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Lazarus blinked a few times before gazing back at his scope, where at the center of his crosshair was an elegant blue haired elven female under the moonlight. Her long blue wavy hair reached down to her back, her eyes reflected the vivid colors of the blue sky and she wore a green dress that displayed her hourglass like figure.

Her dress had long sleeves that hid her slender arms but with her skirt just an above her knee, her voluptuous legs were wide on display. Her beauty was that of rose, though entrancing for the eyes, Lazarus knew that she had thorns, longer than any average rose.

By her back, a bluish bow was protruding from behind her, emitting a sort of faint glow.

Upon the sight of the beauty, Lazarus brows distorted to a frown as a boiling urge filled the pit of his stomach. Somehow he had the urge to pull the trigger, but now wasn’t the time to be stupid.

Exhaling a bit of air to calm himself , he carefully observed the blue haired elven female he was all too familiar with. He noticed that her ears was drooping downwards a bit and she had sullen look. But despite that, she was glancing around, seemingly looking for something.

But it didn’t matter, Lazarus had already promised himself not to be involved with her again. So for now he decided to see how things would play out, to see if they were a threat or not.

One of her companions  suddenly took a step forward, Lazarus frowned and immediately move his scope over to her skull.

The mysterious girl had long pointy ears, the trademark of the elven race. Her long golden hair flowed down to her waist, her subtle purple eyes curved downwards a bit, giving off a mature and motherly aura around her.

She wore a green dress, that was similar to a chinese style waitress costume, with a cut beside both sides of her leg, revealing a portion of her gorgeous thighs, and the lower half of her leg covered in long white socks. With her figure puting models to shame, Lazarus was somehow entranced by her beauty that he was stunned for a second.

Shaking his head, Lazarus carefully observed the mysterious golden haired beauty. He eyed her from head to toe in an attempt to find a weapon. And in both sides of her hips, he noticed. Two daggers placed inside a leather strap criss crossed around her waist.

As Lazarus continued to watch the golden haired beauty from his scope, she walked over to Sonia, knelt down slowly, as a gentle motherly smile formed on her face as she gently placed a hand on Sonia’s cheek. At this moment, Lazarus was simply left wondering what she was going to do.

With just one blink, Lazarus was stunned yet again as the golden haired beauty kept on stretching Sonia’s cheek like a balloon, making her look like some sort of rare underwater specimen.

“-What is she doing…?-” Lazarus thought.

“Lady Syrawi what are you doing??” A familiar rigid and faltering voice called out. An elven man with wrinkles and lines riddle all over his face stepped forth, his back hunched a bit forward and he wore a blue tunic with a rope tied around his waist like a belt.

Lazarus was all too familiar of the face of the old man who wanted him locked up. His blood boiled remembering him but, he simply shrugged the thought for now and continued to observe the so called ‘Syrawi’.

As far as Lazarus was concerned, Syrawi seemed to be familiar with Sonia so she wasn’t a threat for now. Moving his scope back to Sylphi, he noticed that she was constantly glancing around, when she noticed Eris, she eyed her curiously and spoke “Who’re you?”

Eris glanced back at her and calmly answered “Eris”

Upon hearing her words, Helven eyed Eris with a frown and spoke. “I assume your an acquaintance of our Sonia. Perhaps you’re this manaless person that lady Syrawi speaks off?”

Sylphi’s brows furrowed, hoping that it wasn’t Eris but, someone else.

The moment Eris shook her head, a sigh of relief escaped Sylphi’s mouth. Lazarus who was watching, was simply baffled by her actions.

“So… Sonia...where’s this manaless individual?” Syrawi pulled Sonia’s cheek who was already wide awake.

“Rhet me go!” Sonia grumbled as Syrawi released her grip with a smile “Sorry sorry… hehe.”

“Well his-...” Sonia glanced around, the moment she noticed that Lazarus was nowhere to be seen, she frowned and continued. “Not here….. Eris, do you know where he went?”

“He?” Sylphi whispered, then she suddenly had a nervous look as she spoke. “W-what’s his name?”

