Faceless: The Monster Within

by Zendran

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Everyone wants to be a hero. That’s certainly what it felt like, anyway. Young men and women poured out into the wilds in waves, risking their lives to beat back the enemy. Little boys and girls went to sleep at night to stories of legendary heroes, of shining pillars of strength and power. But of course, in every story of heroes, there must exist the villains. And, unfortunately for Dharen, this night his own villains had arrived.

Alone and forgotten, Dharen must forge a new path amidst his former enemies. He must become stronger. But first, he must discover who he once was.

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Word Count (VIII)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Becoming Faceless ago
Chapter 1: Awakening (Edit v2) ago
Chapter 2: The Tower ago
Chapter 3: The First Challenge ago
Chapter 4: Nights of Terror ago
Chapter 5: Daylight Investigation ago
Chapter 6: Reaping the Rewards ago
Chapter 7: Where's My Damn Shop ago
Chapter 8: Deserted ago
Chapter 9: Upgrade ago
Chapter 10: Endless ago
Chapter 11: Battle Fatigue ago
Chapter 12: Master ago
Chapter 13: Contributions ago
Chapter 14: Duel ago
Chapter 15: Swamped ago
Chapter 16: Party ago
Chapter 17: Dungeon Diving ago
Chapter 18: A Reason To Fight ago
Chapter 19: The Glimmering Sea ago
Chapter 20: A Lost Civilization ago
Chapter 21: Mechanized Fury ago
Chapter 22: Bones ago
Chapter 23: Invulnerable ago
Chapter 24: Resolve ago
Chapter 25: Keljier (Edit v2) ago
Chapter 26: Hope's Avatar (edit v2) ago
Chapter 27: Taking An Account
Author’s Note: Trending! ago
Chapter 28: Off To Market ago
Chapter 29: Overcharged (Edit v2) ago
Chapter 30: Degeneration ago
Chapter 31: The Vezian Spire ago
Chapter 32: Duende, The Man Of Many Threads ago
Chapter 33: Soldier For The Many ago
Chapter 34: To The Victor, The Spoils ago
Chapter 35: Riell, A Deadly Uncertainty ago
Chapter 36: Ethan, The Pain-Bound ago
Chapter 37: Beran And Held, Two Sides Of A Coin ago
Chapter 38: Special Notice ago
Chapter 39: Jungle ago
Chapter 40: Ambush ago
Chapter 41: The Strongest ago
Chapter 42: Nulzan, Death In Motion ago
Chapter 43: Predators And Their Prey ago
Chapter 44: Return ago
Chapter 45: Preparations And Confrontations ago
Chapter 46: A Word Of Warning ago

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I apologize but I cannot keep reading this story, I have seen nothing but good reviews, yet every chapter is riddled with people saying that they're dropping. It is extremely suspicious and leads me to believe the possibility of this being a boosted story, but enough about that. The grammar is good, idea is a tiny bit unique in delivery but overused in general. I read to chapter 35ish before I gave up and got on my account to make a review. Maybe for other this is a decent story, but for me it's taxing to read and just an all around waste of time. 

The reason I dropped this story, the largest that is, is how fake everything feels. The story is made to depict a realistic fantasy setting, but in this instance, the fantasy is there, but the realism is poorly delivered. We're led to believe the main character is 'intelligent' all the while he constantly does stupid things. This is also a 'hiding main characters strength' story, although in this instance it isn't just hiding his strength, it feels like he never had any.  The main character is constantly gaining power and agility, but continues to only use use his 'cunning' to win at anything. The prologue isn't needed, infact this story might be better off without it. We're shown a story full of possibilities, and instead get a mind wipe and a dumb character who although 'supposedly grew up on the streets' has less cunning than your average golden spoon would. If you're into my little pony friendship is magic powerups and what not, along with illogical plot holes where the character is shown to be 'intelligent' but in reality it's just a plot based intelligence. This may be for you, although this can't even work as a popcorn story due to all the little cringe simplits where we get 10 paragraphs to describe a 2 second scene. The things the main character does are not smart, they are only smart because the rest of the stories world is stupid. 

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A Beginning of a Great Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Awakening

I've never written a review before, but figured I should since someone already rated it a .5. I know this story deserves better.

I have already read up to chapter 16 as a beta reader. 

