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Chapter 55 - All or nothing 


Lost cause? So science can’t achieve what magic couldn’t also? Was that all science could do?

Lazarus brows furrowed down, feeling a tinge of anger rising from the pit of his stomach as his fist balled.

He couldn’t allow it. Science was supposed to be superior. No, he wanted it to be. Though he felt nervous and cornered, he also felt a deep rage burning inside.

Science is FAR superior to magic. That’s what he wanted to prove.

To prove that he had something better than the world never gave him.

And now, this was his stage. But gazing at Mauris eyes that were rolling up, he knew he didn’t have much time. He needed more time.

But how?

Lazarus thought deeply. He hadn’t moved an inch for quite a while now and Syrawi was giving him a nervous look. Everyone who was watching, eyed him suspiciously.

But Lazarus continued to think, the only way to speed up your own sense of time was to speed yourself up. Something like a drug could work. But he didn’t have any with him.

Gazing at his own two hands, he could see he was shaking a bit. He felt pathetic.

It was then, that it hit Lazaru while gazing at his hands. He could speed up, if he used the supersoldier serum flowing in every corner of his veins.

He remembered the first time he actually used it on Ana. As she was about to cast a spell, everything seemed to slow down.

But If he lost his sanity, that’d mean he’d only end up killing Mauris.

Think….. Think….. Think! Lazarus eyes narrowed while gazing at his arms.

Thinking back, he remembered in the first few minutes it was him who was in control, and it was quite a while before his insanity took over.

Lazarus smiled a bit as he felt as if he was on to something. Though, this wasn’t a good move on his part as the people felt a dark sensation in their chest the moment he grinned.

The crazed Elven man’s eyed bulged slightly as he pointed at Lazarus, with a white hot anger burning in his eyes. “His going to kill the sage! Everyone! Listen to me! We must help the sage with our own two hands!!” he screamed atop of his lungs.

The people glanced at one another, still a bit unsure of what to do. But gazing at the grin that Lazarus had, made them feel as if the man was right. The crazed elven man continued. “Think of your children! Your loved one! Should the sage die by the hands of this man, they will all have to find a bloody war with those greedy humans! ALL! Because our priestess had abondoned us! His screams resonated in the ears of the elven people.

They all felt a strange sensation, it felt as if justice had to be done. A few in the forefront, nodded to each other.

Seeing this, the crazed elven man channeled a spell and shouted in a hoarse voice. “I will save the sage! For our people! For our children!” as he said those words he hurled a ball of fire into the barrier, causing to flicker wildly for a moment.

And suddenly, a few elves also began channeling some spells. “H-he’s right! We have to save the sage ourselves!” another elven man spoke, igniting a few chain of effects of elves also considering the possibilities.

Syrawi heard the people, she wanted to stop them. But if she took her eyes off of Lazarus now, then maybe at that very moment, he would kill the sage. She couldn’t risk it. So she continued to focus on Lazarus as the guards began screaming at the people, telling them to stop.

As the chaos began to unfold, Lazarus continued to think. If the full effects on the serum was to drive you insane, then the solution was simple.

He could excite the serum partially! Like taking small dosage of a drug, bit by bit.

Would it work?

It was then that a deep robotic voice echoed in his mind.

-= It hasn’t been tried since the serum was originally developed as a last resort for soldiers. =-

“-But I can control the nanites in my body right?-”

-= Affirmative =-

“-Then couldn’t I partially excite a bit of the serum in my brain so I could speed up my thought?

And use the nanites to block the affected serum so that it won’t spread in my blood stream?-”

FS was silent for a moment making Lazarus a bit nervous.

-= It hasn’t been done. But it certainly sounds feasible. But should you fail, you will be driven to insanity once more. =-

Lazarus frowned. Risk was something he wanted to avoid at all cost. From the ratio of nanites in his body he knew he had enough if he only excited maybe 1-5% of the serum. He felt that he had a good chance.

Though, he could be wrong. But still, having more time to think didn’t actually mean he’d find the solution but it was all he had for now.

He wanted to prove to himself that science was better. And science was all about taking risk.

Torn between the two, Lazarus felt conflicted. His head was telling him that it didn’t have to be now. But he felt like now was the best time.

What now?

As Lazarus was lost in thought he didn’t notice the chaos that was already unfolding before him.

The barrier flickered wildly. Hundreds of spells flickering in the air, bombarding the barrier with lightning and fire. As the crazed looking man shouted. “Save the Sage from the hands of that human scum!!”

The guards were sweating and it didn’t look like they’d hold out much long. Even Syrawi was looking nervous. She wanted to help the guards, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of Lazarus. Her heart throbbed violently from the nervousness being etched into her mind by the screams and spells of her very own people.