“Rex. And his sniping.” - Eris

“Rex…?” Sylphi repeated and looked worriedly towards Sonia who confirmed with a nod. Sylphi’s ears suddenly drooped down as she downcast her gaze in disappointment, she forced a smile as she spoke in a relatively soft tone. “I-I see…..”

Helven saw this and was feeling a bit suspicious, but now wasn’t the time to ask. He spoke. “I don’t care if his snaeping or whatever he’s doing. Just tell him to get here. We have urgent matters to discuss with this so called Rex person“

Eris corrected with a slight triumphant look. “Sniping”

Being corrected by a human somehow irritated Helven. His frowning gaze was all Lazarus needed to know that he hated humans much more than Sylphi. Considering his age, he must’ve fought in the war.

Eris didn’t seem to care though, as she completely ignored Helven. Syrawi spoke. “Can you get him here?”

Eris nodded. “He’s watching us.”

Sonia took a few steps forward and raised her hand and began waving and shouting. “Reeeex! They’re with me, come over here !”

At this point Lazarus was simply frowning and thinking over his actions. Normally he would’ve came out but the appearance of an unexpected guest made him hesitate. If Sylphi managed to recognize him, then she probably wouldn’t hesitate calling him a lunatic, risking everything he has worked for…. At least that’s what he keeps telling himself.

His hair color and eyes color both have changes and so has his name, so he could probably just lie his way through…. But in the end, it was simply because Lazarus didn’t want to get involved with her again.

After some time of careful thought, he heaved a long sigh as Lazarus decided it was better to try and help Sonia’s grandfather than to wallow in the past, if he did try to help Sonia it didn’t mean he would get involved with Sylphi.

Lazarus calibrated the pitch of his voice slightly to prevent rousing suspicioun from Sylphi and then he de-materialized his rifle, before walking over to them.

The moment he appeared, the three new comers were giving him a curious gaze. He lowered his hood, revealing a man with a ruffled red hair and yellowish eyes.

Sylphi had an expectant gaze but the moment she saw his face, she simply sighed and lowered her gaze as she whispered ever so softly. “Of course it wouldn’t be him….”

Clapping her hands together, Syrawi spoke. “Speaking of which, we haven’t had a proper introduction, have we? I’m Syrawi. And these two are Sylphi and Helven.”

Sonia moved over to Eris and spoke. “Oh and uhmm...this is Eris” Then she glanced towards Lazarus. “And that’s Rex, the person I mentioned in my message.”

Upon noticing her ears. Helven frowned and spoke in an irritated tone. “Mauris’ granddaughter was a half?”

“Oh right, this is the first time you’ve met her. That’s right, she’s half.” - Syrawi

“Haaaaa-....Nevermind. Let’s just get down to business” Clearly he didn’t like Sonia. Shaking his head with a sigh, Helven walked over to Lazarus and eyed him carefully. “Hmmm…. This lad don’t seem much to me.”

Although, Syrawi didn’t share the same opinion. Her heightened senses of mana let her feel even the tiniest bit of mana in the air, but the feeling that came from Lazarus was strange, it was as if she felt a hole in the fabric of space itself, the very place he stood was devoid of mana.

Syrawi looked strangely at Lazarus who noticed her curious gaze. He was hesitant to speak, but if it was just a little calibration then maybe, just maybe they wouldn’t notice. He simply gulped before he returned Syrawi’s gaze and said. “What?”

His voice was somewhat different but not too different since Sonia barely noticed any changes.

Eris, being the observant one, immediately turned her gaze to Lazarus the moment she noticed that something was off with his voic. She had her doubts, but she kept quiet and continued to listen to see if her suspiciouns were right.

“You truly are devoid of mana…..” Syrawi muttered with a faint smile. Somehow, Lazarus unique case made her curious but at the same time, cautious. She had so many questions for him, but now wasn’t the time. “In any case, we need to get going.”

Lazarus spoke. “Before that…. I’d like to make sure of something.”

“And what would that be?” Helven grumbled, and was relatively irritated as he was in a hurry to reach the Evergrant forest.

