your best attack towards that beast.” King Lionel III unsheathed his mighty Excalibur.

“My Lord… Don’t tell me you’re going to use that..? ” Lancelot asked in confusion, as King Lionel III responded “No, I will only use that as a last resort.”

“Sir! I have contacted the other artifact wielders, Syrawi (the elf priestess) and Gabriel are coming”.

“Very well, let us lure the beast away from the kingdom”

As the mages finished their incantation, a powerful bolt of lightning suddenly struck the beast. “Kyeaahh!!” the beast groaned as its head turned towards them.

“MOVE MEN!!!” Lancelot shouted to everyone as they began to run away as fast as their horse could take them. The phoenix, in a fit of rage, immediately gave chase flapping its wings even faster.

They continued to run towards the center away from the phoenix. Meanwhile Syrawi and Gabriel had just arrived at the center, when they gazed down they saw King Lionel III and his troops running with dexterity as they were followed by a massive bird like creature whose body was engulfed in golden flames.

“What fearsome power…” Syrawi muttered as she felt a huge amount of mana from the creature. She then drew the twin knives from her hips and formed a stance and glared at the phoenix.

Gabriel opened his palm and pointed it to the sky as golden glitters suddenly started to form in his hand, the glitters formed a long spear like weapon, as it materialized Gabriel grabbed Caladolg and firmly gripped it and began to charge mana at the tip of his holy lance pointing it at the divine bird.

As King Lionel III drew nearer he saw Gabriel gathering a thunderous power in the tip of his lance. It made a loud crackling sound as some of the lightning had come into contact with the ground, it tore through the rocks shattering them and turning them to dust. An overwhelming amount of mana was seen gathering at the tip of the lance as Gabriel shouted loudly “Now!!!”

“MEN SPREAD OUT!!” lancelot yelled at the top if his lungs. Gabriel who saw that the men was out of his firing range, pulled back his arm and hurled it towards the phoenix with blinding speed. When the lance was fired the lightning grew fiercer as the thunderous sounds echoed throughout the battle field.

Caladbolg soared through the skies like a flash of lightning as it approached the phoenix with an incomprehensible speed. The incredible power that the lance had accumulated ravage the very earth causing the ground to be torn asunder as it flew straight to the phoenix.

The phoenix which couldn’t evade in time made contact with the lance and what soon followed was an explosion so big that it completely swallowed the phoenix whole while yellow lightning flickered across the vast expanse of the explosion. The sky was filled with an array of golden light as the lance collided with the phoenix.

“Di..did he do it..?” King Lionel III asked in confusion as anxiety fills his body.  “I think so my lord.” Replied his trusted General Lancelot in a calm manner.

Syrawi gazed at the explosion that gradually became smaller, her eyes focusing at the center trying to find any source of life. As the explosion began to thin out, she saw that the phoenix that was hit was incased in an orange transparent spherical ball of light unharmed “It can’t be…. It managed to withstand a power from a legendary artifact”. Fear began to arise to everyone who witnessed this scene. She gulped seeing that this might be stronger than what she had originally thought.

“How could it have withstood that!?” Syrawi asked in an alarmed voice. The lance returned to Gabriel as fast as it had left. He then replied “It can use magic and it shielded itself”.

The phoenix sensed that the artifact wielders had massive power.

The phoenix then rose to the sky flapping its massive wings rapidly causing a powerful gale to hit the ground. They anchored themselves to the ground trying not to be blown away by the powerful winds. They could only watch as the beast rose higher into the skies.

The phoenix suddenly started to form small golden balls of fire around it, one… two… three. Until thousands could be seen, illuminating the sky. The mighty beast then flapped its wings as if signaling the release of the balls of fire. It scattered to many different parts of the continent. Some which was fired to the east, north, west and south.

The elves who saw this tried to chant a spell in hopes to protect their homeland. A green magic circle appeared in the entire forest, the trees began to grow and formed a gigantic fortress of wood.  From the small golden ball that collided with the trees, “Booosh !!” “Bossh!!” the sounds of explosion echoed throughout the area, each explosion was about 30 times the size of the golden ball.

The elves who were inside was now panicking and screaming, many were burned, as a lot were trapped under a gigantic burning tree. Their hearts were filled with despair as many of their loved ones screamed in agony and died. The artifact wielders who gave chase but could not catch to its speed arrived at the devastating scenery. The same scenery greeted the artifact users as they had returned to their respective lands.

“I should have used it…… I’m so sorry” King Lionel III spoke while kneeling to the ground, regret fills his very being to the core. Tears slowly flowed from his eyes to his cheeks. “I’m so sorry…. I have failed to protect you” he gazed towards the ashes of what was once human.

Twilight kingdom had suffered the same fate as the energy was too powerful to shield against. Only the kingdom of Azure had not lost a single life but nevertheless humanity still suffered as badly as the others.

Many wept and grieved at the loss of their family members and loved ones. The entire forest was now raging with golden flames, the beast was nowhere to be found as it had ascended back to the sky after being satisfied by the destruction it had caused, leaving behind nothing but a hellish land drenched by the scent of burning flesh and ashes and woeful cries. Millions of lives were lost to the humans, beast men, demons and elves alike. Only the angels who lived in the flying island was spared from the disaster.

Ishana who had survived the turmoil in the island testified to Lady Syrawi and Silvanos the sage of the elven race. As the matter was discussed in the grand council, it was decided that the Ventus was now strictly off limits and that adventurers were now forbidden from going into ancient temples, it was stated by Ishana that she had misunderstood the dungeon they had entered as in fact it was actually a temple, where the mystical beast was sealed.

This events came to be known as “The Great disaster”. A century had passed since the great disaster and many of the races had already recovered. The phoenix was given a name of its own race was known as “Mythical Beast”. Rivaling or even clearly surpassing the power of artifact wielders.

After the recovery, there was a tense atmosphere at the palace of the Twilight Kingdom where the king and his family resides. Inside this room was a woman with black, wavy long hair that hangs over a beautiful face with a tinge of red, sweat dripping from the sides. She also had bright blue eyes with pale white skin.

The woman was placed atop a canopy bed surrounded by female clerics who are currently healing and calming the woman down, after all the woman just finished giving child birth. Cradled in the arms of the Head maid which was also the midwife was a young boy with sky blue eyes that seems tranquil and peaceful. But his hair was the complete opposite which reflected the pitch black darkness that lays deep in the abyss, it was completely dark.

The Head maid passed the baby boy to the woman sitting atop the bed. She gently received the baby boy as she stared with gentle and caring eyes. Standing beside the woman was a man with perfectly groomed golden hair and emerald green eyes.

Standing approximately 2 meters, with huge boulder like shoulder blades with a chiseled body, the man looked at the baby boy with no interest. It’s as if his presence there is just the result from mere obligation.

As the woman gently caressed the baby boy, she muttered in a low voice “your name, shall be Lazarus, Lazarus Valheart of the Twilight Kingdom”.

And thus start the beginning of a new age……………….

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