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Chapter 61: Preperations



‘We’re finally back...’ Spoke Lazarus as he jumped down from Rigel.  

Nalar let out a sigh of relief. “Finally…. This is where we part ways. I’ll be heading to the port to get back to Assail.” He then stretched his arm as if a heavy burden was finally lifted from his shoulders.

Lazarus knew that this elven man was purposely expressing his disdain for him, but it didn’t really bother him too much as he too also felt the same way, a mutual dislike.

Eve spoke. “I’ll be staying in the city for a while, what about you two?”

“I’ll be resting for a bit.” Replied Eris with her usual expression before glancing over to Lazarus. “And you Rex?”

“Shopping.”  Lazarus grinned, walking off without even so much as a backward glance, just waving his hand as he went away for his goodbye as he was brimming with excitement to get his hands on some ingots.

“It was a nice little journey.” Spoke Nalar, whipping his horse and moving on. “I too; shall be heading off.”

Gazing at the back of the two, Eve suddenly felt a sort of void in her chest. Her hand instinctively reached out.

“Wait….” Said Eve calmly, making Lazarus and Nalar stop and look back. “Shouldn’t we at least have a small party?” Lazarus and Nalar glanced at one another, wondering why the sudden request.

“You know, after everything that happened. Aren’t we like a party that just finished a big quest?” Eve continued.  “Perhaps we could celebrate before we part ways?”

Lazarus and Nalar continued to stare at one another. It was quite obvious the two wanted to leave quickly, but they simply waited for the other to take the guilt of declining.

Eve somehow felt a tinge of disappointment, she had expected a much more grander goodbye, seeing as fate had brought them together again and after what they’ve been through in the forest. It was almost laughable how lackluster their farewells were.

“It was a nice little journey.” Spoke Nalar, whipping his horse and heading off to the opposite direction from Lazarus. “Then I’l; bel heading off.”

“Bye...” Replied Eve, waving her hand softly from side to side. There was a sort of emptiness she felt gazing at the backs of Lazarus and Nalar who didn’t really think much of their time together. Though it was short, acting like it mattered a bit wouldn’t really hurt. She thought.

Eris who was just silently staring at her, spoke out. “Wanna have lunch together?”

From her words alone, Eve felt a strange warmth from her chest. She smiled happily. “Sure!”

Seeing as things were settled, Lazarus spoke. “Then I’ll also be going.” Eve and Eris nodded and Lazarus nodded back in return before continuing on.



Lazarus continued on his way, having Rigel in tow, glancing at the signs of the shop until he finally saw a large hammer on one of the signboard. “Now then, what do I do with you?” he glanced at Rigel.

Was there a sort of parking spot for horses? Lazarus glanced around, and to his disappointment, he was the only one with a horse in tow. People were giving him weird looks. “-FS where do I park this thing?-”

A robotic voice replied. -= In the stable master. =-

“-Couldn’t you have told me that before I came here?-”

-= You never asked. =-

Lazarus simply sighed. What good was an A.I if it didn’t do anything automatically? He grumbled and casually eyed the map on his upper left screen. “-Plot course to the stable-”

-= Yes master. =- Replied FS as a blue line appeared on the minimap. Of course it wasn’t using GPS as there wasn’t any satellite in orbit. It simply used the surroundings as a basis whenever Lazarus moved.

It was helpful but it was no good for places that Lazarus hadn’t explored yet. He casually followed the plotted course and he eventually ended up in a stable.

A woman looking to be in her fifties with faded brown and greyish hair casually walked up to Lazarus and spoke. “Hello there young man, haven’t seen you here before.”

“Ah. Hello, the name is Lazar-...” Lazarus cleared his throat. “Erhm, Rex. The name’s Rex. I was looking for a place to have Rigel rest. Do you happen to own this stable?”

“Yes indeed I am. I’m Yura.” The woman smiled. “So how long do you intend to leave Rigel in our care?”

Lazarus sighed. “I’m not sure….”

Yura, seemingly used to hearing this answer, spoke. “Then that will be 3 gold.” She opened her palm as if it was the most natural thing to do.

“Is that a sort of down payment?” Asked Lazarus, somewhat skeptical of the price. Yura nodded and added. “Is this first time you’ve owned a horse?”

“Yeah… sorry.”

Yura couldn’t help but chuckle. “Just so you know, we feed the horses and have them exercise day to day so you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.”

“Right…..” Lazarus couldn’t help but slightly embarrassed seeing as it seemed to be common knowledge. He casually dropped a couple of coins in Yura’s hand and walked over to Rigel. “I’ll be leaving you here for a bit buddy.”

The horse responded with a huff, and Lazarus could at least tell it wasn’t a negative response. After leaving the stable, he immediately headed over to the Smith’s shop where he was greeted with a grin from Gallios the smith. “Heheeeyy Rex! It’s been a while… Looking for some goblin quest? ”

Lazarus shook his head. “Not this time. I’m actually here to buy some materials.”

