One week after Lia and Abigail became a couple

It had been some time since she had last been at school. Walking through the corridors made some people stare at her for a few seconds, before they turned around and either whispered something or just returned to their own things as they didn't care about Lia.

Even if it had been a while, Yvonne didn't forget where her class was, and once she entered she could see a few shocked faces among her classmates. Yes, seeing her again was a surprise, but what shocked them more was seeing her without and eyepatch.

As she sat down on her seat, some students actually surrounded her to ask about it. She just looked directly in the eyes of the boy who questioned her and used one finger to lower her left eye's lower eyelid. "Oh"s and "Ah"s were quietly muttered as her classmates saw the small barcode inscribed on the eye.

Though, they all returned to their seats as the school's bell rang.

Not even one minute had passed and the teacher entered the room. He wore a long-sleeved brown sweater over a white/gray shirt with a beige tie on it and similarly coloured pants and shoes. He slightly pushed upwards his glasses with one hand as he watched Lia, before he continued on toward his desk.

After he checked who was present and who was not, he took some chalk and wrote on the blackboard the current time and when they had to hand over the test. Done that, he picked up five sets of print outs and give one set to each person in the first row. The five students then took their own test out and passed the remaining papers to the classmates behind them.

When it was time to give back the print outs, the process above repeated, only backwards. Chattering filled the room as every student began discussing about their answers in the test, until the next teacher entered and another subject's test began.

Yvonne stood up after she give her print out to the person in front of her for the fifth time. School was over, so she just put her pencil case in her handbag and walked toward the door.

'Jennifer probably knows I'm here by now and will be coming after me, but mom said I should at least greet mrs. Wang, so nothing I can do about it.'

Lia had to wait a few minutes in the teacher's office before the person in question actually arrived. She was pleasantly surprised to see Lia at school, so they sat together in a more isolated part of the big room to chat.

Of course, many adults, moreover Yvonne's teachers, knew all about her circumstances (various news channels talked about the incident) so Lia didn't have to explain her left eye to mrs. Wang. Instead, she talked about how, through her mother and doctor's suggestions, she had began to play a game.

She talked about how it actually revealed to be useful, as she finally felt an emotion after many 12 years void of anything, be it good or bad. She also talked about how she now had a girlfriend, a topic which apparently made the teacher feel young again.

Lia and mrs. Wang talked for about 10 minutes, as Yvonne received a text "What are you doing?! >.< been waiting at the gate.." and promptly excused herself to meet up with Abigail. Lia supposed Abigail planned for this to be a pleasant surprise, but did not expect her to take so long to come out.

Outside, waiting at the gate there wasn't only Abigail, Jennifer (and her lapdogs) was there too. Thankfully, they didn't know each other, so there was no bloodbath, at the moment. As she calmly walked forward, Yvonne thought about what to do

'I could send Abby a message, but Jennifer would probably think that it wasn't a coincidence she checked her phone, so she'd probably end up pestering Abby anyway..'

Only a couple of meters separated Lia and Abigail when she finally decided about her course of action. Yvonne continued to walk toward Abigail without hesitation, drawing curious looks from Jennifer, her followers and some other random students. When she was close enough Abigail began to greet her


But she didn't get to finish as Lia grabbed her dress, brought her face closer and kissed her. The sudden deep kiss made Abigail blush slightly, but she nevertheless closed her eyes and accepted it. Lia finished it by retrieving her tongue, separating their lips momentarily before giving Abigail a light kiss on the lips.

".. se. I guess that's a nice start for our date, uh?"

Abigail continued after the kiss. Somehow, hearing her speak, made Jennifer snap out of her daze. She was about to start dissing them when Yvonne talked. She talked to Jennifer for the first time since they met. 

"I don't think a simple 'I'm  sorry' would be enough for you, but other than saying that I don't know what to do."

Lia just stared into Jennifer's eyes, ignoring the puzzled look Abigail had. Jennifer made a displeased face, then she had a resigned look and lastly she stared back at Yvonne resolutely.

".. Let's just hung out together once, that's all I wanted to ask you that day."

Abigail and Lia then quietly watched as Jennifer (and her clique) walked away. Other students were watching over the drama that had been going on before, but once it was done they all quickly dispersed.

Yvonne calmly explained her and Jennifer's situation to Abigail as the two made their way to a family restaurant located near the central part of the city. The girls enjoyed a light meal together, after which they walked around aimlessly while window-shopping. Lia bought Abigail a black and purple hairpin and a white cheongsam, she didn't expect a date so she didn't have much money to use. Abigail instead bought for Lia a fluffy azure scarf, an azure rose hairpin, a pendant and lastly a black dress with white lace trims.

Spoiler :

This is Abby's cheongsam:
This is Lia's dress but add black tights:

Abigail seemed to know that maybe, after only a week of going out together, it was a bit much, but then she just said "Whatever." and bought all of that stuff anyway.

After that, the two went to see a film, it was about some guy who one day found a mountain of corpses instead of the gang he wanted to beat up, then he later got involved with some creepy girl who could transfer her consciousness in other people's bodies and in the end he had to fight against the government to protect her, as she locked herself into the protagonist's lover's body.

The reason for the sudden date and the fancy clothes turned out to be because there was a festival near the beach, only 2 hours away by train. Also, since it was possible, the two had changed clothes on the train.

When they arrived, it was already dark, but many people and couples were still strolling through the various stalls and on the beach. By Abigail's request, they held hands as they relaxedly walked on the shore, admiring the light of the stars. As the two continued forward, at some point Abigail suddenly stopped.

"It'd be a shame not to take a photo, don't you think?"

She said as she brightly smiled toward Lia, who just nodded as a reply. They quickly asked a passerby to take a photo of them and he gladly accepted. Abigail and Yvonne stood side by side, forming little hearts with their hands, the first making a smile so energetic and cheerful it hid her blushing cheeks, the second seemed to be timidly peeking out of her scarf as her cheeks were tinted a light red. At the same time, fireworks were launched, as if to celebrate with them.

Spoiler :

Just imagine cheongsam you saw before instead of the one here:
Here instead, imagine the dress from before but with this upper part:

It seemed like Abigail had all planned, as one hour later her and Lia checked in at a fancy hotel.

There, they embraced each other for the first time..

Warning: the chapter can very well end with the above phrase in case you are not interested in reading about sex scenes.

Abigail was already done undressing and didn't wait for Lia, who still had her dress on, pushing her on the bed. They kissed as Abigail's hand slowly reached under Yvonne's dress and up till her bra. She spent some time gently massaging it before feeling one of Lia's hands pinching her nipple.

Letting out a cute voice, Abigail had to stop the kissing battle, which gave enough time to Yvonne to bring her mouth to the other nipple, slightly sucking on it. Just like always, Lia's unexpected attacks took Abigail by surprise, but this time it could be said she had an advantage, experience.

The hand that had stopped massaging Yvonne passed under the bra and began gently groping her breast, the other unused hand slowly caressed Lia's back as it made its way to her most important part, and lastly, Abigail used her mouth to nibble on her lover's ear. Yvonne wanted to repay the favor with her unoccupied hand, but it seemed like it didn't want to stop holding on Abigail's body.

Lia began emitting small moans as she felt herself getting wet and after a bit Abigail made the two change position. They faced each other's forbidden areas to pleasure themselves using their upper mouths. This continued only for a bit, as Abigail wanted to make sure Yvonne experienced the least amount of pain possible...

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