Lazarus still hadn’t moved. This made Sryawi’s head throb even more violently.“What are you doing!?” shei shouted in anger. Gazing at Lazarus who stopped moving for several minutes, it was making her nervous and mad.

Eve was already giving a worried look. And even Sonia was seemingly about to cry. Sylphi continued to eye him cautiously while still aiming her bow at him.

Helven was already rearing to give Sylphi the “go” signal but then. Lazarus suddenly exhaled. Syrawi let out a sigh of relief. It felt like forever from the last time he even moved. But for a brief and very quick moment, she gazed at her people then back to Lazarus, so fast that she barely even saw what they were doing.

Meanwhile Lazarus remembered. The look on Emilia’s face as he was sent away. The gaze Ana gave to him felt as if she was looking at trash. And Veyron. The king who denied his existence.

Though Lazarus had pushed his hatred at the corner of his mind and had long forgotten about them. He felt the burning sensation he felt 10 years ago. Thrown into the forest and left for dead.

He couldn’t allow it. “-Science is better than magic…. It has to be! And I’ll prove that I’m better than you…-”

-= Last breath sequence: initiated =-

-= Executing new protocol....... =-

-= Serum supression: in progress =-

In Lazarus brain, a few nanites began flashing. The rest were simply floating about, still seemingly dormant.

The nanites that were flashing, began oozing a green liquid. Of course, it wasn't the nanites but the serum around them were triggered by the nanites.

As it began to spread, the nanites began to move, surrounding the excited serum and releasing a sort of static that made the other nanites stick like a glue, forming a circular containment, keeping the excited bits of the serum inside.

Lazarus head felt light. Everything seems to have slowed down. As he glance towards the crowd, he saw a fireball fly towards the barrier, he could see its tail flicker and wave slowly while heading to the barrier in slow motion.

“-Huh..?-” his eyes widened as he had a dumbfounded look. The elven people were channeling several spells, while the others were already hurling their spells at the barrier. Lazarus felt a burst of raw adrenaline shoot in his veins at the sight of this.

At that moment, Lazarus began to move. He had to finish this fast. Otherwise he would be roasted. But gazing at how slow their spells were, he felt as if he had all the time in the world to think. It probably wouldn’t break just yet.

Lazarus somehow felt a surge of excitement and at the same time a sense of danger. His planned work. He was now thinking rapidly, but he also had almost no time left because of his little thinking stunt. It was now...or never.

In just a split second he began thinking.

He needed poison.

Did he have any with him? No.

Could he make one right now? Unlikely.

With a second feeling as if it was a minute, he began exploring hundreds of other possibilities. Until, he arrived at the very same starting point. The very same serum that answered his time problems, could also act as a poison! It was like a revelation to Lazarus.

Lazarus wasn’t sure if it would work, but he knew that some of the components of the serum were lethal.

With that said, he knew that the serum was made with various chemicals, if the other chemicals mixed inside of it was extracted, then he could make it lethal, and it wouldn't spread to Mauris system if he blocked it using his nanites.

It was worth a shot. Rather, it was the only option he had. Gazing at the people, his hands became cold. But he couldn’t stop now. He had to finish it then and there. Lazarus felt as if he was standing infront of a stage, while the eyes of the world were on him. This wasn’t the time to be nervous. It was time to being.

In that moment, Lazarus willed the nanites at the tip of his fingers to extract a bit of the serum in his blood.

So far, so good. Lazarus didn't feel like ripping someone's head off so the serum hasn't spread and made him insane. Another thing he had to worry about.

The nanites began absorbing a bit of his blood. With the help of FS, the nanites split the chemical's mixture within themselves and excreted some of the chemical back into Lazarus' bloodstream.

Leaving only the lethal composition of the serum inside of the little bots. Although a bit of it was excreted back into Lazarus, it only made him feel a hot and prickling sensation at the tip of his fingers..

As Lazarus moved his fingers, he suddenly felt the weight of an entire mountain on his body. He couldn't move, for a moment he was scared shitless thinking his entire body had frozen from the presure.

It was then that a deep robotic voice sounded.

-= Master, only your thought has been speed up, and not your body. The commands sent by your brain to your body will take a bit of time to reach. And even then, your movements will be slow. =-

"-Oh... right.-" Lazarus sighed inwardly, though it was a simply info, he had forgetten to think about the possibility because he was thinking of too many things. He gazed at his fingers as it began moving. It was so slow and it felt like tons of steel were weighing him down.

Trying to move it gently, he noticed that he could even move it at EXACTLY one inch from where it was. If he was moving this slow, then obviously, he could also move it this precisely. It was like a lifeline for him.

Lazarus grinned. "-FS, how's the serum?-"

-= No breach in the blood system as of yet. =-

Lazarus felt  a bit excited. Although the serum hadn't complete subsided, but if this works. Then it meant that he discovered something new. Like a real scientist would.

