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People....that's what I saw.....a whole sea of people!

I was still on the ground, but strangely the floor was white, there was no mud nor forest around me, instead there was people.

There had to be thousands, no millions of people...I tried to get myself up, to my surprise my arm was healed and I could feel that my stamina has recovered, if not for my armor that's still broken I would have thought that I was only dreaming.

Upon closer inspection everyone seemed to be surprised, I could see shock, fear, curiosity...all kind of emotions on everyones faces, there was also all sort of races, not just Humans, Elves, Beastmans demons, Fairys, hell I could even see a dragon far ahead of me.

Some people looked like they were in battle before being summoned.

It was very bright in here, I lifted my head up, and to my surprise there was no sun! sun, no moon, there wasn't even a sky, just pure whiteness.

As everyone was starting to get anxious, some people even started fighting, putting this many races together, is bound to cause trouble.




Just as a Human and Beastman were about to start fighting, a loud voice shouted, it was loud enough for everyone among the millions of people to hear it, and causing all those present to kneel in fear, I felt my knees go week and immediatly fell to the ground.

Almost at the same time a powerful aura swept across all the people making them shudder in fear, as I struggled to lift my head up I was momentarily stunned.

Floating in the air was a young handsome male, blue dark hair and a pair of blue eyes to match it.

Handsome, I couldn't think of anything else, I never saw anything this beautiful in my life, and I wasn't the only one everyone still on there knees couldn't move there eyes from the youth in front of us, he stance was overbearing and he was unleashing a majestic aura that makes you keep staring.

I was never the romantic type, so I didn't really believe in the whole love at first sight thing....but now I do, he was just...too handsome.

"Rise my children."(???)

Just as he said that the pressure that was weighting us down was suddently lifted, and people started to slowly rise, millions of people looked towards the youth in awe and shock, I couldn't move my eyes away from him.

"I'm sure many of you are confused, scared as to where you are, and why you are here, but I shall explain everything to you."

No one spoke, we just kept staring at the youth floating in the air in total silence, who was he? The only reasonable awnser I could think of was....a God.

"I suppose i should introduce myself....I'm the creator of all, King of Gods, God of Creation Ysion."(Ysion)

Even thought I had my doubts I was still stunned, he really was a God.

So he was the one we kept praying to....Ysion....I could see the shocked expression on everyones faces, some people kneeled once again, praying to him, as for me i could only stare.

"H-How do we really know y-your really Ysion?"

A middle aged man shouted, Ysion looked at him, as soon as the man was met by his gaze his legs gave out and he fell on the floor panting, suddently a bright light came down from above striking the man, the people next to him deseperatly ran away from the light as the man screamed in pain.


He's voice didn't sound human at all, and all we can do was watch after a few seconds the light slowly disappeared leaving a unrecognizable burned body.


The crowed was silence, then the light came down again on the body, after a couple of seconds it disappeared again, only this time leaving the man standing there, like nothing ever happened, after that he went on his knees.

"I'm so sorry for disrespecting the great father Ysion, please forgive this lowly one as I was ignorant."

Ysion only nodded his head in aprovement.

"Rise my child."(Ysion)

The man slowly got up still.

"Thank you oh great father, for forgiving this lowly me."

"My children, a calamity is upon us, an Evil Entity is threatening our universe, I will be personally fighting against him and so will the other Gods. It is time for everyone to stand together in order for us to overcome this threat."(Ysion)


There was a long moment of silence, before everyone broke into panic people some started crying others, praying to the God in front of them to save them, some still couldn't understand how serious this Evil Entity, is.


As if bringing everyone back to their sences with his shout the millions of people all went silence once again.

"M-my God, w-with all respect may I speak." I muttered all my courage and spoke, he suddently turned and looked towards me, his eyes made one feel as if he would be sucked in them, I trembled at his gaze but still tried my best to keep on standing.

"You may speak."(Ysion)

"T-thank you m-my God, i-i just wanted to know if your excellency would be fighting this Evil entity, then what can we Mortals do?"

"Your job will be to survive...It's true that I will be fighting against him so that he will not destroy our Universe, but the problem is he will not be coming alone, he will be bringing with him his whole army, amd their objective, is the destruction of our Universe, so while me and the other Gods will be busy fighting against him some devils may take the chance to attack the Mortals world."

It was hard to believe, suddenly being told that we are going to have to fight some devils for our survival, it's true that our planet wasn't really a safe one to begin with and with all the monsters, we were used to having to fight against them, but this....this was the first time something this big happened, the Gods, never really interacted with the Mortals, not to mention the King Of Gods, so that means the situation is very serious....but can we win?

As if reading my mind Ysion replied.

"Worry not my children, I will be sending an army of immortals, beasts, and man to help you, overcome this battle, they will be positioned all over the planet and will help defend all races alike, as for you, consider this a test, those to pass it will be rewarded, according to their contribution to this war, be it Immortality, wealth, power, anything is possible as long as you fight bravely."(Ysion)

Next was a moment of silence, everyone was trying to understand what they just heard, Immortality? Just this word alone made many anticipate this war so they could prove their worth and pass the tests.

"It is time for you to go my children, hear my word, their will be no fighting among nations or races, until this war is over, any who dares break this rule will be sentenced to death by me personally, now go prepare for the war is coming."(Ysion)

After saying that my vision blurred, and I was once again transported back to the forest, the monster was still there only this time it didn't attack me, he just kept staring at me, and then turned arround and left....


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