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Chapter 53 : Impossible

Sylphi couldn’t understand why this fox girl was giving her this look and she felt it was kinda rude to just point fingers when they’ve just met.

“You’re that elf… back on the ship..” Eve brows furrowed. Clearly she wasn’t very pleased with seeing Sylphi.

Sylphi sighed, thinking she had mistaken her for someone else. “I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

“Back in the ship you-...” As Eve said those words, Syrawi happily called out to her. “Eve”

Eve stopped for a moment and glanced at Syrawi who was walking down the stairs. “Ah-... Elven priestess.”

“I know you’ve just arrived but I’m assuming Oraius had already explained the circumstances to you?” - Syrawi

“Indeed I have, Lady Syrawi.” Oraius made a bowing gesture as he glance at Syrawi with a smile, seemingly that of a gentleman.

Sylphi was giving Eve a curious look as she had heard so much about her, the last of the white fox clan, her healing magic could re-grow a slashed off arm, she could heal people on the verge of death and she was even rumoured to have healed a burned down forest.

And that was only her magic, she was also rumoured to have abilities that she only uses for rare occasions.

Although Sylphi wasn’t sure how much of that was true because it all sounded exaggerated. If they’d met then she would certainly remember meeting someone like that, she thought.

As Syrawi and Eve finished discussing matters. Zaiyus spoke with a grin. “Not only that, Nate found someone who could also be a candidate!”

Zaiyus went outside with excitement and brought in a pale white Elven man wearing a pure white robe like some sort of kimono. He didn’t seem to cautious like he was with Lazarus because it was one of his kind.

Helven eyed the elven man with curiosity and caution. His wrinkled face seemed to have a difficult expression as he wasn’t as easily trusting as Zaiyus, even with his own kind.

The Elven man that Zaiyus brought in had a gentle white hair,  his eyes were a deep blue. He had solemn expression and was a head taller than Zaiyus but was relatively more skinny compared to Zaiyus’ large build.

There were a few people sent out on a wild goose chase to simply find whoever who they could find with healing ability. As long as they weren’t of the human and demon race then all the better.

A green haired elven man who was beside the pale Elven man spoke, this of course was Nate, the pale elven man’s escort.

“This is Nalar, I saw him at village in Assail healing people with some strange ability so I brought him here. Wait till you can see what he can do!” he spoke with excitement.

Syrawi smiled. “Then let’s see what he can do.” Helven was already expecting to be disappointed as he knew that no one in this world could match Eve’s healing powers.

“Ahh…. so tiring...” Nalar muttered as he casually opened his palms, recited a sort of verse and as he spoke, he was always seemingly about to doze off. And just like that, his hands glowed a bright silver light, forming runic circles around himself.

At this point, the elves were all eyeing him with curiosity and expectation.

The silver runic circles suddenly pumped out shining silvery petals that gently danced into the air like a small vortex. As this happened, Nalar casually took out a knife underneath his sleeves and casually stabbed his own  left arm without a care in the world.

As Nalar performed, Eve only took a quick glimpse and was seemingly uninterested in his little show. She immediately turned her attention back to Sylphi who was staring at Nalar with amazement.

Seconds just after his blood came seeping out from his arm. One of the petals carefully landed in his arm and seemingly melted onto his skin. The blood he had lost suddenly came seeping back into his wound as if time itself had gone back, then the wound closed as if nothing had ever happened..

Nalar willed his magic to stop and the petals seemingly danced in the air for a moment before gracefully landing on the floor. With a sigh that seemingly found everything bothersome, he placed an arm on his chest and made a bowing gesture as if a grand performance had just finished.

Helven was shaking from excitement, Syrawi was stunned and even Zaiyus jaw’s dropped in awe of this man’s magic.

“I-Incredible!” Helven spoke with excitement as his eyes were widened slightly. “Never in my life have I seen such magic!”

“This….is Nalar’ ability. Archlight. ” The green haired elven man spoke with pride.

“With this… the Sage might be saved!” Zaiyus grinned. “Good job Nate.”

Nate grinned, feeling a bit elated being completed by the head of the Elven guards himself. "Anyway, I gotta go see dad. It's been a while since I saw him." 

"Same here. I need to see my sister." Orauis grinned. They have finished their tasks and wanted to get back with their family. The two said a quick goodbye before heading out with a wave of their hand.