It made him feel as if he was on top of the world. Since his fingers were still in the process of reaching Mauris, he couldn't help but enjoy the moment in a slowed down world.

He wasn't sure if it was going to work. The creature would constrict Mauris the moment Lazarus placed the poison inside of it, and at that point. It would only be a race against time and a battle of wills, between the parasite and Mauris.

If Mauris lost, then Lazarus would still get payed. Either way, it didn't really matter. But deep down, he wanted to help Mauris, like a doctor would if he had any patient. And, a little bit of it was because a naive young elf seemed to be too naive to be left alone in this world.


Just gazing at Mauris already pale white skin, his eyes already a blank white, Syrawi knew that he was going to die. At that moment, Lazarus suddenly pricked the tip of his fingers, oozing out a bit of green glowing substance.

With a swift motion, he immediately pricked the creature with the tip of his knife and pressed the glowing green substance into the creature, with the tip of his fingers. Syrawi eyes widened, from her point of view, it seemed as if he was injecting Mauris with the glowing green substance. She felt a burst of raw adrenaline in her blood as she thought that he was trying to poison him, she stood up abruptly.

Then a thought ran across her mind, stopping her dead in her tracks. If Lazarus wanted Mauris dead, then he wouldn't have helped.

He could've just waited it out until he died so it didn't make sense if he poisoned him now. Syrawi clenched her teeth and held back her urge to jump him.

But. The moment Helven notice, he felt his chest burn in fury. Lazarus had planned to poison the sage he thought. As the blood rushed to his head, he could only see a man being murdered before his eyes.

Turning his glare towards Sylphi, he immediately screamed. “Kill him!”

Sylphi nodded and jerked her bow up, imbuing her mana at the tip of her fingers, creating a transparent blue arrow. She released her grip and the arrow flew towards Lazarus head with screeching as it desolated the wind, and he didn’t even notice as he was still focused on Mauris.

A figure suddenly blurred in between them, flinging the mana arrow away. This was none other than the silver haired beauty Eris, who was giving Sylphi a glare. “What are you doing? Rex is doing his best.”

Helven frowned and glance towards Zaiyus. “Don’t just stand there! Help ! That man is poisoning the sage!!”

Left with no other choice, Zaiyus clenched his teeth and channeled a spell. But then a beautiful girl suddenly stood before him, giving him a glare. “I won’t let you.” The feminine voice spoke.

This was none other than Eve, who knew that what Lazarus was doing, was the only way to help the sage.  

Upon seeing Helven’s actions, Syrawi shouted. “STOP!” but he didn’t care. It was time to put matters into his own hands. “Varus El Nah Ven Draco...” he began chanting.

At that moment the tip of Helven’s finger emitted a bright blue light and shot out a massive crystal like spear towards Lazarus.

Syrawi’s eyes narrowed as her figure turned to a blur. Re-appearing infront of Lazarus and catching the crystal spear, with her bare hands, she was knocked back by the momentum but then she immediately crushed the icle spear, breaking it like fragile glass.

Syrawi eyed Helven with a frown as he took a step back in fear. The guards felt nervous as they couldn’t assist Syrawi, they were too busy holding back the people. Their barriers flickered and crackled as the people continued to fire their spells. And not before long, several cracks could be seen.

As everyone was feeling adrenaline rushing through their veins, a subtle shriek echoed followed by the agonized voice of their sage. “Graaaaaarrgggghhh!!!”

They all turned their gazes towards Lazarus, and suddenly, their eyes widened as they noticed that the disgusting purple parasite was contractracting and squeezing the life out of Mauris’ organs.

“His killing the sage!!!!! MORE MORE! WE NEED THE HELP OF EVERYONE!!!” The elven man screamed so loudly that his voice was almost like a shriek.

As this unfolded, the green blood seeped into the parasites wound and began infecting its system. Spreading like a virus and destroying its tissues from the inside.

Lazarus couldn’t allow it to damage Mauris organs any further. His hands began moving, and he immediately began hacking away at the creatures veins, with precision and godlike movements.

It squirted out some blood, but the more he did, the tighter it squeezed on the remaining organs. Lazarus frowned as he felt his hands growing cold.

Left with no other choice, Lazarus prioritized the kidney and liver while leaving the rest to be constricted. He felt numb across his entire body and he felt extremely nervous. Was it going to work? Or was it time to cloak? He clenched his teeth and decided to continue.

He could only wish and hope for the best.

But to Syrawi's horror, Mauris’ body suddenly jerked up one last time. “Hurghh-...! Haa-.. hwuah….” he suddenly relaxed. Helven and Syrawi suddenly felt a demon grip their spine as Mauris eyes rolled up.

His entire body had relaxed as if….. he had been embraced by God.

