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The guard's warning made everyone stop. The five concentrated their gazes on him, which made him flinch, as Aisha had stared at him too. Perhaps because of Aisha's high notoriety or because of her many fear-inducing traits, the guard shakily and slowly brought his hand over the hilt of his sword. Atlas noticed that and immediately started speaking to him.

"We are travelers! We mean no harm!"

The guard seemed a little hesitant, but after he checked over each of them, he saw that they weren't as intimidating as he thought. He shook his head, thinking the pressure he had felt before was just an hallucination. After he nodded, the guard turned around and whispered something to a robed man who then passed through the gate. That action stunned Atlas, Matagi and Electra. Gaea already knew about it and Aisha, well, she never felt surprised.

The robed man had literally phased through the enormous wooden doors.

While a guard remained on the other side of the gate, the guard on their side, the one which initially spoke to them, came back. He handed each of the five a small emerald ring and once again turned around as he spoke.

"Please follow me."

Atlas and Matagi had a look of uneasiness when the guard phased through the gate doors, but when Gaea said "Go on" while Electra gave them a push, they sighed and walked through the wooden doors. Aisha silently followed everyone.

After they passed through and arrived on the other side, they found themselves to be in a rectangular stone room with three doors, one on each side. The small sound of glass shattering made them realize the emerald green was gone, the only trace remaining was the little green dust on the ground. Behind them was the same stone wall as the ones at their left and right. Atlas touched it, probably trying to determine its nature, but nothing happened.

"You passed through a teleportation door; Haven't you ever visited Magiron? It's full of magical equipment like that one."

Atlas whistled while Matagi made a confused face as she looked toward Aisha, who just shrugged. In their time there, neither had seen such a thing.

"You ladies will be checked in the room to the right, while you go to the right."

Said the guard, pointing at Atlas when he reached the second part of his phrase. The group divided and were checked to see if they were trying to smuggle anything in the empire. Done that, they returned to the first room and the same old guard accompanied them toward the front door. When he opened it, they saw another closed room, this time with a blue magic circle inscribed on the ground and the robed man from before standing on the side.

"Well," the guard spoke, "you have two choices, be teleported directly on the other side of the wall or be teleported in one of Yinyue's cities or towns. What's your choice?"

Gaea stepped forward, she folded her arms under her bust, spread her legs apart a bit and puffed up her chest before saying with a cheeky smile

"Of course we'll do the travel by ourselves!"

Her attitude made the guard and the robed man smile.

"I see."

Spoke the guard before he and the robed man nodded to each other. He gestured toward the inside of the magic circle.

"Please step inside."

After the five did so, the robed man activated the teleport by chanting something and in an instant, a lush, green grassland filled their view. When they looked behind them, the saw the same wall and gate, only the two guard and robed man were different.

They all enjoyed the sight for a bit more before they started walking toward the mountains in the distance.

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