I walked till I realized I was starving before getting something to eat. It wasn’t much, just a small loaf of bread but it would hold me over for a while. The feeling of guilt didn’t seem to go away no matter how long I walked so I decided to take a page out of Scott’s book. I found a liquor store and bought some booze. Within an hour I was hammered and walking down the side of a river.

My vision was going in and out. To add to this I could barely walk. The people around me just walked as far away as they could from me to avoid my drunk swaying. I couldn’t handle hard liquor apparently, so I sat myself down in an alley with a good view of the river. It was so calm and peaceful that it made me wish that I could be part of it.

However my wish slowly drifted away as I drifted out of consciousness, the last thing I see is a masked person walking up next to me as I black out. Thankfully I didn’t see that bastard Tim again.

* * *

“I wonder where Lou went?” Elysif asked.

“Who cares? That isn’t our problem at the moment.” Scott replied.

“But it’s been three days now and he hasn’t come home.”

“Look I understand you’re worried but he is a grown man that can take care of himself better than most. We just need to focus on finding the changeling, with or without him.”


“What did you find out at the coroner’s office?”

“Nothing new. It was just what we suspected, the uterus was removed.”

“Well, some people said she was seen with a dark haired man wearing a dear-stalker hat and a dark overcoat.”

“Yes, I heard something similar. However some said he was dressed rather shabby and others said he asked her if she would do something and she agreed.”

“That’s odd. Did we get a name?”

“Yes, Annie Chapman.”

“Did she have any history with the supernatural?”


He rubbed his chin for a moment before taking a swig of alcohol. “Well, I’m out of ideas.”


“Yep, we can’t track him based on looks because it’s a changeling.”

“You’re right, this is hopeless.”

“Want to grab a bite to eat?”

“Sure why not.”

“Maybe Lou will be back when we return. He can help us finally.”

“You really think that?”

“Of course. He couldn’t have gotten into that much trouble.”

* * *

I groggily opened my eyes to see that I was in trouble and lots of it. Whom I presumed was the Masked man sat beside me as I laid in a cot, handcuffed to the bars. I could sit up but that was all. When I attempted to move the cot I realized that it was nailed to the floor. While I did so the Masked man just sat eyeing me. I screamed!


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