Don't worry, I'm gonna give the description of each new skill with time, and also the last passive one (you don't want spoilers, do you?) is not as effective as you might first think.

Trevor held his katana with both hands in front of him, with the tip pointing diagonally upwards. He was serious, and Lia answered in kind. She imitated his stance as much as she could, adapting it to her stature and type of combat strategy she had in mind, her left hand near the guard and the right one at the end of the hilt. As her face became expressionless and her eyes lost all emotions, Lia took a step forward while lowering her body. She sprinted, the katana was heavy, but she managed to keep it up while moving it over her shoulder. She strengthened her grip, as she felt that if is she exerted too little strength the katana would leave her hands. A little less than a meter separates Lia and Trevor, who has been immobile until now. At a distance of about 30 cm, Lia began to swing the katana, aiming for Trevor's waist with a downward slash. Trevor immediately intercepted it, trying to make Lia lose her katana, but it only made it go back to the position it had before the slash. While that happened, Lia's left hand left the hilt only to return in a reverse-grip and when the katana got back to the initial position, she slashed again. Trevor saw her beginning to slash again, using the guard of his katana to keep Lia pinned just one second more, he positioned the blade of his katana from a direct confront with the edge of Lia's katana to his edge touching the side, and then the back, of her katana as he forced her to change the trajectory. Once the tip of her katana touched the floor, Trevor put the edge of his katana on her neck.

'Déjà vu'

"Not bad, girl. Rest for 5 minutes and then swing that katana for five hours there. Use the same stance you had before, and try to not move your feet for the entirety of the exercise."

Trevor removed his katana from her neck and put it somewhere on the left wall while pointing to the right-hand corner near the elevator. Lia raised herself and nodded to him before walking to where he indicated. Abigail jumped up and went to congratulate her, and also handing her a water bottle

"Here, it's mine, I hope you won't mind."

"No problem"

Lia took a big sip of water and give Abigail the bottle back while wiping her lips and chin with the wrist of her free hand. After that, Lia began her exercise. She took that same stance, brought the katana up, and swung down. At some point it seemed like Abigail got the permission from Trevor to tell Lia about the dojo. Apparently, the ones who were on the left row before were instructors, not all of them, just the ones who had brought the most outstanding pupil of their class, which were the ones who seated on the right before. They were here to be tested and see if, in case they wanted to, in the future they would be able to teach here. Then Abigail went on about how she's been training here since she was 6 (making it 13 years counting this one), how she started because she thought her older sister looked really cool when practicing and in tournaments, and also how she won or almost won this or that tournament.

'Hold it up, swing down. Hold it up, swing down.'

After two and a half hours her hands had gone painfully numb, so she had to grip the katana harder to make sure it didn't accidentally leave her hands. After three hours, Abigail was forcefully removed by an instructor who took her by her collar.
After four and a half hours, her vision became hazy. After five hours, Trevor came to stop her and she collapsed on the floor, the katana in front of her and her arms powerlessly hanging at her sides. Breathing heavily, she closed her eye before feeling someone lightly put a water bottle near her mouth. She drank and then opened her eyes, Abigail was there once again, but this time there was her mother too. Trevor already went back to doing his stuff.

"Go change dear, then we'll go home, you'll take a shower and then you'll sleep. No arguments."

Lia weakly nodded at her mother's plans and caught Elisabeth's outstretched hand to get up. After waving Abigail good bye, Lia went to change and in the end got in the car with her mother, greeting Amanda again in the process. At home, before taking a shower and sleeping she ate some pasta with only oil and parmesan. The day after, Lia woke up at 6 a.m., prepared a bag for the dojo, and ran there. It took her one and a half hours to get there. Once ready, she swung the katana. Every four days the time she had to swing for ten more minutes (with the premise that once she could swing the sword for 8 hours without collapsing afterward she wouldn't have to swing it so much anymore), while every six days she had to spar with Trevor. Going back home took two hours for the fatigue and once she was there, she ate, took a shower and then entered Hyria.

Once inside, the first thing she does is going to sleep for 6~8 hours at the 'Loose Goose.' In exchange for work, done after she slept, the couple lets Lia sleep and eat free. After that she goes to the eastern gates, exits Thyw and hunts in the nearby forest. Usually she'd spend 20 hours, with a break of 4 hours at the 'Loose Goose' after the first half of the time passed, hunting rabbits (lv. 3), foxes (lv. 5), stray dogs (lv. 4~6), wolves (lv. 8~10; since they almost always moved as a pack, most of the times she died were because of them), goblins if it was daytime and bandits if it was nighttime (both ranged from lv. 8 to 16, but bandits had slightly more numerous groups). The (poorly made) katana she wielded was something she bought at the Swordsmen's Atelier once she accumulated one silver and also, hunting, moreover in the forest, gave her additional stats points, new skills and time to grind the  ones she already had. When she died she spent the extra time sleeping, jogging and/or studying.

57 days later

Lia stood in front of the forest she always trained in, just inside the town's gates.

"Display Status Window, Skill List and Inventory"

Status Window
Main ClassN/ATitleN/A
Health Regen/Sec0.5Mana Regen/Sec0.2

Skill List
Primordial Fear (Active)Beginner lv.5Sprint (Active)Beginner lv.3
Clean Cut (Active)Beginner lv.3Calm Analysis (Passive)Beginner lv.6
Quick Analysis (Passive)Beginner lv.7Cooking (Passive)Beginner lv.4
Sword Mastery (Passive)Beginner lv.6Predator Instincts (Passive)Beginner lv.4
Stealth (Passive)Beginner lv.5Night Vision (Passive)Beginner lv.5

'My inventory is almost full.. I should go sell my loot later.'

The provided inventory had 200 different slots, and each slot contained up to 100 of one type of loot. The weight of the inventory is not added while class-less, and is reduced if you have a merchant-related class. It was possible to upgrade the inventory, but it was very costly, unless, of course, you had a merchant-related class.

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