“I made a deal with Sonia that in the event that I fail. I’d still be payed. Correct?” Lazarus wasn’t one to beat around the bush, so he simply wanted to make things clear from the get go.

Syrawi and Helven both looked at each other. Even Sylphi was at a loss for words seeing how the man only cared about the money. But they had no choice. Helven didn’t bother with answering him and simply left it to Syrawi.

“That’s right… Sonia already told us about your agreement. However, we would be expecting you to do what you can. Otherwise, there would be no reason to pay.” Syrawi gave Lazarus a cheerful smile, but Lazarus could tell that there was something off about her. Syrawi continued. “So, do we have a deal?”

Lazarus needed the money, as long as he rendered his service properly then there wouldn’t be a reason to refuse. He nodded and said. “Alright, deal.”

“Now that everything has been settled, let’s go.”

“Wait..” Sylphi called out. The group’s eyes focused on her as she walked over to Lazarus. “Can I ask you something….?”

Lazarus raised a brow and was somewhat reluctant to talk to her, but he tried to hide his dissatisfaction and answered as calmly as he could. But a sigh still escaped his mouth before he spoke. “That depends on the question.”

“Uhmm….” Sylphi was a bit hesitant to ask, but the guilt that lingered on her mind was something that had bothered her for quite a while. But she knew that beating around the bush wouldn’t get her anywhere, clenching her fist, she mustered a bit of courage and glanced back to Lazarus. “Do you know another manaless person…? 

Lazarus brows twitched for a moment as a drop of sweat formed under Lazarus’ cheek.

Sylphi continued. “And he had black hair with uhmm blue eyes” but she knew that anyone could have black hair and blue eyes, thinking back, she tried to remember a bit about his face, she remembered when they were back to back on the beach.

Her face suddenly turned a cherry pink as she suddenly averted her gaze, and spoke in a relatively soft tone. “A-and a bit handsome… ” Helven frowned, and the group was silent.

Sylphi quickly realized what she said as she panicked for a bit, and in an attempt to salvage the situation, she quickly remarked. “A-and he uses an enchanted one edged-sword and he-”

“Never heard of him.” Lazarus replied in a strict tone, trying to close off the topic. Sylphi simply lowered her gaze in disappointment and muttered softly. “I see…..”

Although Eris’ gaze had locked onto Lazarus and even Sonia who was a little bit slow on things had her hand on her chin. They both glanced at each other as Sonia repeated in a soft tone that only the two of them could hear. “Black hair and blue eyes…..”

Eris nodded as she placed a hand on her lip, signaling Sonia to keep quiet. They both had the same thought but it was better to be tight lipped about things that they weren’t a part of.

Although it was simply suspiciouns at this point and they weren’t even sure if they were the same person or simply a coincidence. But as far as they know, they haven’t seen ‘Rex’ use a sword.

Curious, Sonia approached Sylphi and asked. “Uhmm… if you don’t mind me asking. What’s his name?”

Sylphi’s gaze became distant, a soft  but seemingly forced smile formed across her face and it was quite obvious from the way she looked that something happened between her and the person she was talking about. She glanced back to Sonia and spoke in a relatively soft tone.“Lazarus…… Lazarus Hargreave…..” the regret in her voice was something that only Lazarus could notice.

Lazarus wanted to ask why she wanted to find him, but if he did, he knew that things could get suspicious so he simply kept quiet. He didn’t want anything to do with her, and he intended to keep it that way.

Syrawi and Helven were the only ones who had no clue about it all, and was more concerned about the situation at hand.

“We better get going.” Syrawi urged the group to hop on the wyvern as she made her way back and casually mounted the huge draconic like creature.

“I-in that thing?” Lazarus frowned. He hadn’t payed attention and was so focused on the conversation that he forgot that there was a big ass wyvern here, the size of three buses fit together.

“Of course, how else are we going to arrive quickly?” Helven grumbled as he stepped on its wings, that was lowered like a staircase and climbed up to its back, as if it was something anyne could do.

Left with no other choice, Lazarus simply gulped some air and slowly walked towards the wyvern with its yellowish glowing eyes with a sharp slit staring at him.



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