Sylphi on the other hand was still stunned by Nalar's ability. As she was silently watching from afar, she then she felt a ticklish sensation in her hair. She frowned and glanced up to see Eve, casually taking a whiff. “What are you doing?”

As Sylphi spoke those words, Eve took a step back and furrowed her brows. “It really was you...” she muttered in a low tone but was carrying a bit of hostility.

Eve continued while gazing at Sylphi accusingly. “You were chasing tha-”

Syrawi interrupted. “I see that you two seemed to be acquainted but could I borrow Eve for a moment ?”  

Sylphi nodded, as she was somewhat bothered by Eve, who seemed like she had more to say.

“Eve, could you and Nalar take a look at Mauris?” - Zaiyus

Eve sighed. “Alright…. But I just want to ask her one last thing...”

Sylphi raised a brow and spoke. “And what’s that?”

“Was that man here?” Eve’s eyes were slightly furrowed as she gazed deeply into Sylphi, trying to make sure that the next words that would come out of her mouth wouldn’t be a lie.

“Like I said…. I don’t know who you’re talking about...” Of course, Sylphi didn’t seem like she was lying while Zaiyus and the others were somewhat curious. “What man..? You mean the man that Sonia brough in...err what was his name….Rex was it?”

Eve shook her head, as she had no idea who Rex was. “I mean… the person that she was chasing… back on the ship..”

“You were chasing someone?” Helven frowned. But Sylphi ignored him as shei tried to recall the recent events there was only one person that came to mind. “You mean… Lazarus?”

And it was then that Sylphi recalled that Lazarus was sitting down with a girl with silvery hair and fox like ears just before she began chasing him.

“Lazarus..?” Eve closed of her eyes as if recalling a distant memory. “So that’s his name…..” she whispered to herself as a gentle smile formed across her face.

Sylphi found her reaction somewhat strange, it was as if she was acting like they were close. But, Sylphi was curious. “Why’d  you think he’d be here?”

“His scent…..” Eve spoke with certainty. The elves all looked towards each other, and then they all glance towards Syrawi who had her senses extended throughout the entire forest. But she shook her head, denying the fact that she had sensed anyone else besides the people who were here.

Although Sylphi had her own thoughts. She began walking towards the door without speaking a word. “Where are you going?” Helven asked as Sylphi’s behaviour was somewhat strange.

“N-nothing really...” As she spoke those words, she closed the door and leaned against it. It was as if she was preventing something from getting out. Eve eyed her suspiciously but as she was about to speak.

Nalar interrupted, he looked frustrated and was slouching forward. “Can we get this over with…? Haaa-..... I wanna go to sleep...”

But Eve didn’t seem like she would budge. Her eyes were locked on to Sylphi who was acting suspicious.

With a quick thinking, Helven knew that if Eve wanted answers, the he could just offer it to her. “Eve, I’ll let you ask anything of my granddaughter after this ordeal. And of course, she’d have to answer. Truthfully.” Helven glance at Sylphi who responded with quick nods as if she wanted them gone as soon as possible.

Eve thought for a moment. She eyed Helven with a frown, still seemingly unconvinced. Syrawi saw this and spoke. “Sylphi…?”

Sylphi forced a smile. “Y-yeah, you can ask me anything later.”

“Then I guess it’s fine...” Eve nodded.

“Finally…..” Nalar grumbled and scratched his head. Zaiyus didn’t want to make him wait any longer so he guided them upstairs. The rest followed him. But just before Eve was headed upstairs, she glance back at Sylphi and gave her a light smile.

Sylphi frowned as she felt it was a gentle reminder, telling her not to run away.

“You’re not comming?” - Helven

Sylphi shook her head. “N-no… I’m fine...”

Helven knew she was acting suspicious, but he ignored it and continued upstairs as there were more pressing matters to think about.

The room fell silent and Sylphi waited for a few minutes before she spoke. “Lazarus….?” she misunderstood Eve’s statement and thought that he was here. She knew that he could cloak and seeing as no one saw him then it was the only conclusion she could think off.

“Are you here..?” Sylphi placed a hand on her chest as she had a pain expression. “Please… just answer me if you’re here.” Her voice crumbling down with anxiety as she spoke. And of course, there was no answer.

Sylphi felt that the silence was like a hot knife slowly stabbing into her chest. She frowned as she clenched her fist. “Answer me damn it!”

