With the help of Iscarat, Elysif was able to have plenty of familiars to see everything from above. However it gave her a tremendous headache so Mama Louise’s people watched the area anytime we weren’t able to. Scott and I worked in shifts to go around the area but Scott was still worried this was a ruse so on top of that we also scouted other areas.

So far it was going well. After switching out with Scott I ended up going to bed quite early to deal with the amount of walking I had been doing the past week. My feet were sore and I felt like I was going to die. I was asleep within a few minutes where I started to see the stars. I was in the realm of Tim as I had dubbed it.

When I turned around to see the genderless child known as Tim sitting behind me I was a little shocked. “Do you have to be so dramatic as to have me arrive facing away from you?”

“Well you’re no fun” Tim replied.

“So why have you summoned me? I thought I was giving you a pretty good story with the whole murder that I am trying to solve.”

“Technically you have solved it. The changeling is the murderer. However I summoned you here to help in a way.”

“And how do you plan on doing that? I can’t travel to any time that I already exist so I can’t stop the first murder and I can’t travel forward because I don’t know when their going to attack. To add to that I can’t time travel at all yet because I haven’t figured out how.”

“Seems like you’re a little mad about this.”

“Maybe because I am angry because you will not give me any straight answers.”

“Well I don’t have to help you.”

“I know, but you want to.”


“So what can you do?”

“I can show you the date that they're going to attack and where.”


“Of course, but it’s up to you how to deal with it.”

“Okay, when do they attack?”

“The 8th of September.”

“But that’s today. Why would you tell me at the last minute?”

“The suspense.” Tim said with a smile and a snap of it’s fingers I was falling again.

I slammed into the bed with force. Kind of like the way your body jerks when your heartbeat becomes irregular to make sure you’re alive. I threw on my clothes and rushed out the door. My watch read 5:27 AM as I checked the time. I hope I am not too late.

When I finally reached Hanbury my watch read 6:14 AM. I found Scott standing with Elysif near the stairway to a backyard on 29 Hanbury Street.. When I ran up beside them I saw why they were standing there. The corpse of a woman that was more mutilated than the last. Her organs were lying on her right shoulder while her flesh was lying on the left. She also had two cuts to the throat just like the other one. A note lay beside her written in blood it said: Why didn’t you stop me?

Elysif said nothing and I was feeling too sick from seeing such a sight to say anything. Scott just turned away and started walking. “Where are you going?” Elysif asked.

“To find the nearest officer.”

She turned back to me who had walked towards the end of the alley where I had started releasing any sustenance that had built up in my stomach from my mouth. I couldn’t look at it. This was my fault, I couldn’t stop it even though I knew it was going to happen. “This is my fault.” I said.

“What? How is this your fault?”

“I knew it would happen today and I couldn’t stop it.”

“How did you know it would happen today?”

“The one who gave me the ability to travel through time told me while I slept.”


“No, the one who gave everyone of us so called Time Lords the ability to time travel, Tim.”

“Tim? Really?”

“Well that’s the name it gave me.”

“Okay but why tell you now and not a while ago?”

“The suspense it said.”

“Then this is on Tim not you. You don’t need to take the blame for it.”

“But I do. I didn’t capture the changeling when I met it before, I didn’t get here in time, and I can’t save anyone with this useless power.” I snapped.


“Just leave me alone for a while.” I said walking off. Elysif started to come after me but stopped herself and instead just leaned against the building.


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