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Domenic is a sailor who just wants a life at sea. A brewing war between nations turn the already dangerous seas into something perilous. Domenic is forced into an untenable position, one he escapes with his life – though there is a greater cost he’ll have to pay after his deal with the devil.

Join Domenic as he explores the meaning and cost of both servitude and freedom!

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Story is absolutely incredible

Reviewed at: 17. Donovan's Reef

I'm not even that big of a fan of pirates but damn is this story good

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One of my favorite fictions

Reviewed at: 17. Donovan's Reef

Very amazing original story. The world in this story is great. pacing is perfect I hate when characters are op in 8 chapters 

  • Overall Score

The writer has a lot of knowledge of what he writes, and I love this story the idea tickles my brain only complaint is that I want more

  • Overall Score

Not top 3 material

Reviewed at: 2. Port

As of this review “Seaborn” is number 3 on this site. There are simply too many grammatical and spelling mistakes for that to be possible. I’m not saying it’s bad for this site, it’s above average even though I don’t like it. 


And frankly the grammar mistakes are very minor to the point where I look past them without noticing.


grammar is not my issue so far.


Im only on chapter 2 but my biggest issue so far is the exposition dumps disguised as “normal” conversation/monologue/action and it’s just makes the prose very clunky.


Really the line that threw me off more than anything was when he was hit in the stomach while underwater. I don’t remember exactly what it was but it was along the lines of “my air was at 2:11 and instantly went down to 0:00”. 


That is not a top 3 line. That is a dogsh*t line. You have a beautiful opportunity to show not tell with something like “...all the air burst from my lungs in a moment of pain” or something (I’m not an author just off the top of my head). But instead it’s not even really telling because the reader has to figure out what happened. 


Just because ita litRPG doesn’t mean literally everything has to have a number attached to it.


If I was a purist I would rate it 2 stars but I know I don’t even look at stuff on Amazon with less than ~4, so I give it 3.5 because as it stands I won’t read further. 


Edit: read more and revised my review since reading more chapters. The first two chapters are rough, and I maintain that there are better, more concise ways to express having breath than a timer. Really breaks the flow.

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The simple bliss of doing something right

Reviewed at: 11. Boarding

I will keep it short since a lot of people can say it better than I. This book doesn't have any strange, out of this world gimmicks to draw its appeal. It simply good and engaging writing. From the characters who feel real to the well balanced use of LITrpg to gentle worldbuilding, its all just great. Some might say it more definitively or with better nuance, but I am a simple man who appreciates a good book.

  • Overall Score

I don’t really spend money at all w/ patron but I did for this, can’t stop reading. It is a good read, and fun, w/ adventure. This hits all marks for me. Thank you