The Streamer Thot

“Like guys I’m making so much content for you and you can’t even afford $1,000,000,000? Like what are you even doing with your lives that you can spend all this time watching my stream of such high standards that you can’t even afford a small amount of $1,000,000,000?”

“You’re all leeches! Like OMG. It’s been like an entire minute since my last donation. AN ENTIRE MINUTE! Like I want to cry right now. Like I sit my ass down in front of this computer for an entire 30 seconds working so hard for this money that I deserve so badly. This is totally ridiculous. Like are you for real? Like o ma gud! Give me your money already. A girl needs her Louis Vuitton’s and fat stacks. If I can’t bathe in money my life is totally worthless. If you’re not supporting me then why are you even sitting there leeching off this free content?”


“Nobody is going to say anything? Really? REALLY!”

“Like whatever then you leeches.”

Uhh… just saying but what exactly is this quality content that you’re providing? You’re just watching UTube videos with ADBLOCKER ON.

“Omg you’re like SOoOoOo stupid. Mods ban that loser right now.”

YouAreAStupidThotWithNoRedeemingFeatures has been banned.

Slut who can’t cope with reality.


YourExistanceIsMeaningless has been banned.

Thots be striking out the ban hammer.


GetAJob has been banned.

“Ughhhh so many troll and haters cramping on my style. They’re just like totes jelly they can’t be as sexy as me.”

Narcissistic bitch.

NarcissisticBitch has been banned.

All they said was their name and they got banned?

WhyDidIGetBanned has been banned.

You can’t ban me.

IAmUnbannable has been banned.

“Any more smart asses have anything to say?”


Hi has been banned.

I’d like to donate $1,000,000,000 worth in oreos, can I please have your mailing address in which I can have my vast collection of oreos delivered to?

TheOreoMan has been banned.


XDMan has been banned.

I’d like to donate $1,000,000,000 worth in hung horse penis’, can I please have your mailing address in which I can have my vast collection of hung horse penis’ delivered to?

HungHorsePenisMan has been banned.


LMAOMan has been banned.

It is the banpocalypse.

Banpocalypse has been banned.

“Are we done yet you bunch of leeches?”


No has been banned.

This is tyranny, you can’t ban the word no!

IWasBannedForSayingNoInThatSentence has been banned.

#Ban Jokes

ThatMomentWhereAStoryIsToldByPeoplesNamesBeingBanned has been banned.


ThatJustHappened has been banned.


About the author

The Worst Fiction

Bio: I will not take this deletion sitting down. Let it be known this story will live on with what reviews I saved through the power of mighty cached pages on Amazon!

Let it be know the benevolent Amazon-sama has blessed this cancer

New title: The Legend of The Worst Fiction so Bad, Moderators Across the Globe were Enraged: IT WAS DELETED

Amazon-sama has even blessed uncensored Hentai.

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