A note from captaink-19

(Not a new chapter: just a bit of information on what's going to happen soon.)

Hello all! If you haven't heard already, Seaborn is going to have to go on hiatus soon. Note when I say "hiatus" I really do mean "an break that will end". I won't be able to write or post for the next couple of months (until the end of the year). I just wnated to let you know how I've set things up!

There are 6 more chapters incoming that I've set to release once a week until the end of August. These will follow the normal release schedule. Once those are posted, the story will "officially" be on hiatus. However, I won't be around to read comments or answer questions starting next week. (Oh, the backlog I can expect when I return!)

If you don't want to wait, those chapters are already on my Patreon page!

Again, I want to reasure everybody that I'm not going to disappear off the map. I've enjoyed writing this story - and I just got around to pushing Domenic back into the main flow!

Also, I'd like to invite you to a discord chat before I go: (Thanks CHAD for setting it up!) I'll be there this Saturday 5 pm EDT. It's your chance to talk with me and ask all the questions you've been wanting answered! (Except for spoilers. No spoilers.)

Also, Jack Voraces has started narrating the story!  You should give him a listen!  (He's been working hard recently on Mother of Learning as well.)  He'll be doing regular recording sessions Wednesday 9:00 Eastern Time (14:00 BST).  He finds having feedback during the recording session helps him a lot, so go help him out!


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