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Domenic is a sailor who just wants a life at sea. A brewing war between nations turn the already dangerous seas into something perilous. Domenic is forced into an untenable position, one he escapes with his life – though there is a greater cost he’ll have to pay after his deal with the devil.

Join Domenic as he explores the meaning and cost of both servitude and freedom!

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The ocean is my mistress

Reviewed at: 20. A Tutor

There's a reason this has rocketed up the Best-Rated list (currently third at the time of me writing this review).


Captaink-19 has created a masterpiece here.

Honestly one of the best on this site.

The only issue is the release rate (fairly slow). But hey you can't rush perfection right?


Thanks for the wonderful story Cap. Eagarly looking forward to more in the coming weeks and months :D

Daniel Vickerman
  • Overall Score

Too! Many! Exclamation! Points!

Reviewed at: 17. Donovan's Reef

Writing is fair but the overuse of exclamation points is a big problem, there's one in every paragraph. It's better to never use exclamation points than to overuse them. Less is more.

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Out of the hundreds of webnovels and Litrpg books I've read...

Reviewed at: 15. Stats and Monsters

...this has to be one of the best and most original out of all of them. From the first page, I already knew this was going to be above average, and it only got better from there. I thoroughly enjoyed every second reading these 15 chapters, and can't wait to read more. It is one of the few truly deserving of 5 stars novels I've seen so far. I haven't really followed a novel so closely as to keep up with releases in a while, but I will definitely do so here. 

Definitely deserves it's spot on the top of trending, and I feel it will make it's way up weekly popular here shortly. In a couple months maybe it might dethrone Randidly? Who knows. This is the story that can do it though.

My only gripe is this isn't 10 years in the future when the story has 1000 chapters and an animated tv series made based on it. 

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As of Chapter 14. Curse

Reviewed at: 14. Curse

It's very rare to have sea adventures posted on this site, it's not an everyday occurrence to find a truly good story. This adventure is both which has improved my day immensely. 

I can whole-heartedly recommend this novel.

  • Overall Score

Some stories you read you think " this is pretty good." Some you read and you think " this is great" then there are stories that you look at the clock and ask " why is it 3 in the morning, and why isn't the next chapter button working"  this is the last type of story.


  • Overall Score

Among the best this website has to offer. Excellent writing and a great premise. This will definitely rise to the top of royal Road sooner rather then later. Has Litrpg elements, but it's not excessive in their use. A very good balence.

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If I had to summarize my thoughts, I would say that this story lacks Identity.

There is plenty of stuff there that could be used or expanded upon, but they are by and larged skipped over. It feels like the first fourteen chapters just function as convoluted backstory. As so much is sped through, my assumption is that the writer's real goal was chapter 14 and the rest was necessary to reach that. 

Yet that doesn't have to be true. The story could've been fine starting where it did, but it doesn't line up with the end goal. Instead, these starting chapters act as exposition. They throw characters, backstory, world building, and the system at you one after the other. There are only a few steps away, and they are drowned out by the pacing of the story. Most of chapters are spent introducing plot threads for far in the future, or introducing characters that are minor to the plot. Sometimes the characters are just nobodies, where other characters are made mostly irrelevent by the events of the story. 

Lastly, internal consistency. My main points of discussion being the presentation of the system, and Lawless Jack. First, the system. Seaborn finds itself in a weird place. When it comes to systems, there are two extremes. One is where the system is mysterious and largely unexplored. Where a part of the story is exploring and learning about the system. The other extreme being everyone knowing about the system, or it's mostly intuitive to those who use it. Seaborn finds itself swinging from one extreme to the other, from one chapter to the next. Now, Lawless Jack. Just how did Domenic not hear of him? Jack has an impossibly equipped, trained, and experienced crew. By all established measures, Jack and his crew are an extreme outlier. His reputation should be akin to Blackbeard's. Heck, he has the personal attention of a god like being. Unless there is some scenario where he takes no prisoners. But then some ships are liable to escape boarding. In that case, his ship would be infamous. Whereas Domenic has been living in ports and on the sea his entire life. Living around sailors and merchants, as a sailor, for years. It's sort of silly that Domenic has no clue who this guy is. 

As critical as I'm being, this does deserve some praise. The characters are mostly interesting, yet with how quickly things move they are impossible to become attached to. Your grammar is great. Your grasp on the English language is a step above a lot that can be found on this site. Except it's largely held back by the other problems in the story. 

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Damn this is awesome this is a well thought writing with a plot in mind.


Brian Oles
  • Overall Score

a great swashbuckling voyage.

Reviewed at: 19. The Wizard of Tulisang

cant  wait  for  more   this  story   feeds  my  soul.....

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Have been hard for me to read

Reviewed at: 13. Capture



Made an acc just to make a review.

Heres the thing. I'd say the story is good. Steady progression. Not info dumping crazily, but its there abit.


The hardest part would be how the sentence flow. You just kept using 'I'. Understandable, the story is first POV. But man, when you realize how many time your sentence start with 'I' is very much disturbing for me.


Other story that i've readt also sometimes first POV. But they don't have this kind of a pattern. Or atleast lower frequencies in using sentence that start with 'I'.


Its just wrong. The repetitive feeling that you get from it just make it harder to read.