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Domenic is a sailor who just wants a life at sea. A brewing war between nations turn the already dangerous seas into something perilous. Domenic is forced into an untenable position, one he escapes with his life – though there is a greater cost he’ll have to pay after his deal with the devil.

Join Domenic as he explores the meaning and cost of both servitude and freedom!

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Don't skip this story!

Reviewed at: 16. Experiments
I absolutely love this story.

I am a huge fan of litrpg with a focus on city building (watching a settlement grow, upgrading buildings etc) and this is a take on those kinda mechanics I haven't seen before myself but have already completely fallen in love with,  even though we haven't seen much yet. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes, and captaink-19, don't you dare abandon this story before bringing it to a satisfying end many many chapters from now. :)

  • Overall Score

Several steps above what I expected when I saw litrpg

Reviewed at: 15. Stats and Monsters

The characters feel real, not like the usual litrpg "OP MC and a bunch of extras".

The world feels real (well, as real as any fantasy world with a stat system can). The main character seems to have a bit of an advantage, but nothing like the "why even bother writing this story, he HAS to win with this cheat" abilities that are so disgustingly prevalent in litrpgs.

The XP/Level/Stats system is written as an integral part of the world, and the author succeeds in making it not feel tacked on.

The decisions of the characters are consistent, the emotional impact feels real and not forced.


Overall, this feels like reading an actual book from an actual author, not the self-insert power fantasies that most litrpgs tend to be. I hope the author can keep this up for the rest of the story.

I'll be following this as it is posted, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a quality read.

  • Overall Score

The story so far is so good. I got hooked. Damn it i cant wait for his own ship to sail. (Literally and figuratively *wink*).

Will do a review again after sometime to binge read hehe. 


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This story has separated itself with a level of control that you don't often see in free web novels. Showing just enough detail in each scenario that you are drawn in but not enough ruin the fun is a tricky balancing act. The sailing aspect of the story has that balance down and he introduces it quite naturally. In fact, most of the info-dumping is presented naturally. Domenic is either teaching or getting taught but since this is not a reincarnation story it is not him having to learn everything. Explanations usually add to the story in some way. 

Moving on from captainks explanatory writing to his world-building. Because of who Domenic is and what he does, it makes sense for him to know about the different cultures and races as well as limited geography. Again here comes that control, Domenic is a sailor with little knowledge of magic so we get to learn alongside him. Captaink-19 doesn't have magic fully planned out if you read some comments on early chapters but that's what makes the magic aspect so fun. Where is it going to go? Is captaink-19 going to intrigue me with magic as he has with sailing? I sure hope so. 

The grammar is pretty good with a couple of typos here and there. They are easy enough to spot and there is no major misspelling or losing of the reader. Captaink uses more than simple sentences and avoids bloated abominations unlike some on this site. 

I also read complaints about circumstance and chance in the story. Most of the time any convenient plot device has been hinted at earlier and noticing those can add a nice sense of accomplishment to your reading. The times were convenient is stretched into unbelievable are few, but enough to lower the story score. 

The characters are real enough for the amount of screen time some are given. Characters that receive more are obviously going to feel more real but the number of times I have said "yea that makes sense for them" to the actions of a minor character shocked me. 


Overall a very strong start to what I hope is a strong book about the growth of our little seaborn.  


  • Overall Score

I've read up to Chapter 15. The setting is outstanding, the plot is very good, and the characters and dialogue are believable and relatable. Chapter 14-15 make me nervous, but it all seems very solid.

  • Overall Score

well written, refreshing sotry

Reviewed at: 11. Boarding

it only took the first 2 chapters to pull me in.


it is really well written and an exciting take on the LitRPG Genre.


Waiting for more!

Lord of a Thousand Blades
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It's a "not shit" verging on "instant classic" read.

Reviewed at: 15. Stats and Monsters

Overall score: 4.9375

There are 200 pages as of chapter 15, which at this point can safely be said is far to few. The one and two of it is that this is worth your time, please do enjoy this, for those interested in a more extencive breakdown I will do what I can.


