Aaron, A Shadow Monster

by Panini Trampini

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Aaron is a boy who lives a happy childhood in a happy, rich family. Things take a turn for the worst as their family slowly start to crumble apart. In the worst of it all, Aaron's mom murders Aaron for insurance money, and Aaron is reborn in another world.

I am floating lazily through an empty void.

Where am I? What's happening? Who am I?

Aaron Leum

Flashes of memories come to me. I begin to remember everything that has happened.

I died, haven't I?


Aaron is a fourteen year old boy reborn as a Shade Beast. He explores the cavernous area he's been dropped in while getting stronger and struggling with the trauma from his past.

This story won't involve any harems.

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Panini Trampini

Panini Trampini

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Sorry, I'm not really good at writing reviews, so here are few things I noticed after reading the Prologue and the first chapter 


1- The Mc seems to be a monster (it's in the title), a "Juvenile Shade Beast" in fact,  So, Author you might want to put the "non-human lead" tag on the novel.😊


2- This might be just me, but I believe using past tense to tell/write a story makes it feel better.😕

For instance, I couldn't even read past half the first chapter, because the present tense just killed the vibe i felt after reading the Prologue. 


3- The Mc seems a little bit too comfortable with what just happened to him, like, bro, you are seeing blue screens and sh*t, and you got no questions at all? no WTF reaction?🤔

Instead the Mc starts talking about Dungeons and Dragons... like, bro, for real? you don't even know where you are and more importantly, you cool with being a monster? 

Anyway, it doesn't feel right to me, I feel like the author just skipped some steps. (this is my opinion)


4-Nice prologue, I really like it. I feel like you really took your time to write it, it set a nice background for the Mc.

Now he can either be a cold Mc or a moron who's looking for the love he never had from his parents. the choice is all yours author.😁


And sorry, English is not my native language, I might not have used the right words to express myself.


Ralph Clark
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It’s really good

Reviewed at: Pathetic.

I really like it. Psychology, action, adventure and of course statistics all done vary well.

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Ok this is awesome. The grammar's good. The story is pretty interesting not unique but interesting and he execute it splendidly. There's a certain depth in charcters of the mc. And I like the story.

Give it a go

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A must-read: Creative & well-written take on the reincarnation/LitRPG genre

Reviewed at: Broken Family

"Aaron, A Shadow Monster" is one of the best fresh takes on the trifecta of non-human reincarnated LitRPG stories that I have read in a long time. It is also undeniably the most underrated. I'm hoping that this review will enourage other readers who love this story to also leave good reviews, so the author knows their work is appreciated.

The novel succeedes at blending the narrative creativity of a psychological story with the system-based creativity of a LitRPG story -- Aaron is generally gloomy psychologically, and his reincarnation is then literally gloomy. It strikes a good balance between plot progression (which is blazingly fast, for a RoyalRoad work!) and Aaron's inner monologue. I feel like I never lost track of who Aaron was, something that he himself works to ensure despite his situation's complete estrangement from his past.

More on characterization (spoils an early plot point):

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Style? It's got it up the wazoo. Certain names and descriptions are color-coded, and it adds a world of meaning beyond the simple "blue text means system dialogue" stuff. The author weaves in Aaron's inner monologue extremely well, as intrusive thoughts, that partially mirror what we might experience in Aaron's place as a depressed, socially anxious person.

Story? If you want spoilers, click the tab up above, it'll tell you part of why this story is so good. Beyond that, spoiler-free, this isn't your typical "absorb powers to become strong" or "dungeon core" story, something that's explicitly made clear in the chapter 'Pathetic.' (Half the authors on RR are going to need an ice bag for that burn, chapter title...) The author's taking this in a new direction, focusing on the struggles between creation and destruction, apathy and drive, selflessness and selfishness.

Please support the author. It's been 18 days since the last chapter and I would be devestated if this story went on hiatus. Get this higher on Trending or something. 

(ALSO, AUTHOR, OPEN A PATREON IF YOU MAYBE NEED SOME EXTRA MOTIVATION. So far your speed's been insane though, except the gap... I can be patient for as long as the story needs as long as it gets more story sometime, please. Not like I'm going anywhere, coronavirus has me sealed in.)

human 000
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I don't really care about harem but please please don't don't put it in synonym

Reviewed at: Prologue: Present in Every Human

Putting there is no heram is  a huge spoiler for the story,  I mean I get if you don't want put it but please don't spoil the story like that