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Domenic is a sailor who just wants a life at sea. A brewing war between nations turn the already dangerous seas into something perilous. Domenic is forced into an untenable position, one he escapes with his life – though there is a greater cost he’ll have to pay after his deal with the devil.

Join Domenic as he explores the meaning and cost of both servitude and freedom!

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An Overwhelming Sense of Self

Reviewed at: 15. Stats and Monsters

This story is going places. With an undeniable sense of self, enthralling character viewpoint and a story that doesn't take the easy route, you should definitely give this one a read. 

What I like:

  • Character viewpoint. Dom is an interesting character to follow in that, to me, he very much feels like an everyman. In a genre with plenty of self-inserts and wish fulfillment, this is a breath of fresh air. 
  • The system. It's lowkey, but that works. I like how it's daily life as usual for the people in the world. It helps keep the suspension of disbelief there. I'm unsure where it will be taken, but i'm interested in finding out. 
  • Descriptions. This is largely due to Dom's interesting viewpoint, but anyway. There are some pretty great descriptions throughout what little story we have so far. My favorite being when Dom is in the ocean, and he feels just how massive the sea is. 
  • Plot structure. The story has been turned on its head in one of the recent chapters, and I love that. The author definitely took a chance with it, but I think it worked out well. I can only hope things are changed enough in future, so as to keep things fresh.


What I dislike:

  • Corny flirting. This isn't a major part of the story, so it seems, but I was really not for this when it took up like half a chapter. Just in general, I hope the author doesn't introduce romance, for fear that it may become corny. 
  • Side-character characterization. I'll be honest. Aside from Dom, i'm not feeling any other character. From where I sit, they read quite archetypically. You have brooding soldier Blake, innocent young lad Redmund, mysterious badass woman Hali. Don't get me wrong. It's not so bad that it makes the story unbearable, but seeing how well the author is doing with Dom, i'm sure that he can do better with the others. 
  • Deus ex machina. Okay, it wasn't done the worst, but I did roll my eyes. The thing is, I just saw it coming a mile away. Not in the specific way that it did, but that it would happen. I do like the direction that the story took due to the Deus ex machina, but the fact remains, for me at least, it was done poorly. 


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A Solid seafaring litrpg story

Reviewed at: 16. Experiments

To start, im honestly quite impressed by this story, its just overall so well written, it is just that kind of story that grasped me like a Kraken and dragged me into the story, and didnt release me until the end, thats how good it is to me.


I really like Domenic as a character, he is a true man of the sea, someone that just loves being there, to sail and brace the dangers of the sea, to see its wonders. He honestly just feels like a real person, being someone of actual competence, written in a realistic way. He fully acts like a sailor, who has done it for a long time, knowing what to do in each sort of situation he finds himself on the seas, even if it all seems grim and hopeless. Though of course he is not perfect at all, and cannot actually do impossible things.

And the other characters are also greatly written like him, even if they dont share his amount of screentime. They feel just as real as Domenic, being all sorts of people, from varying professions.


And now on to the story. I really havent often seen a story like this, that just melds the litrpg aspects so well into the rest of the story, to make them a actual part of the world in a believeable way. In this story, the stats and tables are actually something you would take a look at, as they feel correctly used here, and not something thrown in whenever possible. In addition the worldbuilding is also competenly done, you get to explore the world, while at the same time the story also takes place, even in the first chapters its handled well without any actual infodumps. The world feels like a actual Fantasy one, one that just could be real.

The author also knows what he is writing about, as he does a quite good depiction of seafaring in a fantasy world, certainly having done a ton of research about such subjects before starting to write this story.

The plot so far has been quite wild, fast paced overall but still having time to build up things. However, i wonder just where the author intends to take the story, considering recent developments, currently i have no complaints about those, but to be fair, its quite different than what i initially expected the story to be going for.

