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In the Mortal realm, there was chaos, everyone was preparing for the upcoming fight, Empires started recruiting more people to their military ranks, kingdoms put their old feuds behind.

Although not everyone was willing to do so at first, even though meeting with their creator for the first time had made quite an impact on everyone, there was still one particular Human Kingdom that refused the peace treaty with a Demon Kingdom.

The Demons naturally worshiped the strong, and with them meeting their God, they all took his order of no war seriously, and so they sent their messengers to proposed a peace treaty to the human kingdom.


"That damn old fool!!" Angerly shouted the old demon-king, he was currently sitting on his throne surrounded by his most trusted subordinates, on his Right side was the demon-queen, long black hair, and deep red eyes, her face was very beautiful, to say the least, and her body, on the other hand, looked as if it's the only purpose was to seduce man, if not for the to golden horns going around her head one would have mistaken her for a human women.

But currently, everyone in the room knew better than to be fooled by her, under that seemingly harmless face, hides a strong demoness bested only by the Demon-King himself.

"Calm down dear, didn't Lord Ysion say when he summoned everyone that he himself would punish those foolish enough to go against him?"

"*sigh* are right, I guess there is nothing we can do about it." Replied the Demon-King while in his eyes a hint of sadness could be seen.

The war between him and the Human king goes way back, so even though they are death enemies, with multiple face off's between each other, it won't be a lie to say that they developed a strange friendship with each other, so fearing the punishment his old rival is going to face, the Demon-King was sad.


Inside the capital of the Human kingdom, A lot of people were protesting against the idea of not accepting the peace pact with the demons, while they all stood outside the King's palace.


Inside the palace, the King was currently sitting his conference room, sitting next to him was his daughter and other figures of the kingdom.

"Father! Please reconsider! We cannot go against our God's order!" Pleaded the princess.

Several people agreeing with her, while a small faction was against stopping the war.

"Princess the King has made his decision, there can't be peace with those filthy demons." Said a blonde haired noble smiling.

"Y-You! Don't you know what you are doing?!" (Princess)

"Oh, in fact, we do princess, how can we even be sure that what we saw was really God Ysion? This war between us those low-beings will never stop Unless they are annihilated!" Shouted the young arrogant noble, while those agreeing with him silently nodding their head.

The King on the other side was just observing all of this, without speaking.

"You have gone mad! Ysion will punish you!!"(Princess)

"Oh please, we all know that it's not gonna happen."

"Oh really? What makes you so sure about that?"(???)

"W-whose there?" Shouted the young noble while everyone in the room was looking around for the source of the voice.


Outside all of the people that were gathered at the castle's doors were shouting demanding the king to accept the peace pact when suddenly...

"Hey, what's that?" Pointed a young girl in the crowd towards the sky soon all of the people present were looking at the sky.

The blue sky was no more, it was golden, as if it was splitting open to let someone or something through, seeing the sky turn from blue to golden yellow people started to kneel in fear and praying, then suddenly a golden pillar came down on the palace, strangely it didn't destroy anything, but the palace just seemed to disappear. The pillar could be seen from thousands of miles all across the land.

The people near the castle praying had to protect their eyes from the brightness, the light continued for 5 minutes until it stopped, and where once stood an impressive castle was now an empty lot.

The strangest thing was that no one was hurt neither the citizens that were standing near it nor the people inside the castle, whispers could be heard among the crowds now that the king and his daughter could be seen.

The young noble and his group of supporters were clearly terrified, while looking around as if to spot who made this, then it came, a voice so loud so strong that it made everyone present be it nobles or commoners guards or king himself shudder in fear and brought them all to their knees.


No one present dared to speak nor could they everyone had their heads facing the ground then the whole place was suddenly illuminated like a second sun has descended on the Mortal world.

Some people struggled to move their head and see what was in front of them. Surrounded by light they could vaguely make out a shape of a man.

And as fast as it came the light went away leaving behind a man they have all seen, their God.

