This is my first time writing a fiction. I’ve read so many that it inspired me to write my own. Feel free to tell me grammar errors and ways to improve myself as opinions are always welcomed :). I will post the first chapter soon. What is the "royal road" tag for?
In a universe filled with an ethereal energy source named “mana” many creatures began to harness its power. In the world of Valeria in the central continent named “Assail”, many different types of races began to harness or practice the use of mana in a way that it will be useful to their lives. Some used it to enhance their bodies and increase their physical strength but out of the most uses, the one that showed so much potential was “magic”.

All of the races that harnessed mana began to research it for its many different uses.

The elves who loved nature and can live up to thousands of years were few in number but harnessed mana and created elven magic which coincides with nature with their pure mana energy.

The humans whose lives can only reach up to a 150 years tops, are quick on progress and research. With their ingenuity, they created different forms of magic which harnessed the different types of elements.

The angels which had molded mana for divine and holy magic, loved both peace and order. Having so much mana reside within themselves coupled with their divinity, they are practically immortal in terms of age. The angels wings were like a blanket of purity with lustrous silver feathers, the angels face was emotionless yet somewhat peaceful and tranquil, the halo which floated above their head glowed a golden light, divine and soothing.

The beast men which used magic coupled with their innate powerful strength and incomparable agility became the strongest in terms of physical capabilities. They look like a combination of humans and animals but more on the human side. Some animal traits which they have are ears and tails.

And the most aggressive race of all is the demon race which practiced magic mainly for military purposes. In the demon race reside many sub races such as vampires, werewolves, succubus and many more.

The other races having seen that the demon are becoming a threat started expanding their military and creating more offensive and defensive magic for an unavoidable war. The humans who had more knowledge about the current movement of the demons than the other races began to warn the elves, and the beast men about the impending danger. They then formed an alliance in hopes to repel the threat the demons posed.

The demon race who saw this alliance as just a minor threat waged war on the other races and began their march to the north where the human’s fortresses are located. The beast men who had superior sensing capabilities made a scout team together with the elves, for concealment magic, managed to scout the demonic army led by demon king Lucifer.

Little did the demons know that the angels are also preparing for war as they are allied with the elven race who also loved nature and had a common goal to protect the peace and order of the world.

As the humans had devised a large scale magical trap set in the path of the demons. The imperial army of the humans together with the elves who do not have a military but are experienced in archery and long range magic formed the vanguard while the beast men were made as a separate unit due to their beast nature which made it hard for them to follow plans were placed as the rear guard.

Little did all of the races know that the divine army of the angels had also planned to take part in the war and had placed themselves above the sky forming a spearhead formation waiting for the demons.

As the demons advanced with the demonic army a sudden light shone on the ground. It shined a bright golden light as if there was a sun made out of gold shining beneath them, a sudden thunderous roar could be heard when the ground split in half causing the demons to be in a disarray as some of them to fell into the fissure ultimately leading to their demise.

The humans and the elves, knowing this would be the best opportunity to do so, charged in with fury as the footmen were powerful large men who focused solely on physical enhancement with little magic but strong physical prowess.

The demons who could fly saw the sky in many different colors as if a thousand rainbows were going their way, but of course these weren’t rainbow but arrows imbued with magic, some electricity, fire, and ice. As the demon king saw this as an interesting fight, finally lifted his arm pointing his palm at the sky and shouted loudly invoking some sort of demonic spell. A purple enigmatic magic circle riddled with demonic runes suddenly appeared which caused bolts of purple lightning to attack the vanguard of the army annihilating thousands and thousands of the vanguard halting its advancements.

The magicians of the humans invoked in unison a shield spell which created a semi-transparent blue spherical barrier that shielded the lives of thousands of soldiers, nullifying the raging purple lightning.

The demon king who held so much power invoked another catastrophic spell in his palm as if his mana pool was infinite. The human army starts to shudder in fear after seeing the sky filled with an orange like glow as it formed a massive ball of scorching flames, so hot that it felt like they were being tossed into an inferno even if their bodies stood from miles away.

The angels seeing that the alliance could not win from such power decided to intervene. As the demon king hurled the red burning ball of inferno to the army, a bright light suddenly emerged from the sky causing all the race to watch it in awe. The massive fireball that was supposed to char the bodies of thousands of men collided with a powerful divine shield that the leader of the angels invoked to protect the lives of the alliance. As the burning inferno collided with the divine shield a crackling sound could be heard while the blazing inferno started to dwindle in strength and began to shrink until it completely vanished.

The leader of the angels known as Gabriel ordered the divine army to attack and punish the evil that treaded the earth, all of the angels brandished their weapons and charged towards the demonic army.

As the demon king who finally met his match was angered at the interference of the angels shouted with a very deep dark voice that said: “Destroy all of these filth and gnaw on their flesh!!!!!!”

Gabriel who knew that this war would cost a lot of lives prayed to the heavens that may the almighty stop the chaos but was unheard. As the humans and elves found that these two races were far beyond their league were all shuddering in fear. It was then that the King of the humans, like a beacon of hope, step forth with his lustrous silver armor and spoke aloud for all to hear “Fear not my brethren for we have found the key to winning this war” as the king unsheathed his sword which shined in a bright blue light as if the entire sky was contained in the sword itself. The humans looked in awe, their eyes filled with a glimmer of hope, they watched the king as if he was a shining ray of light that will show them the path of victory and triumph. The elves and the beast men not knowing what the human king was planning, were all skeptical.

