When Isa logged back in, she saw in front of herself dozens of monks praying/meditating. As she looked around she saw behind herself a bronze statue of a woman sitting cross-legged with her open hands on her knees while the index finger and the thumb connected to form a circle. The typical meditation form you see everywhere. She wore similar clothes to the monks in front of Isa, but she couldn't be sure as the statue wasn't painted.


It wasn't certain who uttered that, but afterwards a commotion started since it seemed like they finally noticed Isa. She wasn't really worried, but as soon as she turned around to watch them, every single monk stopped as their jaws opened wide. At that point, Isa was worried, maybe she broke something. She searched on the floor, a tatami, to see if perhaps she had spawned on the object and broke it, but there wasn't anything. When she looked back up, all the monks were prostrating on the floor, bewildered Isa posed them a question

"W-what are you doing?"

No one spoke, but the answer came anyway:

Event Unlocked: The advent of Maitreya
Since ancient times, it was prophesied that the future Buddha would reveal herself in front of a group of monks in the Woh Empire. Now, the monks of Jurta believe you to be the Maitreya.
Spawn/teleport in front of a group of monks while they pray to the previous Maitreya
Class permanently changes to 'Maitreya'

Your main class now is: Maitreya

'What the?! I don't even have that Mai-something skill!'

Flabbergasted, Enyo immediately checked her skills, and to her surprise, she really did have the Maitreyopts skill (along with others). It seemed to be a passive skill that let her see spirits and other ethereal creatures and objects.

She did get a bit furious with being stuck with an unknown class without even having the possibility to see if other classes interested her, but after she calmed down, she inspected the various option, advantages and disadvantages of her class. To her, it seemed to be an hybrid between an healer and a rogue, but instead of the stat Faith, she had the stat Karma. Apparently, one of her objectives as Maitreya was to balance the Karma of everyone, herself included. Long story short: punish the bad guys and reward the good ones, but take no credit in both.

Another bummer was that she could only use some weapon called 'sai,' but she had no idea of what that was, until she asked one of the monks guiding her through the monastery. When she saw what a sai was, she immediately thought about that film were a blind guy dressed in red went around beating up the bad guys with his cane.

At some point, Enyo encountered Thea.

Apparently, Thea obtained a class too, only hers was not permanent. 'Träumer,' let Thea dabble into other people's dreams and condition them (only to a certain extent), but she could also make them think that reality was in fact only a lucid dream and manipulate them all the same. Thea seemed delighted to have such skills.

Thanks to what was written in Enyo's "Event Unlocked" window and asking around, the two now knew where they were teleported. They were in a monastery named Jurta, situated in a mountain valley, in the Woh Empire. There weren't any mobs near Jurta, they all spawned  either on or behind the mountains encircling the place.

Looking at the bright side, the monks promised to train Enyo, Thea and all the other people who were unwillingly teleported here for two weeks, after that though, they all had to be on their ways. Also, Enyo and Thea weren't the only ones to obtain a new class, but none of the others' classes was over the average.

In those two weeks, Enyo learned how to efficiently dual-wield the sai, while Thea had been taught close-quarters combat techniques. They didn't level up even once, but the training did provide with some stat increase. Before departing, Thea proposed to use her powers to obtain an extended training or some slave companion, but Enyo refused. She was pretty sure that would bring bad karma.

Along with the other players, they started to travel around the villages on the other side of the mountains. Thea was a bit annoyed that Enyo was enjoying the company of maggots other people, but she couldn't keep her sister in a cage. Maybe.

Anyway, the group encountered various mobs in their travel: mikaribaba, kappa, akateko, kasa-obake, amanojaku, tengu, kiyohime and rokurokubi.

Something to note was that they only knew the mobs' names thanks to Enyo.

And certainly, the rokurokubi was the worst group of mobs they encountered. Seeing a person's neck stretch so much was somewhat really creepy. Still, they weren't really though monsters to beat.

Around the time two weeks (Real Time) had passed since they all began traveling together, they all began to go on their way. Many of the initial players were gone before the two weeks of training by the monks was done, because they were high-leveled players. The ones that remained and went around together were between level 1 and 20.

As they moved north/north-west, only Enyo and Thea remained. One month (RT) had passed in the blink of an eye and they were now level 43 and 47 respectively. They were currently staying in a town in the Rohan Empire when the news spread everywhere, both in Hyria and in the real world. Unfortunately, the two were too far away from where the event was held to try to participate.

At Xin Jen, in the Yinyue Empire, a big ship had been built. It would depart in three days and its objective was to find and scout new lands across the ocean.

End of Volume 2, part one.

Let's quickly wrap up vol 2~ lol

If you are wondering, no, the ones favored by the gods on Hyria (Lia (>Pandora), Isa (>Maitreya), etc..) are not all women, it's 2 women and 2 men.

Also, the film (and comic) I was talking about was Daredevil~

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