I rated 5 stars for grammar. While it is not entirely free of mistakes, they are few and far between.

Likewise, I rated 5 stars for story. While the format is not entirely original as it is a LitRPG, Zendran does a good job of putting his own twist on it. I think he does a good job of flipping the usual paradigm between monsters and men. I'd go deeper into the story elements I appreciate, but I don't want to spoil anything since so few of the chapters have been posted.

Style similarly was rated 5 stars. He does a great job of bringing you into the action.

The only lower rating is for character, at 4.5 stars. That is not to say it is poor; the character is just harder to grasp because of his circumstances.While I believe the character can and will be improved as the story evolves further, overall the story is above and beyond most of the chaff of this website.

I recommend you read it.

  • Overall Score

The story is interesting, will 100% give it that!

It has some REALLY awesome details and ways of escaping countless cliché we see much too often in other works. Things here do not play out as you are accustomed to... but only partially.

You still have an MC which miraculously saves himself - just in the nick of the moment - and it is not a one-time thing. Furthermore, the powers he gains throughout the chapters just scream of "pre-planed" or "convenient" to whatever peril he is currently in.

However, that is honestly the only complaint I can find in the entire story, and I make it sound worse than it really is. Plus, it is something the author is actively trying to improve on. And I hope he does. Because this story has huge potential. Going further it just has to shoot, kill, decapitate, and bury all the last clichés habits it has left (roast them in napalm for a good measure if you ask me).

The author clearly has some original thoughts and talent and he should not be afraid to use them.

Truly, this story shines in those precious moments where the MC acts differently than all those countless stereotypical protagonists we had already seen far too often. And it does so without breaking the MC's character.


  • Overall Score

 From these 35 chapters, I've found that this story is good, It's very good and I like it so I'm gonna give it a 5. Thank you for reading my TEDTalk and see you next wednesday.

  • Overall Score

Both interesting and enjoyable

Reviewed at: Author’s Note: Trending!

This is a fun read. It's a different take on litrpg progression, with empowering seeds that raise some stats while decreasing others and adds additional abilities at discrete breakpoints. While stats grow, with clear descriptions of the changes, skills are not a part of the system and each individual's talent is their own. My favorite aspect though, has to be the fact that I have no idea what path the protagonist will be taking, whether hero or villain, or who he'll be taking it against. This is unusually refreshing, as many books (even the good ones) often lay out an overarching evil or villainous group that their purpose is to defeat from the very beginning. Here, beginning and past events combine to form an ambiguity as to who the MC is going to be once he attains the power that he's looking for.

The writing itself is well done, with consistent characters and little in the way of errors. The MC is reserved but not unfriendly and doesn't go charging around and creating problems for himself and makes no attempts to steal attention and glory. The world is interesting, and even with the perspective being narrowly focused around the MC, it still feels fully fleshed out and functional.

Overall, it makes for an enjoyable read and I look forward to seeing where the author takes it.

  • Overall Score

This litrpg system is unique like I've never seen before. It's interaction with the raising and lowering of stats is crazy. The grammar is amazing and the characters make sense!

5/5 for me

  • Overall Score

Well written, an interesting and unique system, and decent fight scenes, worth a read.

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I love the start of this story.

The litrpg part is exactly like it should be, not to many skills and abilities, juste enough to define the strength of the characters.

The action / fight is also very nice. The MC already loss a fight. The plot armor is absent for now.


The MC as a "cheat" but he is not OP.


Zendran this is a good story, thanks you !

  • Overall Score

Not gonna lie, this ones a bit long winded. The author has a way of dragging out certain aspects that you wouldn't normally notice, which is certainly not a bad thing. This hyper attention to detail makes this story quite different than many others i've read, again despite being reallly long winded sometimes it was still a good read - currently at chapter 29.

Weirdly enough the fights themself aren't drawn out like in Dragon Ball, they're typically very enjoyable and well paced, it will be just some occasional emotion or hell he could be walking down the street and suddenly you're getting a mental picture of the smell of that lady bug across the city who just took a shit on some hobo - just really obscure stuff, anyways back on topic, it was still a really good read and I totally recommend it to anyone still reading this review!

  • Overall Score

An interesting take on the LitRPG genre.   We have a protagonist with plenty of potential for personal growth.