The MC is as said, not overpowered at all, which is a thing i quite like, but however theres that moment where he just gets saved by a powerful being, in a situation that he would have not survived otherwise, giving him a potentional rather huge boost in power, in exchange for much of his freedom and him getting cursed, i wonder how this plotline will play out.

Only time will tell if the author will manage to write this all well, and what i have seen so far, tells me that he is capable enough to do it.



Grammar is overall great, with no actual problems that would ruin the reading experience, and the author's grammar has noticeably improved since the first chapters, however there could be still some improvements, as there are some minor grammar errors left unchanged even after they were pointed out by readers, though from what i seen so far, im certain that the author cares about maintaining an as good as possible level of grammar for his story, so that is likely to change.


As said earlier, the story really just drags you in, though however it doenst do that instantly, as the first chapters feel like they have a bit different style than the later ones, and thus dont have the same effect. But despite that, this story is seriously well written, greatly paced, even if it all is quite fast, a good mix of action, plot, characterization, comedy and worldbuilding, with them all mixing well together.


With all of that said, please just start reading this story, its just that good overall, and will certainly keep you enterained for the initial read, and likely even after that, as new chapters are released, this story should be really of interest to all kinds of readers interested in either fantasy, litrpg or even both.

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Better Than I Gave It Credit For

Reviewed at: 17. Donovan's Reef

Normally, when I see a story rise to the top so quickly, I just assume that it's an error in RRs ranking algorithm that will soon be corrected.

That's what I expected when this story first caught my attention. I thought it was going be to be a fast riser that soon fall to the wayside.

But then it not only maintained it's position in the rankings, but improved upon them.

"How could this get a higher ranked then my own fiction and in half the time?" I wondered.

Then I read it, and realized, "Oh. It's because it's well written and has a unique premise that it actually delivers upon. Damn! Why didn't I think of that?!"

Well played, Author. Well played indeed.


The prose has been a delight to read from beginnging to, uh... I'm only at chapter 17 so far,  so I can't say "end," but everything I've seen so far has been absolutely marvelous.

I'm not a fan of LitRPGs. On the RR forums I'm often one of their biggest detractors. But this... this is a story that makes me eat so many of my own words. This is a fiction that has found that perfect balance between "the system" and "real life." The author has done an amazing job of knowing how much to tell, how much to keep vague, how much to show, and when to reveal things. I often complain that LitRPGs use "the system" as a trope as opposed to a tool, but Captaink-19 clearly knows a literary tool when they see it.

The pacing so far has been phenomenal. Every chapter so far has felt like it advances the plot, without beeing a single word longer or shorter than it needed to be. I binge read all of what was was posted, and not once did I stop to look at how much was left of any chapter. I'm a critic at heart, but as both a RR reader and author, I can say with certainty that it this is a rare feat. It is very hard to get anyone so wrapped up in the plot that they forget to stop and look at what page/chapter they're on. Once again, I must congratulate the author.


The synopsis was vague, yet just enough to leave us intrigued. The first few chapters were direct, but still left us wondering what would happen next. There was enough foreshadowing to let us know that something might happen, but never enough to let us spoil ourselves. It took 15+ chapters for the readers to even begin to recognize the actual direction of the story, but we weren't left hanging in a perpetual limbo of not knowing where the plot was actually headed.


There's no other word for it but impressive.

Like the sailors of the Wind Runner, we knew our direction, but never our destination.

And that is a rare feat indeed.

The story is familliar, but never predicatable.


Sometimes I wonder why this is even a rating option. It's either good, or it's crap. There's no in between. I try to fix typos quickly when it comes to my own writing, but there's no saving something that's badly written from the start.

Seaborn has good grammar, and I haven't noticed any typos. If there were any spelling mistakes, they go fixed before I read the chapter, and that alone is a mark in favor of the author.


Dominic has the right amount of personality that anyone can relate to him in some way, while still maintaining his status as a unique character. He often thinks like an audience stand in, but acts like an individual.

We can understand him, but he never feel like he's supposed to represent us.


Kudos to Captaink-19.

Fuck you for writing something better than I have.

