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It's been nearly 50 years since Ovva informed me of father going to the training room, althought from the name of it I can roughly guess the use of the room, I never really visited it, in fact no other God have so no one knows what it looks like inside, all we know is that it's located under the palace in father's domain.

50 years may seem long to mortals, but as Gods it is nothing, but even so I can't help but miss him...*sigh* I know I sound unreasonable but, is it wrong for me to be by father's side? i'm sure it's fine...yeah it's definitely's not like I find his smile very charming or his eyes...No!....I mean he did create me so it's only natural to feel attracted to him...yeah that's got to be it...
While I was thinking about all this I suddenly felt a familiar presence resurface.

"Ah!....he's out.." Said Xulene while a bright smile slowly drew on her face.


Since the day I entered the training I seemed to have lost all sense of time, i can roughly guess that some years have passed according to mortals time, how much though i'm not really sure.

The training room wasn't really all that special like what most people would think, it was similar to a large underground arena.

When I first created my domain and the palace I added this training room but I didn't really know what to use it for, I mean as God Of Creation I can just create any skill to help me in a fight or so, but my problem was that I was too inexperienced.

So during my time in the training room I tried playing a bit with my Godly powers and try to get more used to it, see if there is any weakness and how much I can do with them, and what I discovered astonished me.

The first things I started experimenting with is attacking magic, and the options are really limitless, as the mana in my domain is infinite I could try all sort of spells without draining it, I tried all sort of spells from the classic Fireball to some spells I dont even know what to call.

Then came the defence for this it was rather simple I just thought of an invisible shield powerfull enough to protect me from both Magical and physical attacks, but then was the do I test the efficacy of the shield and the power of my attacks, thus I decided to create some opponents to help me with my little test.

What I created was a being that rivaled the Gods in power, I kind of let my imagination go wild with this one he had a bue skin with some strange tattoos, a pair of golden horns, dark black hair and a pair of dark red eyes that feels like they can stare right at your soul.

The interesting thing about this whole training time is that I found the limit or should I say restriction on my powers, while it is true that I can create anything I want to, but the being or creature that I can create can't rival me in power it's max power is the same basic stats as the Main-Gods I created so as long as they are not stronger then them I can create anything.

Back to the the Blue-Skined being in front of me, his power could be said to be the same as Kyzdall, so he was pretty strong, after he was created he gave me a long bow.

"Please order me as you like my Lord."(???)

"Hmm, first of let's name you, from now on your name shall be Sthognul."(Ysion)

"I'm honored my lord."(Sthognul)

Nodding my head in satifaction I continued to explaine to him his purpuse.

"I created you for the sole purpuse of helping me train and gain battle experience, as all the other Gods are rather busy, i'll have you keeping me company"(Ysion)

"It's my honor to help my Lord."(Sthognul)

And that was how I spent the next year training after a some time Sthognul was unable to keep up, as the difference between us was too large so I created all kind of mystical monsters, help me train and gain hone my skills, and I got to say it was really worth it as I now have full controll over my body and powers.

As I opened the giant training door, I proceeded to the upper floors of the Palace, following me was Sthognul, and thousands of Mystical beasts, demons and all sort of strange beings, it was trully a weird scene.

As soon as I got to the main floor of the Palace I found all 8 Main-Gods waiting for me with Ovva standing next to them as well, when they saw the creatures walking behind me they were all shocked before quickly regaining their composure, the first one to come greet me was Xulene who jumped and gave me a long hug.

"Welcome back, Father."(Xulene)

I hugged her back before answering her, "I'm back, Xulene."

"*Cough* *Cough*, I think you should mind your manners in the presence of our Master."Said Ovva while giving Xulene some deadly stares as jealousy was way too obvious in her eyes. Xulene coldly sneered at Ovva before letting go of me, I couldn't help but smile while looking at the two.

After greeting the other Gods I proceeded in taking care of an important mission, and that is to expand my Domain, although it's quite big it's still not enough to have all these Divine beasts and Beings stay here so after getting out of the palace, I expanded the forest surrounding it making it a massive one with all kind of mountains and lakes it was a huge a world, turning my head I see that everyone is staring in awe at the new landscape I just created.

"*Cough* so Sthognul this will be your new home from now on as well as all of you, I hope you will behave yourself while you are here and not create much trouble." I said to the crowed of thousands beasts and man while giving them a bright smile.

"Thank you my Lord for your generosity." replied Sthognul as he went and bowed on his knees, followed by the thousand people and beasts behind him, it was truly a sight to be hold as if anyone of these beasts or creature went down to the mortals world would easily be considered the strongest in the world.


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