A Warrior's Love (BL)

by Val Occidere

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

"Your mind is dark, your eyes are dull, your life is bleaker than feces, and your heart is covered in ash." She removed one hand to keep her veils on her head as the topmost shawl slipped down her neck. She continued to speak, "Your blood is cold. If you remain this way, you will die before you can find your love."

The Krasean lowered his veil, revealing his face to us. He tipped his head upward so I can see his honey coloured eyes that were duller than his peoples'. Black eyeliner outlined the rim of his eyes, drawing attention to his enchanting eyes.

"Whoever your lover is, they are your other half. You will endure hardships and pain because of them. You will also make them feel the same." She looked conflicted like she did not know whether to tell me this was good or bad. "In their eyes, you are the evilest and the godliest. How contradicting this is!"

"Did you slap me?" I held the helmet between the pit of my elbow and my waist. One hand slowly reached up to rub my numb cheek. It has been forever since someone last slapped me. Now, no one who knew my identity would dare to hit me directly.

"The blood coursing through your veins, it's hot and dangerous. You cannot be tamed easily and this may be the cause of your downfall." A strange grimace graced her wrinkled face. I swear to the gods she is ageing each second! "I see your fall. Someone with too much power automatically becomes a threat. You're no longer seen as an ally, but a monster."

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