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After a while, Sthognul left toward the giant forest followed behind by thousands of immortal beasts and men, I decided to let him be in charge of all of them with him being the the first born.

Staying behind were the 8 Main-Gods and the Angel, there expressions wasn't looking good.

"Let's first get back inside, then you can tell me what's going on."(Ysion) they all nodded after that and quietly follow me.


Inside the Palace there was a room, in the center of the room, was a very large round table, 10 figures were currently sitting around it.

"My Lord, they have finally made their move..." said Kyzdall with cold voice.

"So it's finally beginning it came too fast..."(Ysion) I knew this day would come, but I would have prefered it if it could have been avoided, sigh...guess we can't always have peace.

I moved my gaze from Kyzdall to all the Gods present in the room, in their eyes I couldn't find any trace of fear or unease, they were all calm and composed, except for a certain someone who's eyes have been brimming with excitement....Kyzdall, The God Of War, should of seen that coming, I mean he IS the God Of War of course he would be excited.

"Master, what are your orders?"(Urnera)

"Hmm, Kyzdall will accompany me to the front lines outside of the Universe, the rest are to inform the mortals of the upcoming calamity."(Ysion)

"My Lord, is it really necessary to inform the mortals? We have never directly interacted with them."(Vuris)

"I'm afraid, they will find out sooner or later, so it's better if they are at least prepared, the upcoming war is one that no living being in this universe will escape..."(Ysion)

"My Lord, do you mean even the mortals are to fight in this war?" Asked Zuhnir in a suprised voice.

"Yes, even though we will try and protect them, It's inevitable I'm afraid that some of the attacks will get through to the mortal realm, and it's better to be prepared for them."(Ysion)

"But can they handle it Father?" Asked Xulene with a concerned expression on her face, she always seemed to have a week spot for the mortals and hate mindless slaughter, but i'm afraid this is a war we won't be able to avoid.

"Don't worry Xulene." I said while giving her a bright smile, which dyed her cheeks a shade of red.

"Did you forget about the Immortal army currently residing in my domain?"(Ysion)


"Master do you mean your going to send the Immortal army to the lower realm?"(Ovva)

"Yes, they will be sent all over the planet to help the Mortals during this war."(Ysion)

Kieyr who have been quiet all this time finally spoke.

"My Lord, I object of only Kyzdall accompanying you outside the Universe, I believe we should all go."(Kieyr)

"What about your domains? Unlike Kyzdall your domain is of utmost importance."(Ysion)

"Master, I agree with Kieyr...we are your Gods we were created to help you and protect you, we may not be as strong as you but i'm sure we can help you."(Vuris)

"Forgive my insolence, my Lord but I also agree."(Zuhnir)


"Please let us fight beside you My Lord/Master/Father."(Everyone)

"Sigh...I guess i'll be counting on you guys to keep me safe." I said with a small smile, I really am lucky to have these guys with me.


"Father, I have a suggesting."(Xulene)

"Hmm? What is it?"(Ysion)

"It's about informing the Mortals, I believe you should be the one to do it."(Xulene)

"Oh, and why is that?"(Ysion)

"As you know, everyone of us have a race worshiping us, while we can all inform our respective race, there's bound to be conflict as some races are currently in war against others, so I believe it would be better if you were the one to inform them, as every relegion already knows of your presence and worship you, it would be better that way.(Xulene)

The other Gods all gave a nod acknowledgment.

"Very well then I will inform the mortals."(Ysion)




I knew it was a bad idea to fight that monster, I TOLD THEM!! It was a bad idea!!, but NO, they just HAD TO FUCKING GO AFTER IT!!

I was currently running at full speed through the forest, trying to get as far away as possible from that monster, my armor was already useless, my sword broken, my right arm also broken and bleeding badly but I don't stop my feet, I try to get as far away from that cave, as I pray to Ysion that he won't follow me...

My name is Laura, i'm an adventurer, I live in a small kingdom in the edge of the Obuin continent, this morning while I was on the guild there was a party of novice adventurers looking for a swordman, as my reputation is pretty decent within the guild with my rank C the guild master asked me to look after the kids while they go fight some goblins I aggreed thinking it would be an easy job, but how would I have known that we were going to stumble across an S Rank monster.

The monster was an S rank Nightsoul, he was 10 meters high with the appearance of a giant black wolf with a three big golden horns on top of his head, a giant claw and a VERY Tough skin.

When we first saw it, the monster was bleeding and quite injured, but I knew that even with his current state we wouldn't be able to beat him but the damn kids just HAD To follow it to it's cave and try and ambush it the glory of slaying an S Rank monster clouding everyone's judgment, I knew I should have stopped them....I could have stopped them....

The battle.....I wouldn't call it that, it was a bloddy massacre, that's what it was my party of 5 was slaughtered like pigs, the first to go was the spear wielder, the idiot went and tried to attack him head on, before I could do anything, the claw of the monster had already cut him clean in half I tried to get the others to escape but they were frozen in fear, so I jumped in to face the monster, the clash resulted in me being sent flying through the cave with a broken right arm after my sword clashed with his claws.

The rest of the party finally got over their fear and tried to run away but it was all too late...even in his weakened state the monster was able to swiftly get rid of everyone, when I realized the situation was hopeless I ran...

As I was running through the forest I could hear the monster howling behind me, while getting closer, as I was running at full speed my leg suddently gave out and I fell face first to the ground.

When I turned my head, the monster had already caught up, when he saw me on the ground he slowed down and slowly walked over toward me, with every step he took I could feel my death nearing, I prayed to the Lord Ysion to make my death a quick one.

"Am I going to die here?"

Tears slowly started to form at the corner of my eyes as this cruel reality hit me, the monster suddently launched at me and sweepted his claw down, Iclosed my eyes waiting for my end....after a while nothing seemed to happen, no pain no nothing.

I oppened my eyes to be met with a sight I will never forget in my life...


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