Story 5/5*

Things not applicable to the story at the current point: op protagonist, evil protaginist, harem, wuxu, dungeon core story, female protagonist, multiple pov.

The story refreshingly starts without a conversation with a diety or exposition via omniscient narrator. It places us firmly into the action with the character teaching us about the world and systems without the tutorial. 

The story is litrpg but well intergrated and able to stand/make sence without it as a crutch. The story becomes stronger for the rpg elements a opposed to atrophying its legs so it can use these shiny crutches.

Domenic is a whaler, level 6 or 7 at the time of the first chapter and a fully developled character with family wants and desires which affect his desicions. This is not a self insert this is the story of a character in another world that the reader may learn of--more the retelling of a legend by that legend then the tale of forming of one (though that is definitly where we seem to be going).


Style: 4/5*

The style of writting is some-where between a 4 and 4.5. While not being prosaic to a notable degree it flows well--keeping pace with the action on paper--skipping details dearing action and mentioning details when time is avalible. This means a repreve from twelve page descriptions of opponents apparel and the equaly despicable reverse in which a world of watercolor prevent any true image of constructed reality forming.

Conversation between characters feel good, no outlandish switches in deminor due to one inflamitory or calming word, no childish screaming at earlyist inconvinence, and the selftalk when rarely making an apperance defys convetion by being short and reasoned.

That is not to say conversations are perfect, characters rarely make assumptions about what the other is thinking, characters don't attempt to end others sentances, and the author strugless to characterize exept through intext descriptions (the author does write out Dominic's interpritation of what they say so even if the intracasies of what they say and what they mean are not played in prose it is workable with intext ideation).

The text is well broken-up and readable, paragraphs are applied frequently when thoughts are ended or switch and unlike with this reviewer run-on sentences are uncommon.

Additionaly though the character is written in frist person, please don't let this diswade you as it is handled tastefully.


Grammar 5/5*

I personally can't remember missused gramatical constants or spelling errors. It's good . . . I can't nitpick everything. [Edit: others ( LONE, XCARES) have found gramatical fault, as I have not the keenest eye or memory regarding such things I lowered the score from 5/5 to 4.5/5 without affecting the overall score.]



Character score: 5/5*

While they have trouble expressing themselves through diolouge (exeption being made for a single female character met later into the story) all characters feel alive and act on their desires--this is truly what is giving characters a 5/5, the fact they will act irrationaly or foolishly on their desires without being complete fools.

Charactes all have defined wants and desires which occasionaly conflict creating natrualy occuring drama, that drama isn't soley between enemies or treated as betrayal which is so dearly nice to see.



(*all scores are based off of the general quality permiating this site with

5/5 being top 5%

4.5/5 being top 15%

4/5 being top 25%

3.5/5 being top 33.3%

3/5 being average or terrible

2.5/5 being bottom 33.3%

2/5 being bottom 25%

1.5/5 being bottom 15%

1/5 being bottom 5%

0.5/5 being bottom 1%)

  • Overall Score

I, for whatever reason, generally dislike seafaring and steampunk settings. If you ask me why, I can't confidently give you an answer, but I guess they just don't rouse any good feelings, so my subconscious labels them negatively.

NOT THIS NOVEL! Though, it's seafaring and unrelated to steampunk.
I must say that I was simply floored by the ease the author of this novel enthralled me with his story. Everything about it, including every single character, the LITRPG elements, the settings, the imagery, the sailor diction...IT'S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL!

If you're on the fence...don't be. This is high-quality stuff.

  • Overall Score

Good story about a dude good a sea i guess. Nice litrpg system too

Sanguine Rayzel
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Reviewed at: Map and Misc.

Like the title said, this story is of such supreme quality that I'm shocked I'm not paying for it.

The characters are phenominaly written likeable, real and a pleasure to see interact. 

Combat is descriptive enough to competently depict the voilence in a truthfully brutal fashion whist being brief enough that it action isn't slowed to a crawl bogged down in detail.

Story is an absolute treat although it is being carried by the aformentioned charaters.