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Chapter 57: Arguement


“This should be far enough.” Sylphi sighed and glanced back to the village where the lights were somewhat dimmed from the distance. It was hard to make out the surroundings, but the moonlight that pierced through the leaves, still illuminated the face of a very serious man.

Sylphi began kicking the pebbles near her feet and flickered her eyes to Lazarus then back to the ground. She wanted to make eye contact, but found it somewhat difficult to face him.

Lazarus simply stood there, frowning, no, it was better to say he was glaring.

Sylphi clenched her fist, then she glanced at Lazarus for a moment, as she made eye contact, a dark feeling whirled in her chest, then she immediately shifted her gaze to the ground.

She simply sighed, having decided that maybe she didn’t have to look at him to speak. “H-how have you been?”

Lazarus raised a brow. “You brought me all the way here to ask me that?” he knew that she had something more to say, but he wanted her to hurry up.

Sylphi nodded, making Lazarus sigh. “As you can see, pretty well, actually.” He then jingled the bag of gold.

Sylphi forced a smile. “I see….”

It was silent for a moment, then Sylphi leaned against a tree and looked down at the grass. “You know….. You were right. My grandpa told me about my mom.” She then glanced at Lazarus, to see what kind of face he would make.

But he simply stared at her, without a hint of emotion. Then Sylphi went back to staring at the grass. “A-are you still mad? You know… about what happened back on the ship...”

Lazarus thought for a moment, he’d be lying if he’d say no but he practically doesn’t care about it now. He didn’t really want to talk right now, but since he was already here, he might as well close things off. But for now, he wanted to see where the talk will go. “Not really.”

“I see…” Sylphi could only force a smile as she wasn’t sure whether he was lying or not. ”W-when my grandfather told me about my mother. I couldn’t believe it… but you know? It kinda hurts to know that your mother would try to kill you wouldn’t it? You can’t blame me can you?”

Lazarus was silent. He knew the pain all too well about having a mother who resented you. But he wasn’t going to console her on that matter. He stopped caring about his real parents years ago.

Sylphi continued. “You know… I met your little sister.”

Lazarus furrowed his brows. “Reisha? ”

Sylphi continued to kick on the pebbles by her feet as she continued. “Yeah. She was really worried about you.”

“Her? What for?” Lazarus raised a brow. He had no idea why someone he never had contact to for years would even care. In the first place, how did she even have something to worry about considering that Reisha had no idea what was happening to him.

Then he realized as his eyes narrowed somewhat. “You told her?”

Sylphi nodded.

“How much does she know?”

“Everything that happened back on the ship….. And when we first met.” Sylphi’s voice was relatively gentle, it somehow didn’t sit right with Lazarus considering that every time they spoke she was either shouting or ranting.

But now that wasn’t the issue. It was Reisha. If she was told everything, then what would she do? Somehow it made Lazarus worry. “What did she do right after you told her?”

“She went back to the kingdom in a hurry… and I guess she was a little mad?” Sylphi forced a smile. It was almost laughable how eager he was to leave when it came to her, but when it came to Reisha he remained. It somehow made her feel a bit jealous.

Lazarus pondered. If Reisha returned to the kingdom, then what was she hoping to accomplish? If she confronted the king no doubt, things will end up worse for him. To start with, this little hunt started because of her.

Sylphi sighed. “But that’s not what I really wanted to say…. Uhm...” she began flickering her eyes at Lazarus, but somehow she still couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eye. So she simply continued, facing the ground as if she was facing him. “I-.. wanted to thank you for saving me that time… and… I wanted to apologize.”

Lazarus sighed. Now was the time to let her know. “You shouldn’t. After all, this will be the last time we’ll be seeing each other.”

Sylphi downcast her gaze. She knew very well what it meant. And it only meant that Lazarus was already cutting all of his ties with her. Somehow the sharp pain her chest was already making it harder to keep a straight face.

Sylphi simply turned, not wanting Lazarus to see what kind of face she’d make.

Seeing as he already told her what he wanted. Lazarus spoke. “If that’s all, then I’ll be leaving.”

As he turned and was about to leave. A light tug on his shirt stopped him, making him look behind with a frown.

Then a soft broken voice spoke. “D-do you h-hate me?”