Ysion, proceeded towards the direction of the empty slot where the castle used to be, under the watchful eyes of all the people of the capital fearing the worst, he first went towards the young noble who had already soiled his underwear with fright when he saw Ysion slowly coming towards him, the nobles supporters tried to run away but couldn't it was like a mountain weighing them down and they couldn't move.

Stopping a couple of meters away from the noble Ysion looked down on him.

"You dare disrespect your creator mortal?"(Ysion)


"Did I allow you to speak?"

His voice wasn't loud but it was enough for everyone to hear it.

"You disobeyed my order, and dared to question me, for your sin I sentence you to eternal punishment in Zuhnir's realm."(Ysion)

As he said he's judgment gasps could be heard from the crowd, Zuhnir's realm, better known by mortals as Hell.

Right after he sentenced his judgement a large black gate as big as the sky it self appeared behind the nobles the gate was pitch black with all kind of drawings in it, you could see mythical beast's skulls on it Human skulls, demon skulls, beast-man skulls every kind of skulls, some people couldn't stay conscious.

The door was big enough for the whole continent to see when it slowly started to open, the creaking noise was heard that day by every single person on the planet, the sound of the gates of Hell opening...

It was only a small opening but more than enough to let people walk through it, the noble's face's rapidly lost all color, with a yellow liquid slowly coming down from his pants, then from the door came a large hand, a pitch black giant hand with claws instead of fingers the hand slowly came out of the door and stretched towards the nobles who were against the idea, and dragged them back while they were screaming and begging for mercy.

The people unable to move with fear watched as the door once again slowly closed making the same noise to be heard all around the planet, and then slowly began to fade away before disappearing completely, a small sigh of relieve could be heard.

Ysion then slowly made way toward the only royal family members, The King, and the Princess.

Slowly walking until he was in front of the King and Princess.

The princess visibly shaking in fear tears in the corner of her eyes, while the old king was shaking as well his eyes, on the other hand, were blank.

"M-m-my God, p-please excuse this l-lowly me for speaking, b-but my father isn't a man to go against your order s-so please i-i do not know what happened to him b-but.."

Before she could continue the princess was interpreted by Ysion who waved his hand at her to stop, the girl's face quickly turned pale and her head facing the ground started shaking waiting for the worst.

Ysion slowly approached the girl while everyone was holding their breath waiting for what will he do, and then slowly patted her head.


The young princess only 17 years old was confused until he slowly moved her face to face him, looking straight at the God warmly smiling at her the young girls face suddenly turned red while she seemed to forget where they were.

"You did well my child, do not worry about your father, I know he is a good man, and I know that he was being controlled."(Ysion)

Saying that he slowly stood up while the girl was still confused, and looked at the King next to her with his eyes seemingly empty, he slowly waved his hand in front of the king, and then suddenly the King's eyes flickered with light, while he blinked for a few times before suddenly going on his knees and hands bowing deeply towards Ysion.

"T-thank you my God for your mercy and for saving this foolish one."(King)


"It's fine, you have a very strong daughter and I'm sure she will grow to become an outstanding leader, I look forward to that day," said Ysion while gently smiling towards the girl.

Seeing him smiling at her, Princess Ariel couldn't help but look down face all red.

"Thank you my God!"(King)

Looking at the cute little girl Ysion once again waved his hand in front of her only this time the girl started to shine brightly for a few seconds while everyone was watching, the king visibly scared for his daughter, after a few seconds the light went away to leave behind a dumbfounded princess. She was still the same only more beautiful, no one could really tell what happened besides the girl herself.

"Consider this a small gift from me, I'm looking forward to seeing you grow." Said Ysion to the small girl before waving his hand once again to make the castle appear.

Floating above the castle he looked down on the crowds, with the King and Princess at the door of the Castle.

"Let this be a warning to you all as well as a lesson, I do not tolerate insolence, be it to me or towards any other Gods, the Immortal Army will be decending soon, I suggest you hurry up with your preparations." Said Ysion before shooting towards the Golden sky after passing the golden cloud, the sky slowly turned Blue once more, leaving behind an awe struck crowed and a dumbfounded Princess who was looking down at the tablet in front of her.


You have been blessed by The God Of Creations YSION.


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