“U-uhm.. Who’re you talking to..?” A feminine voice echoed from behind the door, followed by soft knocking sounds. Sylphi jolted and she peeked outside. She saw Sonia forcing a smile, carrying a basket filled with an assortment of fruits.

Sonia’s eyes widened slightly. Noticing Sylphi’s eyes were a bit watery. As if not noticing, Sonia forced a smile. “U-uhmm…. Could you let me through?”

“Y-yeah….” Sylphi voice began to drift as she lowered her gaze and slowly opened the door. Of course he wouldn’t be here. And even if he was, she knows he wouldn’t answer after what she did.



“He’s here...” Syrawi spoke softly as she opened the door to a large room. She guided Eve and Nalar towards a large bed. With a man lying down.

“This is Mauris….” - Syrawi

Eve and Nalar eyes widened in horror upon gazing at the man.

Purple veins could be seen across Mauris’ pale white skin, his stomach was somewhat bloated like he was pregnant, but despite its large size, the man was relatively thin that his skin was almost sticking to his bones.

His breathing was heavy and sweat was trickling down from every corner of his body. His bed was wet to the point that it seemed like a downpour had just occurred.

“Huu-! Gaaghh! ” Mauris suddenly woke up. Syrawi held his hand with a pained look as Mauris’ eyes wondered about. It was as if he couldn’t see anything. His body suddenly began shaking as he violently coughed.

His saliva that trickled down his cheek was mixed with a crimson red liquid. The purple veins around his body began bulging slightly. It was truly a miserable sight.

“Shhh…. calm down…. We’re here...” Syrawi spoke softly, trying to comfort Mauris.

“Ahhhwhaa..? Haau-! ” Mauris began twisting, it was as if he couldn’t understand a word being spoken to him.

Syrawi glance at Eve and Nalar with pleading eyes while forcing a smile. “Please…. Heal Mauris...”

Eve didn’t say a word; she approached Mauris and placed a hand on his forehead and closed her eyes.

Nalar’ sleepy expression had vanished, replaced to one filled with worry. He didn’t know it was this bad, and he himself knew the consequence it would bring to their race if Mauris would fall.

Syrawi carefully explained to the two what they tried, what happened and everything that they did up until now. So it was important that they acted as soon as possible.

Hearing her explaination, Eve frowned. “Then wouldn’t it be bad if we used our magic..?”

Helven clenched his fist. “We have no choice...At this rate, the sage will die….”

“Then why didn’t you just let this Rex person help??” As if lecturing them, Eve stood up and crossed her arms.

“He was dangerous…..Nalar is one of us and your deeds are already known throughout. HE was just an unknown individual who popped out of nowhere just as soon as the Oracle had foretold some strange fortune. Even you would find this too good of a coincidence to be strange.”

- Zaiyus

“You are our last hope….so please...” Syrawi pleaded.

Left with no other choice, Eve nodded. “I see…. Then I’ll see what I can do.”

Helven and Zaiyus were both made to leave and only Nalar and Eve remained together with Syrawi.

Even if they did something suspicious, Syrawi could stop them at any moment since she was the strongest of the elven kind. As long as she could sense their mana, then she’d know whether they were gonna do something strange or not. Unlike Lazarus, who was like a void.

Nalar sat by a wooden chair and crossed his arms and silently observed as Eve began reciting a sort of verse making several pinkish runic circle formed around her and Mauris as she slowly lifted both of her arms up into the air. “Solemn wish….” she whispered.

And at that moment, the pinkish light gently engulfed Mauris like a flower blooming, seemingly wrapping  its pinkish petals around him like a cocoon.

Mauris pained expression slowly vanished and his breathing became lighter. Syrawi could almost feel her heart jump from finally seeing some progress in his health.

Eve continued pouring her mana into her spell as the pinkish light suddenly flickered.

“HWwwuaaaahh!!!!” Mauris suddenly let out a deafening scream as his eyes bulged as if it was going to pop out from his body. His bloated stomache suddenly bulged and became bigger and the purple veins protruding from his skin, seemingly moved as if worms were inside of his body.

Eve felt her hair stand up and she immediately stopped her spell. Her eyes widened as she saw Mauris’ skin turn a bright red. He continued to scream in pain, and those who were waiting outside bashed the door open.

Zaiyus was the first to enter. “What happened!?“

“Grraaaarrrgghh!” Mauris roared a second time as his body writhed in excruciating pain. Syrawi turned her attention to Nalar and screamed. “Use your spell now!”