But the manaless man didn't stop. As he noticed that the creature also relaxed, he continued to cut the creature’s veins connected to Mauris. And before long he suddenly took out a grostique  deformed purple potato with veins protruding from every corner of its body, oozing out purple slimy goo from the hacked veins.

It looked like a heart but was purple and deformed.

"THE SAGE IS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU!!" Helven screamed as he pointed at Syrawi.

Upon hearing his words, the people suddenly had a crazed look. "TRAITOR!" they screamed in unison as they began channeling more spells and hurling them to the barrier.

The crazed man, leading the people screamed. “Get him!!”

It wasn’t long until the barrier suddenly shattered, breaking into thousand of shards that flickered in the air for a moment before disappearing. The people stormed their way closer inside, shoving the guards down to the ground.

But Lazarus didn't stop, no surgeon would. Not until he finished. As the symphony of chaos was being played. His hands began weaving. Slowly stitching Mauris' stomach close, with great speed and precision, like every one of his movements were delicate yet fierce.

To Eve who was watching this in detail. It was as if the hands of God were weaving the threads of life.

As he closed his stomach, he suddenly screamed. "AN AZALEA FLOWER! NOW!" Lazarus was sure that the creature was dead but, he wasn’t sure if Mauris joined it to the stairway to heaven, and at this point he could only hope.

But the elven people had surrounded him. At that moment, Syrawi's figure turned to a blur.

Re-appearing between Lazarus and the people. The world suddenly fell silent for a moment as a Syrawi raised her arm with a bright shining light emitting from her arm as she swept her right hand in a wide arc.

Letting out  a powerful gust of wind, blasting every single elf back. Their figures seemingly flew in the sky for a moment, before landing back on the ground, gazing at their priestess in horror.

The crazed elven man pointed towards her with a tinge of fear. “O-o-our priestess has truly been hypnotized!”

Syrawi didn't say a word; she simply ran towards Mauris and brought her ear closer to his mouth. Lazarus was also looking nervous. But she couldn’t hear him breath, her heart sank as she felt as if her chest was falling deep into a sea of darkness.

In a vain attempt to salvage the situation. Syrawi slowly took out an Azalea flower from the small leafy pouch she had, and placed it on top of Mauris' chest. She blinked a few times, hoping that it would glow, but it still hadn’t.

If the person was already dead, the flower was already useless. With that thought surfacing in her mind,.Syrawi felt her entire body go numb as her eyes lost all of its color.

Lazarus in turn, felt a chilling sensation engulf his entire body.

“Kill him!!” The crazed elven man suddenly screamed. The elven people’s eyes were suddenly lit with a burning white hot rage.

And before long, Lazarus suddenly noticed the sound of blades clashing. He turned his gaze behind him, and he noticed that Sylphi and Eris were already in a melee.

Helven was giving him a menacing glare, his hands were already pointed towards him, emitting a bluish glow.

Lazarus felt a burst of raw adrenaline shoot across his veins. Surrounded, and everywhere he looked, hundreds of runic circles of all sorts of colors were pointed towards him. Ready to blast him to kingdom come.

As Sylphi jumped back to get some distance between her and Eris, she suddenly turned her aim towards Lazarus in a swift motion, hoping to hit his head while distracted.

But suddenly, his hand that he hid behind his back, emitted a crackling electricity for a moment, forming a familiar looking magic bag…. Upon the sight of his item, her eyes widened. It wasn’t a bag but the same canister that blinded her.

Sylphi’s felt her head go numb. “I-it can’t be….” she spoke in horror.

“Any last words human scum?!” The crazed elven man grinned, now he could kill the murderer before him. He felt his heart jump in ecstasy as Lazarus stared at him with a frown, keeping his hands behind his back. He was a bit cautious if Lazarus had a weapon behind him, but it didn’t matter. He was severely outnumbered.

The elven man screamed. ”“DIE!!” Lazarus eyes narrowed as he gripped the flash bang and readied himself.

But then a feminine voice interrupted. “Wait! Look the flower is glowing!!” Everyone stopped and immediately turned their gazes towards Eve who was pointing towards the sage. They then turned their gaze at the sage, and at that moment, their eyes suddenly widened in surprise.

The transparent glowing flower in his chest, was emitting a bright light. As it glowed, it began engulfing Mauris' body with the same transparent white light, coating his entire body.

Everyone was silent for a moment as they gazed at the sage in awe. “I-it can’t be….” Helven was the first to speak in disbelief. His eyes were seemingly about to jump out from his sockets, just gazing at the man.

The crazed elven man felt his throat dry up. His arms felt heavy as he felt a chilling sensation in his head. He didn’t know what to do as everyone slowly turned their gaze towards the manaless man standing before all them, they silently gazed at him with widened eyes as the man himself seemingly had a surprised look.


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