The Eternal Swordsman

by LuckyWriter

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Sci-fi LitRPG Male Lead Secret Identity Virtual Reality

The "New World", the most popular VRMMORPG game in the world has been growing in popularity for the last fifteen years, the realism achieved via secret technology and the seemingly alive AI are two of many reasons that the “New World” has yet to face decline in popularity. For its 15th anniversary the fourth generation of capsules were launched to the market with hopes to attract new players to the game.

Paul, a college student, had finally decided to buy a capsule for himself after hearing his friends recommendations of how real and thrilling this “New World” can be. Little did he know, that the decision that he made on a whim would change his life forever.

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Omnis Ra
  • Overall Score

Over used story arc but well read

Reviewed at: 7th Chapter

The story arc has been done to over use, I still liked the story.

Royal Butterfly Force
  • Overall Score

Review of chapter 1. Couldn't bring myself to read any more. Horrible.

1) wow. The questions for class selection. Is Paul the reincarnation of fucking Socrates? Just wow. Pure cringe.

2) the white hair and immediately treating the NPCs like garbage hrrrng edgy aughjhhh edgelordddd piss offf

3) 3 lines of dialogue in a row with the word 'shit.' Even I don't swear that much, and I swear A LOT.

4) Amazingly generic concept, right down to not wanting to change his body.

5) grammar is readable, but bad.

6) another VR novel with a swordsman MC. Christ.