Nalar jumped up from the chair and immediately recited his verse.


Sonia who was downstairs, heard the scream and she immediately bolted, heading upstairs. But Helven blocked her path, as he eyed her with a frown. “Move! That was my grandpa!”

“Don’t interfere.” Helven knew that anymore people going upstairs would only make things worse and besides, there was nothing that Sonia could do. But Sonia frowned and seemingly had her own thoughts.

But it wasn’t just the people downstairs who heard them. The elves who were just outside the tree house could hear the agony of their sage’s scream.

“W-was that the sage??“ An Elven woman worriedly spoke. Several other elves began gathering outside and they could all hear Mauris’ screams. For several minutes they stood there, just listening.

But the screams wouldn’t stop and they felt a cold sensation gripping their hearts.

“What’s hapenning!?” An Elven man spoke in anger. They all felt a chilling sensation and the people began murmering. “The sage is screaming! What in the world is lady Syrawi doing?!”

“H-hey.. If the sage dies… would their be another wa-..” A feminine voice echoed.

“S-shut up… Lady Syrawi is doing her best for him!”

“Is she really?”

The Elven people were suddenly on edge. They knew what would happen if the death of the sage would be known. They couldn’t help it. They only wanted to know…. Rather, they felt that it was their right to know.

Things weren’t looking too good with the people. Although back upstairs wasn’t any better. No… it was even worse. The room was riddled with silvery white petals but all of the petals that touched Mauris skin, disappeared without even doing anything.

Nalar and Eve tried again and again but the they only made it worse. They felt a cold and dark sensation welling up from the pit of their stomach as they watched Mauris turned even worse from their spells, he violently coughed out some blood, his skin now a deep purple and his eyes were a plain white.

“Grraaaagghhh!!” Mauris screamed like a savage animal crying in pain. Syrawi felt her stomache churn from his appearance, especially the veins that were as thick as a wire bulging from his skin making him look like a child of satan.

Then Mauris suddenly bashed his arm with his nails, tearing through his withered skin and pulled back as hard as he could. Purple blood seeped out from his skin as Syrawi quickly held down Mauris. “H-help!” she pleaded.

Both Eve and Nalar held down his limbs as he shouted incomprehensive curses. His saliva flying around, mixed with a purplish liquid.

“What now?!” Zaiyus screamed. Then suddenly he heard a scream from outside. “What’s happening with the sage!!??”

Angry voices from the crowd could be heard together with Mauris’ screams making it harder to think. Eve could only feel sorry for them and Nalar could only clench his teeth from the frustration of making things even worse.

The air suddenly felt chilly and heavy and Syrawi felt that the air was very thin…. She felt a strange nausea sensation as her head was filled with screams and angry voices.

Her head throbbed violently and she felt as if she was going to break.

“That’s it!” One elven man screamed as he dashed towards the entrance and began bashing at the door. “Open up!”

But as soon as he did that. The door was suddenly engulfed by a bluish crystal . And of course, it was Sylphi’s doing as she was told to do so by Helven who had already anticipated the actions of the people.

Sonia was knocked out cold on the floor as Helven had no other choice but to stun her. She was going to force her way through, leaving Helven with only one option.

Zaiyus immediately screamed. “Men surround the tree and don’t let anyone in!”

“Yes sir!” The elven guards shouted in unison as they jumped from behind the crowd and formed a circle. The guards held their hands together and shouted. “Stay back!” and not long after, their mana barriers glowed a bright blue light, and expanded several several meters out.

These were all gold and platinum ranked guards who had fused their mana to expand their barriers to engulf the entire tree. The Elven people frowned and screamed. “What are you doing!? Can’t you see that those people in their is making the sage suffer?!”

Left with no other choice, Syrawi spoke. “Zaiyus, watch over Mauris and use an Azalea flower should he need it….”

“Where are you going?” Zaiyus calmly spoke, although the stress in his voice was still relatively obvious.

“I need to attend to the people...” Syrawi answered in a crumbling voice.  It was the only thing she could think off that she could do right now.

Without even awaiting a reply. She jumped down from the window as the crowd all glanced at her. “Please…. Everyone! Lend me your ears and listen…..  Th-”

A man interrupted with a shout. “Was it that fox that did this!?”

“N-no… it was I, who accepted to have her heal the sage….” - Syrawi

“Those damn beastmen plotted this! They used Eve to do this!” Another man screamed. The crowd all screamed all their baseless assumptions and Syrawi was given no room to talk.

