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Domenic is a sailor who just wants a life at sea. A brewing war between nations turn the already dangerous seas into something perilous. Domenic is forced into an untenable position, one he escapes with his life – though there is a greater cost he’ll have to pay after his deal with the devil.

Join Domenic as he explores the meaning and cost of both servitude and freedom!

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Out of the hundreds of webnovels and Litrpg books I've read...

Reviewed at: 15. Stats and Monsters

...this has to be one of the best and most original out of all of them. From the first page, I already knew this was going to be above average, and it only got better from there. I thoroughly enjoyed every second reading these 15 chapters, and can't wait to read more. It is one of the few truly deserving of 5 stars novels I've seen so far. I haven't really followed a novel so closely as to keep up with releases in a while, but I will definitely do so here. 

Definitely deserves it's spot on the top of trending, and I feel it will make it's way up weekly popular here shortly. In a couple months maybe it might dethrone Randidly? Who knows. This is the story that can do it though.

My only gripe is this isn't 10 years in the future when the story has 1000 chapters and an animated tv series made based on it. 

karun kant
  • Overall Score

Really good system mechanics , fully integrated in people lifes.

Feels like a real world with level system not something made for service to the protagonist.

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Others have said it already... this is good stuff. I finally figured I should start reading it and I am thoroughly impressed. Very good writing, a cohesive story with few, if any, holes in its internal logic and an interesting world to explore. And a fresh take on stats, quests, and the like and how they interact with the rest of the world. I rarely give all 5s, but in this case I don't see a reason why not. The MC is likable, consistent, and reasonable and has... flair. He isn't bland, and neither are most of the other characters. The storyline isn't outstanding so far, in the sense that there hasn't been much in terms of plot development yet, but there are some hints at adventures to come.

There are a couple of minor issues, which I will list below, but they don't detract from the story in a big way.

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

Some stories you read you think " this is pretty good." Some you read and you think " this is great" then there are stories that you look at the clock and ask " why is it 3 in the morning, and why isn't the next chapter button working"  this is the last type of story.


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Good at the start going downhill now

Reviewed at: 16. Experiments

I liked story at the start. It had a whole set of style problems from the start but it had somewhat original tune. But last chapters somewhat broke it for me. First reference to Davie Jones. Why not create similar but your own character?  While other parts of my disappointment are based on my thoughts of future plot, I will update review later.

  • Overall Score

Good story about a dude good a sea i guess. Nice litrpg system too

  • Overall Score

A unique tale with a memorable plot

Reviewed at: 38. Death's Consort

Seaborn is fantastic. The story grabs hold of you quick and never lets go. The characters are all unique and engaging, and the LitRPG elements are tame, reasonable, and add an extra layer of depth to the world. I read through most of this story in 2 days; I seriously couldn't put it down. 

The author has stated that the story will be on a long hiatus soon, and I'm deeply saddened by that. I wish him nothing but the best and can't wait to read more when he returns!


Hendrik Ottersbach
  • Overall Score

Slow start but quality work

Reviewed at: 16. Experiments

A beautiful crafted story where you realize that the author got quite a bit of experience.

I only got one point to critique - The slow start: Everything up to chapter 15 seems like a big prolugue and while reading I always missed the progression of the story and the protagonists powers. There is no sense that the main quest has already begun and that hinders the readers involvement in the story. He is a sailor that helps sailing a ship from point A to point B. Not to save the kingdom someone other got that quest. His task is only to sail the ship. That does not make for a very good fantasy plot and as a reader you always feel, that this is probably not the real plot. A lot of litrpg or cultivation stories manage to mask that lack of progression of the main plot with the progression of the protagonist skills and powers. But the skills our main character got from the start seem lackluster and all strength he gains seem marginal. A couple percent here and there. That only gets more pronounced through the fact that he does not spend his experience or ability points. All in all lost quite a bit of interest while reading the first 200 pages, but your turn around at chapter 15 manged to get me involved again.


Oh, also you need to add a magic tag to the story. 