And thank you for writing something that I have enjoyed so much.

I look forward to further chapters.

You're now on RR's top 5, but don't let the pressure get to you. You've obviously been doing something right, or you wouldn't have made it this far in the first place.

  • Overall Score

It's a matter of taste

Reviewed at: 38. Death's Consort

Great MC with a sensible (so far) system in a very interesting world.
I like everything but the Deus Ex savior in the 14th chapter.
The 14th chapter is a huge turn off.

------ SPOILER WARNING---------

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Final edit: I'm sure the mc is gonna have a ton of fun adventures in later chapters...but i quit. His decision making and overall reasoning seem nonsensical. The way the world around him bends backwards to accommodate him has been increasingly absurd. Should work for most people tho so be sure to give this novel a shot.


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A high-seas adventure with magic, sailing ships, adventure, sea monsters, pirates, LitRPG, and did I mention adventure? Count me in!

I've been meaning to write a review for this great story for months, by now this will probably end up on some later page where nobody will find it.

Domenic is a sailor, mostly by choice and vocation but also because he has a perk that makes it impossible for him to stay on land for more than a few days. After some chapters as an ordinary sailor, his ship runs into a powerful enemy and our valiant MC has to walk the plank. Deep under the waves, a powerful being makes him an offer he could refuse, but why would he? Apart from some unusual obligations and opening him up to (justified) prejudice, it will allow him to sail the seas even more, what else could he want!

The story is told in first-person limited view by Domenic. The writing style is very good and the descriptions are colorful although the first-person view leads to lots of sentences beginning with "I". There are LitRPG elements but they don't clutter the story; whole chapters go by with no more than a short mention of a skill. Grammar is good and there are only a few small errors.

The story has a great and captivating plot with very good pacing. Exciting fights alternate with quiet training and interesting events that advance the storyline. Because of the MC's vagrant nature the scenery changes often but I don't think that is a bad thing. World building seems to be extensive and varied, as far as we have seen by now. External threats might show up suddenly but that is because of the MC's (and via the first-person narrative style also the readers') limited opportunity to see the events unfold in the background; narratively, everything fits and you might notice that the small, seemingly unrelated comment ten chapters ago was instead very related.

The MC is a complete personality with strengths and weaknesses, acting in a believable way consistent with his knowledge and morals. Perhaps a bit naive/idealistic in some ways though. The other characters have had much less time to show the depth of their characters, they are a diverse group of people. While they often are not more than an archetype so far, they also feel like real people instead of the often-seen caricatures from other stories.

  • Overall Score

Fairly unique plot with few spelling/grammatical errors. Protagonist is slightly bland, but it's still the beginning of the story (chapter 16 as of this review), so we'll see where he goes.

  • Overall Score

Not my type of novel

Reviewed at: 18. Salvager

The MC is not very bright as time and again he rather hoard instead of going all out when confronted with danger. Not only that but once things become easy he spends his booty on useless permissions instead of saving up for something more better. No idea why this is so popular with a idiotic mc who is saved by plot armor when he should be dead by the 10th chapter. Ugh

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Fairly interesting story worsened by the RPG system

Reviewed at: 24. The Calm

The story and characters are fine, and I find the premise very interesting, but the way that it is written is very "game-y", and it doesn't need to be. I think it really detracts from the rest of the story; writing that a kraken has reached level 100 or how much XP it might be worth for example, is way less engaging and interesting than just describing how intimidating the kraken is.

Regardless, this story is okay. Read it if you are bored.

Daniel Vickerman
  • Overall Score

Too! Many! Exclamation! Points!

Reviewed at: 17. Donovan's Reef

Writing is fair but the overuse of exclamation points is a big problem, there's one in every paragraph. It's better to never use exclamation points than to overuse them. Less is more.

  • Overall Score

The story so far is so good. I got hooked. Damn it i cant wait for his own ship to sail. (Literally and figuratively *wink*).

Will do a review again after sometime to binge read hehe.