“Hoh?” Gallios folded his arms. “Then how many ya need?” Lazarus grinned. “A lot….. Quite a lot.”

Gallios raised a brow. “How much is a ‘lot’ ?”

“Well, how much can I buy for a hundred thousand gold?” Upon hearing his words, Gallios’ jaw dropped, staring at Lazarus with widened eyes. “O-one hundred thousand?? H-how did you-..???”

“A quest from the elven priestess” Gallios continued to stare at him in disbelief. “Though, I’m not allowed to say what.” Lazarus added, in an attempt to make the prying smith stop.

Gallios now had even more questions for him. Though, he knew better than to pry into a customer’s life so he simply pushed the thoughts aside and sighed. “As much as I’d like to. The thing is, we’d be left with nothing for us if we sold you all our raw materials. ”

“Oh…..” Spoke Lazarus in disappointment. “Is it alright if I ask who your suppliers are?”

“Hardly a problem lad.” Replied Gallio, waving his hand, gesturing for Lazarus to banish the thought. “It’s the Pendragon’s”

“Pendragons...” Lazarus muttered under his breath, somehow it sounded familiar to him but he couldn’t get his head around it.

A deep robotic voice reminded.

-= The human royalty consists of three, mainly the Valhearts, Estrea and the Pendragons. The head of the Pendragon is King Zarus. A man who once attended Reisha’s birthday party. =-

“What’s wrong?” Asked Gallios curiously after seeing Lazarus’ expression turn grim.

“It’s nothing…. ” Replied Lazarus with a sigh. Thinking clearly, it would be reasonable to assume that things like this were handled by underlings so there was no reason for him to worry. “So where can I meet this supplier?”

Gallios was silent for a moment before he spoke. “Hmm, maybe in a day or two. They’re bringing in more supplies, maybe then I could arrange a meeting for you and Jensen?”

Lazarus nodded. “Thanks.” As Lazarus was about to turn and leave, he stopped and glanced back. “One last thing, I’ll be buying a few raw materials. I need to make something.”

“Hmm? Sure. Though, what’re you making?” Lazarus darted his eyes around before speaking. “Let’s just say a water carriage.”

Gallios burst out in a fit of laughter, he bashed the table with his muscular arms and after calming down, he spoke. “I never really thought that you’re one to make jokes. Hahahaha! ”

“Yeah…. just a joke.” Lazarus simply snickered. After several minutes, Lazarus left the shop with a large bag over his shoulder. “-Now then.. I just need to wait until these guys register in the D-storage before heading off...-”

Lazarus looked around and it was already getting dark. He hadn’t had anything to eat so he simply thought he could kill time by having some dinner first.

He headed for a nearby tavern where he usually ate and the people in the room looked at Lazarus with curious gazes.

The huge bag he carried over his shoulder must’ve been the reason Lazarus thought; as he sat down at the table in the farthest corner.

A girl wearing a green one piece dress casually walked over and took out a piece of paper and feathery pen before speaking. “Your order?”

“Two steaks… and milk...” Hearing his words the waitress nodded and left.

As Lazarus casually waited, a voice spoke in his mind.

-= Why do you need this ‘water carriage? =-

“-Transportation. I can’t handle the ship. Takes too long.-”

-= You’re returning to Assail? =-

“-Yeah. When I get my materials, I’ll be heading back to the lab. I can’t make any microchips with only the steel former.-”

-= Indeed, so you truly are intent on creating a mining drone. =-


After waiting for a bit, the girl with the one piece dress returned with Lazarus’ order, carefully placing them at his table. “Enjoy your meal” She spoke before leaving quietly.

Lazarus was carefully thinking about his next actions and getting the mining drone to work as he ate. He considered a few possibilities while casually glancing around at the people who was in the tavern.

A group of adventurers were relatively loud from the table across the room, bragging about the monsters they’ve hunted and their gold reward.

It was mostly just adventurers in the tavern but what caught Lazarus’ eye was a group of hooded individuals, the three weren’t speaking, just casually sipping their tea but it wasn’t that much of an unusual sight so Lazarus simply continued to eat and after finishing up, he payed and left quietly.

As Lazarus exited the door, the larger hooded individual in the middle spoke. “You felt that too didn’t you Glade?”

“Indeed.” Replied the other individual, with his bluish arm reaching out for the cup and casually taking a sip before continuing. “We must observe him for now. He did, after all single handedly take down several maids and the haughty little girl.”

“Observing is bothersome…...” Replied the larger individual with a deep sigh.

Glade spoke with a soft chuckle. “What do you think illidan?”

Illidan being the third individual simply ignored Glade, making him snicker as if he was used to this man’s attitude.



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