Winged Thing
  • Overall Score

Oh! We'd be alright if the wind was in our sails!

Reviewed at: 15. Stats and Monsters

1; No-Isekai/Reincarnation/Other insert personality trope. The main character was born in the novel's world, he lives and breathes in it and he'll die in it. This gives a hell of a lot more credence and authority to the worldbuilding and the system elements.

2; Gives due respect to the Sea and Sailors through sheer authenticity. Author either has experience at sea or has done enough research and put the effort in to make sure their work feels just right.

3; Believable character growth, thoughts, speech and actions. On this point alone, this story is more than worth the read. Think 'Worth the Candle' and 'Mother of Learning' Stuff makes SENSE and flows properly.

Read it for yourselves.

Lord of a Thousand Blades
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It's a "not shit" verging on "instant classic" read.

Reviewed at: 15. Stats and Monsters

Overall score: 4.9375

There are 200 pages as of chapter 15, which at this point can safely be said is far to few. The one and two of it is that this is worth your time, please do enjoy this, for those interested in a more extencive breakdown I will do what I can.


Story 5/5*

Things not applicable to the story at the current point: op protagonist, evil protaginist, harem, wuxu, dungeon core story, female protagonist, multiple pov.

The story refreshingly starts without a conversation with a diety or exposition via omniscient narrator. It places us firmly into the action with the character teaching us about the world and systems without the tutorial. 

The story is litrpg but well intergrated and able to stand/make sence without it as a crutch. The story becomes stronger for the rpg elements a opposed to atrophying its legs so it can use these shiny crutches.

Domenic is a whaler, level 6 or 7 at the time of the first chapter and a fully developled character with family wants and desires which affect his desicions. This is not a self insert this is the story of a character in another world that the reader may learn of--more the retelling of a legend by that legend then the tale of forming of one (though that is definitly where we seem to be going).


Style: 4/5*

The style of writting is some-where between a 4 and 4.5. While not being prosaic to a notable degree it flows well--keeping pace with the action on paper--skipping details dearing action and mentioning details when time is avalible. This means a repreve from twelve page descriptions of opponents apparel and the equaly despicable reverse in which a world of watercolor prevent any true image of constructed reality forming.

Conversation between characters feel good, no outlandish switches in deminor due to one inflamitory or calming word, no childish screaming at earlyist inconvinence, and the selftalk when rarely making an apperance defys convetion by being short and reasoned.

That is not to say conversations are perfect, characters rarely make assumptions about what the other is thinking, characters don't attempt to end others sentances, and the author strugless to characterize exept through intext descriptions (the author does write out Dominic's interpritation of what they say so even if the intracasies of what they say and what they mean are not played in prose it is workable with intext ideation).

The text is well broken-up and readable, paragraphs are applied frequently when thoughts are ended or switch and unlike with this reviewer run-on sentences are uncommon.

Additionaly though the character is written in frist person, please don't let this diswade you as it is handled tastefully.


Grammar 5/5*

I personally can't remember missused gramatical constants or spelling errors. It's good . . . I can't nitpick everything. [Edit: others ( LONE, XCARES) have found gramatical fault, as I have not the keenest eye or memory regarding such things I lowered the score from 5/5 to 4.5/5 without affecting the overall score.]



Character score: 5/5*

While they have trouble expressing themselves through diolouge (exeption being made for a single female character met later into the story) all characters feel alive and act on their desires--this is truly what is giving characters a 5/5, the fact they will act irrationaly or foolishly on their desires without being complete fools.

Charactes all have defined wants and desires which occasionaly conflict creating natrualy occuring drama, that drama isn't soley between enemies or treated as betrayal which is so dearly nice to see.



(*all scores are based off of the general quality permiating this site with

5/5 being top 5%

4.5/5 being top 15%

4/5 being top 25%

3.5/5 being top 33.3%

3/5 being average or terrible

2.5/5 being bottom 33.3%

2/5 being bottom 25%

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1/5 being bottom 5%

0.5/5 being bottom 1%)