“Y-you know somehow I can tell you’re lying...”

Lazarus wasn’t about to deny it. He just stood there quietly, thinking when the hassle will be over.

“I’m sorry...” Were the only words Sylphi could speak, before she let him go. She had already promised herself that she’d accept whatever he’d do. And in this case, he wanted to leave. So she only wanted to voice out her last words to him.

“Thanks for saving the sage…. And I’m sorry that I shot an arrow to you...”

“What?” Lazarus frowned. He doesn’t remember any arrow hitting him.

“It was the female knight… she blocked the arrow. So I guess you wouldn’t remember… But I didn’t know it was you at that time...”

“Then how did you?”

“The black object you held behind you….” Sylphi forced a smile. It was the only thing left that she could do.

And seeing as he already gotten his point across, Lazarus simply walked away. As he went further up ahead, he heard soft sobbing noises, but he didn’t look back. He didn’t want to regret his decision.

The elven female spoke in a broken voice as she rubbed her flushed cheeks, trying to rid herself of the transparent stream that continuously flowed down.



As Lazarus arrived back. Eris was already there standing beside Sonia, Eve and Nalar. The moment they noticed him, Eve trotted towards him.

He glanced around and noticed that Sylphi wasn’t anywhere. Maybe it was for the better.

“Rex.” Eve smiled. “You never told me your name back on the ship…...”

Lazarus felt indebted to her. If it wasn’t for her, then he would’ve starved. “Yeah, I never had the chance….”

“Still. What you did back there. An operation was it?”

As the two spoke. Nalar skooched closer to hear better. Eris and Sonia also gathered around them without even being shady about it and it made him feel somewhat stupid. He simply sighed and casually stood behind Eve and listened.

“That’s right.” Lazarus nodded.

“I’ve truly never heard of such a method for healing. Where did you learn it?” Eve gave a curious look. And as Lazarus looked around, it seemed as if the rest were also eager to hear more. Especially the albino elven man who constantly glanced back and forth, pretending as if he wasn’t interested.

As he was already tired with the argument from before he simply decided it wasn’t worth the hassle to say no and answered without thinking “In a hospital…...back on earth” A faint yet distant smile showed on Lazarus.

The rest were furrowing their brows. Somewhat confused. “U-uhmm…. What?

Lazarus unknowingly spoke english. And it somehow sounded kind of strange to them. He shook his head. “No.. I meant, earth… I learned that in earth..”

“Earth…..What kind of place is that? Is that in Assail?” Eve showed a near innocence childlike curiosity.

Lazarus shook his head. “No… it’s somewhere far away.” He then dismissed them with a wave of his hand. “Anyway, we need to get going.”

“Ah! Don’t just leave it like that!” Eve huffed. Sonia was also furrowing her brows. They really wanted to know.

But Lazarus simply turned and said. “Let’s go.”

Eris nodded and followed, waving back to Sonia one last time who also returned a wave.

As Lazarus began walking away, a set of footsteps echoed behind him, making him raise a brow and look back. Eve and Nalar was right behind him together with Eris. “Uhm..?”

Eve chuckled. “Oh I forgot to tell you. We’re also heading back to Garrion.”

Lazarus didn’t exactly like company. But he couldn’t just tell them to leave. He simply sighed and spoke. “I see....”

“Rex! Thank you!” Sonia screamed a top of her lungs as she continued to wave. Some of the elves in their homes were woken, but just kept quiet hoping Sonia would quiet down soon. But still, somehow she felt as if her gratitude still wasn’t enough as Lazarus only waved back without even looking back.

Somehow it made her feel lonely that they were leaving. And somehow, she saw Lazarus in a new light. She didn’t know why it just made her feel comfortable and safe as she gazed at him from a distance.

Sonia continued to gaze at their backs until they disappeared in the darkness of the night. Satisfied, she then turned and went upstairs.

The moment she opened the door to Mauris’ room, her eyes widened. Her body froze for a moment. Then tears welled-up in her eyes. “G-grandpa….” she softly muttered, unable to containt the overwhelming torrent of emotions.

Syrawi chuckled while gazing at the elven man who flickered his eyes back and forth, seemingly half as sleep. “You’ve really made us worry Mauris...”

