Changed a phrase in the last chapter:

[..] she had to swing for ten more minutes (with the premise that once she could swing the sword for 8 hours without collapsing afterward she wouldn't have to swing it so much anymore).

And also changed what you lose after dying. I don't want to give a certain skill to Lia, and I also don't want to just say "and then she happily went to grind her skills and levels back" and be done with it in the future.

Lia slowly walked toward the forest, with the sun behind her, almost ready to set. She went straight inside, ignoring the rabbits and foxes scurrying around.

After about 20 minutes of walking, Lia finally met a pack of seven wolves. Three level 10, two level 8 and the last level 9.

In Hyria, mobs, NPCs and even other players didn't show their name nor their health. It only showed you the mobs' and the NPCs' levels.

Lia put her back to a tree while the wolves circled her. All in position, a lv. 8 wolf at her right pounced on her. She swung diagonally downward aiming for the eyes, the momentum of the wolf's pounce helped the katana putting a cut in the thing's brain. She spun, the wolf to which she gave the shoulders proceeded to attack, using the same momentum from the attack she made before, she slashed at the wolf's neck, her katana going diagonally upward. Doing that made her slightly fall backwards, but she didn't stop, putting her right foot to block the fall, her left hand released the katana and her right hand used the energy from to spinning to change in a reversed grip and planted the katana through the mandible of the wolf that was attacking her from the side. She quickly let the wolf slide on the ground, freeing her katana and once again taking her stance. Two wolves came running at her while the remaining two stood behind them and began to howl. Lia rushed at the two wolves left behind, running toward the ones that were attacking. The wolf on the right managed to bit her on the side, but the one on the left missed and she used her katana to slash him from his eye to his abdomen while she elbowed the nose of the wolf on her side to make him let go. After he did, she ran again and slashed off the head of one of the two remaining wolves when multiple howls began resounding in the distance.

<<Clean Cut>>

The remaining wolf jerked a little and then its halves fell respectively to the right and to the left. The battle left her with 85 MP, 109 HP and a bleeding hex (1 HP per 5 seconds, lasts until healed or bandaged). She tried to run away before the new batch of wolves came, but was cut off without delay. She changed direction and ran deeper inside the forest.

'It's never a good idea idea to run deeper into forests, be it here or in real life, but they were already approaching me from the sides. Are they leading me into a trap? ..No, it doesn't seem so, they are all following me and I don't see any more wolves ahead.'

She ran and ran, trying to put some distance between her and the wolves and at the same time trying not to hug any tree. Before long, she saw the base of a mountain. A mountain named after the forest, Ghillo, and that was part of a mountain range, called Dragons' Throes, that divided the Kingdom of Ferl with the Kingdom of Magiron.

Her stamina was dropping, but she ran while looking for something she could hide behind or inside. But she had to lose the wolf or it wouldn't work.


She had ten seconds to find a place to hide in using her doubled speed and Quick Analysis to continuously check the situation around her. She spotted a cave, but her instincts told her she would be surrounded by the time she reached said cave. She checked her sides and gave a quick glance behind her.

'Damn it. How many are there and which level?'

She checked again. The cave was only 5 meters away, but she had low stamina and Sprint was only 2 or 3 seconds away from ending. There were also 23 wolves, four or five were all level 9 while the others were all level 10, besides one, the white wolf, that was level 15. She entered the cave and turned around after she ran some more. As she panted, she assessed her situation quickly and effectively thanks to her two Analysis skills.  She had 91 HP and 80 MP remaining, meaning she could use Primordial Fear and maintain it for another 5 seconds. The wolves surrounded the entrance of the cave, then the white wolf sent the gray ones inside, 5 every 10~15 seconds.

The first wave came, Lia used her right and to slash and kill a wolf, while the left punched one in the face to consequently get bitten. She kicked the wolf that was biting her left arm while slashing another wolf that was trying to sneak up from the right. As the wolf that got kicked flew back into the cave's wall, the one that was punched went for her ankles, but before he got the chance she cut his head off. With her side wide open the last wolf pounced on her as new wolves came in. She quickly dodged, finished off the wolf she had kicked and rushed to the one she had let go behind her. Lia couldn't have him sneak up on her as she fought the new ones. He came running towards her, she spun, giving him a round-house kick as she confronted with the wolf that was about to attack her, cutting off one of his front paws, as he dodged in the air and bit her shoulder only to end up behind her. Lia panted as she saw new wolves coming in. Something was flashing just a little bit outside her field of vision, but she paid it no mind.

'Not yet.'

She glanced back, seeing the wolf behind her was not far away, she ran backwards to watch the 9 wolves in front of her running in her direction. As Lia came near him the wounded wolf tried to once again stand up but slipped on his own blood. She killed him, then rushed at the wolves ahead, if she didn't let them get behind her, they couldn't attack all together. She attacked the nearest to her right, wounding him, and defended her left side with her free arm. She felt her strength slowly disappear, but then another five wolves came running in. Lia wanted to kill as many wolves as possible before dying, she wanted to minimize the loss she was about to face as much as possible. Lia stepped on the wolf she wounded, broke his ribcage and ran toward the new wolves. In a matter of seconds she was encircled by 13 wolves. She had to be fast.

<<Primordial Fear>>

The wolves stopped. They tried to howl but to no vail. Lia first went to kill every wolf behind her. She was a little slow, but she managed to kill all of them in one hit. She did the same with the five upfront, but as she killed the last, the white wolf came in with the remaining two gray ones. He growled and started running toward Lia, the other two sat back.

'Grave mistake. I still have 20 MP left.'

The white wolf jumped at her, she took her stance, and when he was about close enough

<<Clean Cut>>

The white wolf was cut in two, its remains falling on top of her, giving her the final push.

You have died

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