Twisted Nerves



Prologue - part one: Up to date with the world


It's been 20 years since the release of Virtual Reality to the public. Before, it was used only in the military and in medicine. After its release, there was a boom in the advancement of technology: a more complete read of the human brain, which lead to more realistic AIs (Artificial Intelligences), capsules for the Virtual Reality decreasing in size while obtaining a more powerful capacity to process softwares and access the brain, resulting in simple headsets, and nano-liquid, a gel-like liquid compromised of nano-machines, used in the capsules to scan the human body, thus making it possible to finally utilize one's own body to enter the virtual world.

Crathos Inc. is the company who made Virtual Reality a possibility and also the leading company in the sector of capsules (and headsets) and games.

There isn't a VR shop that doesn't have a capsule made by Crathos Inc.

Before capsules became affordable, if you wanted to use your body in VR, you'd have to go to a VR shop. VR shops offer the possibility to rent scanner capsules and gaming capsules, in case you preferred playing with a capsule instead of an headset.

Anyway, with the always raising popularity of VR, Crathos Inc. obtain unimaginable riches, and with all that money, 7 years ago, they hired the best technicians, programmers, doctors, martial artists, scientists and scholars. Why? No one knew until 4 years later, when Crathos Inc. presented to the world the most powerful supercomputer in the world. But that wasn't their real objective. Using that supercomputer as a platform, they were constructing the base for a new world, and at the same time an AI, Yuki. They were making a game. All the people in the world held their breath with anticipation for the release of this game, but as Crathos Inc. announced, the game only came out 3 years later, one and a half year to finish the base of the new world, and another one and a half to let Yuki create everything else.

it's 2139, and now, Hyria, the first VRMMORPG made by Crathos Inc. has been released.

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