King Arthur of the humans suddenly posed with both his legs anchoring to the ground and his sword positioned as if he was going to cut the entire demon army, suddenly shone a bright blue light which exuded an aura of warmth and promising protection. A very warm light was felt by all the other races as if they were in their savior’s embrace, except by the demons who felt the exact opposite feeling, the aura they felt was like that of an unstoppable and menacing power which promised destruction upon all those who stood to obstruct it’s path. This unknown power which was even greater than the power of a demon king caused their skin to crawl and their hair to stand straight and stiff, as their whole being was filled to the brim with nothing but fright.

King Arthur then shouted to the demons ”You all who have tainted the lands and have killed my brethren will know of the wrath of an angered king, EXXCAALIBUUR!!” The king then slashed his sword towards the demon army and suddenly an immense blue light shot forth which engulfed the entire battlefield, temporary robbing the onlookers sense of sight.

The light from the legendary sword Excalibur desolated the lands on where the demon army that lay upon its path used to stand. Even the mighty life of the Demon King Lucifer was not spared. The queen of the humans asked in a very shocked and meek voice: “Wha- what is that….?” King Arthur replied: “A legendary artifact recovered during our excavation”. The demons seeing that their king has been killed immediately retreated back to their continent, thus the era was known as the “Great War”.

The Alliance did not bar their retreat for the Demon King has been killed and they didn’t want to shed more needless blood. Also, they knew very well that the demons have been weakened and will therefor think twice in declaring war once again.

20 years after the dreadful war had ended the elves who feared the power of this legendary artifact sent out their most skilled warriors to search for a legendary artifact of their own. The beast men and the angels who also sought out the power of the legendary artifact, began their search.

After decades of searching the elves found a twin dagger that was colored purple. Its frame would reflect the moonlight in the dead of night whereas its blade shone a silvery strand of light known as “Yami” were two but are one. These was discovered in an ancient temple of the ancient elves who once worshipped the artifact and was abandoned for over centuries.

The beast men found the legendary claws which looked like normal steel claws but had blue electricity flowing through it which granted it the name “Rigel”.

The angels, not being able to find their own artifact, decided to create a weapon of their own using their immense mana. With the help of hundreds of angel, they were able to create a lance which emitted a golden light akin to their halos. But the lance also known as “Caladbolg” started to become unstable with its immense magic power, which costed the lives of hundreds of angel to preventing it from exploding. The angels then vowed never to create a weapon like it again.

As king Arthur passed away he had only one child to inherit his sword whose name was Prince Lionel.

Humans soon learned that these legendary artifacts are strong only if the wielder is strong willed with large magic capacity and that the advancement of magic can also turn the tides.

During the Great War, magic was not harnessed to its best potential but just barely scratching the surface. But even with these Legendary Artifacts, one can still be defeated by magic. Thus the beginning of magical research.

The angels who saw that humans who grew stronger both with magic and legendary artifacts could cause another war inevitably seeked the demons who secluded themselves in the southern continent for help under the rule of the new demon king Alsiel who possessed unparalleled magic power which can rival the Human King with his Excalibur.

As the demon king declined due to their hatred of the angels who were so pure and their polar opposite. Eventually the humans grew in numbers and divided themselves in different kingdoms and their allies, which were elves, also prospered from the research of the humans in elven magic.

The beast men voided the alliances as soon as the Great War was finished.

As the humans grew too large they eventually divided and new kings were crowned in their respective kingdoms. King Lionel from the Azure kingdom married the daughter of the head clan of the beast men known as Lirana who has vermillion red hair and sky blue eyes with cat like ears and tail. King Vastia ruled the Twilight Kingdom and King Leon ruled the Imperial Kingdom.

King Vastia having no legendary artifact but was a genius, advanced the researched of magic. He eventually uncovered the secret of arcane magic and taught it to his military force but only a few could put into practice due to its complexity and power.

King Vastia wanting to reunite the humans again eventually waged a war with the two other human kingdoms.

The war raged on for 50 years, the elves who allied themselves with the imperial kingdom led by King Leon, The beast men allied themselves with the Azure kingdom were all drawn to the fray.

The victor was of course King Vastia of the twilight kingdom, even without having a magical artifact himself he managed to win through the use of arcane magic.

The war of the humans eventually led to their alliance being broken off from the other races and ended up weakening the humans. The elves who saw the greed of the humans as well as the beast men who had lost too much because of the war all broke off the alliance.

The humans settled in the north continent, the beast men in the east and the elves in the west while the demons were in the south continent and the angels lived in a floating island high above the sky.

As years grow by eventually the elves, beast men, angels and demons managed to uncover the truth of the arcane magic by bribing the humans who possessed the knowledge of how it worked, knowing full well about the greed these humans possessed. While the angels achieved it through their human worshippers.

The power balance between the races was now seemingly equal after centuries and they decided to have trades and even welcoming of other races in their respective territories. This is the birth of the new era called “Light”.

. The beast men were divided by clans and the strongest among the clans was the head clan. The elves had priestess and sages as their respective heads while the demons had the demon king and the angel had their archangel.

Many places were yet to be discovered and that’s why the concept of adventurers came to be. As many more places were discovered they were evenly distributed to the other races except the angels.

During these peaceful times one could not anticipate that this world will once more be plunged into darkness…

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