Original ONGOING Comedy Sci-fi War and Military

Earths Engineers are a double-edged sword. They can fix or improve anything, but no sane Xeno Engineer will touch it if it carries the Human Altered warning..

A series of interconnected tales from our distant future. It's not a novel, most of the chapters are stand-alone.

Also thanks for the awards.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Human Altered ago
On the Edge ago
Dig Deep ago
It’s a human ago
Fire Extinguisher ago
Fear of spiders ago
Unexpected Strike Event ago
Its a brain? ago
It's a brain (Part Two) ago
It's a brain ( Part Three) ago
It’s a brain (Part Four) ago
It's a brain ( Part Five) ago
It's a brain (Part Six) ago
Crystals, varied. ago
Future Tense (Part 1) ago
Future Tense            (Part two) ago
Future Tense, (Part three) ago
The second battle of Hammel Station, prelude. ago
Banging rocks together ago
Future Tense ( Part 5) ago
Future Tense (Part Six) ago
Burning ago
Revel, A Human Altered Story (Part 1of 3) ago
Revel, TTT Australia (part two of 3) ago
Revel, TTT Australia, (Part 3 of 3) ago
Future Tense ( Part Seven) ago
Future Tense, (Part Eight) ago
A Ghost Arises (Part one) ago
A Ghost Arises (Part two) ago
A Ghost Arises ( Part Three) ago
A Ghost Arises (Part Four) ago
A Ghost Arises ( Part Five) ago
A Very Good Reason (Part One) ago
A Very Good Reason (Part Two) ago
A Very Good Reasons (Part Three) ago
A Very Good Reason (Part Four) ago
A Very Good Reason (Part Five) ago
A Very Good reason (Part Six) ago
A Very Good Reason (Part Seven) ago
A Very Good Reason (Part Eight) ago
A Very Good Reason (Part Nine) ago
A Very Good Reason (Part Ten) ago
The Busker of Airinn ago
Curious Event ago
Curious Event (Part Two) ago
Curious Event (Part Three) ago
Curious Event ( Part Four) ago
Curious Event ( Part Five) ago
Curious Event ( Part Six) ago
Curious Event ( Part Seven) ago
Curious Event ( Part Eight) ago
Airinn's Farewell ago
An old friend ago
The Many ago
The White Lady ago
A New Friend ago
Puppy Love ago
Dangerous Toys (Part One) ago

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TL;DR: Ever heard of /r/HFY ? This is the standard example

This is the standard example of /r/HFY stories - it's a propagandistic human-centric light sci-fi novel/story. It's not perfect, but if you like the genre, you'll like this one.


This is not sophisticated science fiction.  It is closer to a comedy routine - but one with a fairly consistent punch line that somehow manages to land each and every time.  Not great literature, somewhat thin characterization, OP engineering powers for the entire human race ... but as funny as anything I've read lately.  A truly enjoyable ride if you're willing to go on it.

Major Vex

Like it so far and I'm impressed.  I appreciate author warning about it not being a novel.  That said I won't pan the stories if it drops, etc. 

I hope jauthor can turn it into a novel though but can see how it is a tough task.  Good luck your doing great.

A little like We are Smol (sp?) story on RR but hopefully without that fate (it started great and funny and became more and more inconsistent til I stopped reading it)


It looks like someon read the old idea about how human are mad scientists and wrote short stories centered around it. While not a fan of short stories generally but a fan of this concept I decided to give it a try. Then I gave it multiple laughs and started linking it to other friends who also enjoy this specific genre. I approve.


Such a fun start. Imagine all the Human Engineers as Mad Scientist Scottys.

A similar story that this reminds me of is Alan Dean Foster's "With Friends Like These" 

I am expecting a fun ride going forward.


Funny and Entertaining, Can Be Hard to Follow

Reviewed at: It’s a human


Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's more grim. Weapons in this series include planet busters, but the outcome of their use isn't completely grimdark.

There should definately be a way for the reader to more easily know when the P.O.V. shifts. It's confusing how two different, normal-looking paragraphs can be from two different perspectives.



There doesn't yet seem to be an overarching plotline. Admittedly, there are only four chapters right now, so this may change. At the moment, there is only a collection of short stories with some recurring characters.



Completely readable and understandable.



The characters, for the most part, are organized by species stereotypes. The humans are all engineers and military experts, for example. Beyond that, there's only one or two defining traits with each character that the reader can use to differentiate them.



I'd keep an eye on this one. Given some stylistic changes and character development, this has the potential to turn into a great series.


Bookmark it and keep an eye on it, because it's a keeper.

It reminds of Deathworlders series.

Humanity reached the stars and instead of taking technology as they received it, they instead reverse engineered and researched everything, becoming even better than it's original creators.

Then, to share their technology with their allies, engineeres were placed on their ships to maintain their systems and protect their knowledge. Thus, on all ship systems they worked on, a sign would be visible "Human Altered".

English is not my native language, so please ignore any mistakes above.


This story hits all the right spots for me!

Reviewed at: Burning

I am loving this story. It makes me want to live in that universe at that time. It's just the type of story that I love! It's not one long cohesive story, but a grouping of short and medium-sized stories all taking place in the same universe and showcasing the same types of people, namely overpowered human engineers. The only people who truly understand what keeps the universe spinning and keeps the spaceships flying.

It has just enough humor and snark. Plus it plays our good side up and our negative points down. It makes humanity almost look like I wish it was. But then again I am an engineer at heart.


Not really a big fan of sci fi but this story is alright in my book. 

Fun, lighthearted story with an interesting plot. 

The first three chapters had me thinking this was going to be a collection of short stories, but it all eventually comes together.

Enjoying the story so far 


This is a HFY novel

Reviewed at: On the Edge

Overpowered humans in spaaaaaace!!

Have a look at the reddit sub for more like it.

Another author on RR which also creates HFY is paradigmblue (Spellgun & Prey).


This may not be to everyone's taste but HFY is a guilty pleasure of mine so thanks Yousureimnotarobot :)