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The scenery around them was very different from what they had seen up until now. The city resembled the towns built in the desert in real life many years ago, and the scene of the sun's light being reflected on the white sand coupled with the crystal clear sky was somewhat breathtaking for Matagi.

Bathory and Kaine had been in this part of the continent enough times to not be affected, while Aisha simply didn't care.

Seeing Matagi's sparkling eyes, Bathory chose to give the group a quick tour of the city. Differently from what one (Matagi) would expect, the normal market price for food, water or equipment differed only slightly from the other cities and there weren't too many NPCs begging for a sip of water or a piece of bread.

While the others were occupied with that, Aisha silently followed them while distributing the 5 points she got from the last level up, and in the end her status window looked pretty much like this:

Status Window
Health1450 (+20%)Mana1545
Main ClassPandoraSub ClassN/A
TitleDragon Slayer
Health Regen/Sec9.5Mana Regen/Sec9.4
Strength103Agility164 (+10%)
Stamina191 (+5%)Vitality84
Dexterity167 (+5%)Class Affinity41
Greek Gods5%Humans-10%
Dark Races3%
Remaining slots1

After the tour of the city, they headed directly to the dungeon Bathory wanted to explore. It was a buried crypt near Tihghul, about a day's walk, with an average level of 150. Much to the creators' irony, the buried tomb was named "Fuji's Catacomb."

As they traveled through a rarely used path, the number of mobs was higher than normal. Giant two-tailed scorpions, groups of dog-sized worms, complete with razor-sharp poisoned teeth, and elorcs, half-breeds of orcs and elves. Saying something like

"I'll handle them alone, we wouldn't want to let you get less exp at the dungeon because you leveled up a few before, right?"

Bathory single-handedly killed every mob that got near them. For the worms, she just cut her wrist using a common knife and then sprayed the maggots in her blood, which seemed to be fatally poisonous to them. The scorpions were efficiently dealt with, first by severing their stings, then the pincers and lastly their legs, one by one, as they tried to escape, running away either over or under the sand. Lastly the elorcs, the only group which attacked them got slaughtered through beheading. Bathory had used a skill to increase her already high speed and in a matter of seconds, every warrior, archer and mage had their head rolling on the sand. Bathory found herself standing in the middle of 5 fountains of blood. With the sand slowly changing colour, Elisabeth made her predecessor proud.

When they arrived at the entrance to the catacomb, Bathory was surprised to see players frolicking around it. There were three players around level 160 who remained impassible as they observed the others, who were all around level 90. Only one of those three noticed Aisha and the rest, as the other two were giving them their backs, showing off the emblem sewn on their blue capes, a white "4" inclined to the left intertwined with a black snake that was eating itself, forming a ∞.

Calmly walking towards them, he approached the group as he smirked without letting anyone notice, he was confident no one would attack a member of their guild, and in case they were stupid enough to do so, they had the majority in numbers. He did see a guild's emblem on two players of the foreign group, but as he didn't recognize it he thought it was just some name-less guild's members.

"This is Oblitus Mori's territory, either pay the fee or get the fuck out."

The player who had come to meet the group wore a light black armor covered by sand-coloured clothes, probably there to protect from the sand and cover his skin from the sun, but could still see a blue cape strapped on his shoulders under them. His words reeked of arrogance and Matagi could feel herself grimace at the idea of having to respect such an enemy. Yes, enemy, there was no way she could consider this elf something else, lest she broke her code of virtues.

Kaine stepped up from behind Bathory and addressed the haughty guy, which appeared as surprised as Matagi when he noticed his presence.

"How much?"

The player stared hard at each of them, looking especially above everyone's head before replying.

"10 gold coins each for you two, and another 25 for every noob."

As he said "noob" he smirked while he pointed his chin towards Aisha and Matagi. A loud "What?!" escaped from Matagi's mouth but Aisha stopped her from saying any more by raising an hand in front of her, a few centimeters from her face. Bathory stared at the sand elf with sharp eyes, but didn't say anything and just let Kaine pay the man.

After Kaine handed over the 70 gold coins, the guy sent started a private conversation with the other two blue cape-wearing guys before responding with

"Okay guys, you can go inside now."

Matagi continued to send him death-stares as the group moved inside the dungeon.

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