“Wha-...what happened…?” Mauris rubbed his eyes he then glanced at the beautiful elven female by the door, with tears trickling down her cheeks. “Sonia..? Why’re you crying..?”

Without even replying; she dashed and buried herself in his chest and began bawling her tears out. Mauris seemingly had a dumbfounded look and glanced at Syrawi, looking for answers, but the elven priestess simply wore a smile.

“You should just rest for now…. I’ve so much to tell you.”



After walking a good distance away from the elven forest. The group set-up camp beside a lake.

Lazarus was sitting by the fire across Eve and Nalar, staring at some fishes stuck on a stick being cooked. Eris was sitting on top of a rock, munching on a pear shaped pinkish fruit. Somehow Lazarus’ thought the fruit looked very questionable and simply opted to hunt some fishes.

“Rex, how did you get so good at hunting?” Eve curiously glanced at Lazarus, then to the fish to see if it was cooked yet. She was relatively curious why Lazarus was manaless but she wasn’t about to touch on the subject just yet, it was better to get closer to him first.

Lazarus thought for a moment before he spoke. “I was trained to.”

“By who?” Eve casually took the fish she had been eyeing and began blowing, she licked her lips before she sunk her teeth in the piping hot meal. Lazarus was somewhat satisfied that she was enjoying her meal, and seeing as the fished were already cooked, he also took one for himself.

“By my father.” Replied Lazarus as he began eating. Nalar eyed the two and took out a fruit from his pocket and casually spoke. “I really don’t know why beastmen and humans prefer meat over fruits.”

“Coz it taste better” Replied Eve as she licked away at her fingers. There was a last piece of fish left and Eve was already full. As Lazarus took the last fish, Eve teased. “You know, if you eat too much. You’ll get fat.”

“It’s not for me.” Lazarus stood up and walked away. It was then that Eris suddenly stood up and followed, making Eve somewhat curious. “Where are you two going?”

Eris replied. “With Rex”


Eris casually leaned in closer with her hands covering her mouth and whispered. “I wanna meet the Aria.”

Eve raised a brow and waved her foxy ears back and forth. “What Aria?”

“It’s nothing.” Lazarus sighed. And of course, this only made Eve and Nalar even more curious. But Lazarus wasn’t willing to let the-m see it. Rufus’ abilities were very much like his cloak and it would be risky if the rodent was frightened since Rufus might disappear and they’d end up being more curious about him.

Eris on the other hand already knew. Or at least that’s what Lazarus thought. So he had no problems with her and considering she blocked an arrow for him without even saying a word about it, somehow made him feel indebted to her.

Seeing Lazarus furrowing his brows, Eve casually stretched and leaned against the tree. “I’m tired already....Goodnight.” Seeing her, Nalar got the obvious message and simply closed his eyes.

Lazarus was somewhat grateful and continued to walk further away with Eris. The moment they reached a bit further ahead, Lazarus lowered the fish and spoke. “Rufus.”

Eris’ glanced around with anticipation, but nothing came out even after several minutes had passed. Lazarus sighed. “She’s an exception. She already knows about you so just come out.”

In a blink of an eye, a purple cat sized rodent appeared from out of thin air. It’s red beady eyes staring at Eris with it’s nose twitching. Eris also stared at Rufus and lowered herself.

The rodent eyed her suspiciously and was preparing to take off. As soon as she reached towards him, he vanished into thin air. Eris’ gaze lowered and it was quite obvious to Lazarus that she was looking a bit gloomy.

“Did I scare it?”

“Probably.” Lazarus left, knowing that Rufus was going to eat the fish later. He didn’t have anything particular in mind for the rodent so he didn’t really need to stay. Eris waited for several minutes before heading back.

It had been quite a hectic day and Lazarus was already tired. Seeing Nalar and Eve soundly asleep made him drowsy as well.

He glanced around for a moment before he casually took a spot near the rock and leaned against it. Eris also positioned herself across Lazarus and leaned against a tree. She gazed at him and spoke softly. “Goodnight.”

It was a strange feeling. Walking around the place with people and sleeping together.

“Goodnight.” Replied Lazarus as he closed his eyes and dozed off. He did his best to stop himself from thinking about the argument from before, and redirected his thoughts to strangling the Crazed elven man in his dreams.






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