Her head throbbed violently as she clenched her fist. “Silence.....” she whispered softly that only she could hear.

“Silence….” She repeated. It was a bit louder than before but still, her voice was muffled by the sounds of the angry mob.

At that moment, Syrawi knew. She had to remind them Why she was the priestess.

Raising her foot, she suddenly stomped on the ground making a loud thunderous sound , emitting a powerful shockwave that sent the guards flying towards the barrier, the ground trembled and shook violently. Several people tumbled down from the sheer force of the shaking, and the tremor was felt even from miles away. “I said SILENCE!!”

The crowd fell silent as they felt the mana of their priestess surge violently. Their eyes were filled with fear and confusion as they glanced at Syrawi who looking at them with a faint yet very warm smile. “Please…. Everyone just calm down. I know you’re all afraid…. I am too…. But heed my words. I will not let our sage die.” she spoke ever so calmly. “No matter what….”

The people didn’t dare voice a word. Not after they experienced a stomped that was almost as powerful as Godzilla’s.

With a nod. Syrawi calmly made her way through the barrier that the guards erected, phasing through the light as if wasn’t even there. This was because the guards allowed her to do so. Otherwise she could have easily broke it down with her fist alone.

Nobody knows what she was thinking as she kept walking with a faint smile. With her senses extended several miles away, she felt a very faint trace of mana who belonged to a certain individual.

But it wasn’t this individual that she was looking for. She simply hoped that the person whom she needed would also be together with the person she sensed.


In the forest---

“What the hell was that?” Lazarus frowned as he felt the ground shake for a moment. It wasn’t an earthquake since his radar wasn’t indicating any sort of geothermal energy.

Eris glanced back and spoke. “It was lady Syrawi...”

“Huh? Are you serious?” Lazarus wasn’t sure if she was joking or not. There was no way that sheer force could belong to an individual.

Eris looked strangely at Lazarus. “Yeah I am…. It’s not strange for an artifact wielder to hold that much power…..”

“Oh…. I see..” Lazarus casually brushed it off aside. But thinking logically on that, if Syrawi was that powerful then it would mean, that Veyron the King of the twilight kingdom could surely rival her power.

If his enemy was that strong, then there was no way he would stand a chance with his current tech. He needed more advance weaponry, probably of the 31st century he thought. Aside from nuclear weapons of course.

As Lazarus continued to think about his next course of action. He suddenly felt a powerful gust of wind from above. And as he glanced up, he saw a figure jump down.

This was none other than the golden haired beauty, Syrawi. But before Lazarus could speak; she immediately walked towards him.

Lazarus materialized a flash grenade behind him as he eyed Syrawi with a frown. “What do you want?” he wasn’t willing to go head to head with a person who could cause an earthquake.

“Rex…… Please… heal the sage” Syrawi pleaded with a smile. But Lazarus could easily see through her as he saw that her hands were shaking a bit. Her smile was nothing more than a facade.

“I thought that  yo-” Before Lazarus could even finish his sentence, Syrawi interrupted. ”Please...”

She was desperate, it was quite obvious. And if business men knew how desperate one is, then there was only one course of action. Lazarus grinned and spoke. “Alright… but I’ll be tripling my fees.”

Syrawi was silent; but she still kept on smiling. She wasn’t sure if she had enough money to pay triple as she also needed to pay Nalar and Eve since they were given the same deal. Tears trickled down her smiling face as she spoke in a crumbling voice. “Sure…!”

Lazarus still held on to his flash bang incase she tried anything suspicious as he knew that he as no match for her. But seeing her just beg, and not even use force at a desperate time somehow made Lazarus feel like he was an asshole.

Eris simply observed Lazarus silently. Just staring at him with her usual indifference.

With a sigh, Lazarus resigned himself and spoke. “Alright….. Then let’s go… but let me remind you that I’m not even sure that I can cure him….. And seeing you right now, I can already tell that things went bad.”

Syrawi lowered her gaze and wiped away her tear. “I know….”

As much as Lazarus felt sorry for her. There was no way he was going to give in to his feelings. He felt as if he wanted to lower his pricing since Syrawi’s tears were making him guilty.

But no….. It should just be as is. They have their own circumstances but so did he. Lazarus could only wonder how to even heal a man who wasn’t healed by any sort of magic. In other words..... his chances were slim.

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