The System Age: Awakening

by Allen Clark Copeland, Jr.

Original ONGOING Psychological Satire Sci-fi Tragedy Dungeon Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Mythos Post Apocalyptic Ruling Class Strong Lead

Paul Lycos, the last human, starts his journey after a forty thousand year nap.

Earth was overtaken by Singularities, artificially intelligent machines, that eliminated humanity because they could no longer advance.

Paul was frozen in time during the genocide and was kept as a specimen. Awoken because a new age ushered in changes that the Singularities could not think themselves out of.

Paul ultimately seeks revenge for the atrocities committed against humankind.


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Allen Clark Copeland, Jr.

Allen Clark Copeland, Jr.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue — Sol - Goodbye ago
Chapter 1 — System - Shop ago
Chapter 2 — System - Adaptability ago
Chapter 3 — Prost III - Funny Word: Fortune ago
Chapter 4 — Prost III - Trade ago
Chapter 5 — Dungeon - Quest ago
Chapter 6 — Dungeon - Crawl ago
Chapter 7 — Dungeon - Counteractor ago
Chapter 8 — Andramada - No Confidence ago
Chapter 9 — Andramada - Meridia ago
Chapter 10 — Andramada - Sire ago
Chapter 11 — Tribe - Sire's New Clothes ago
Chapter 12 — Tribe - God of Trickery ago
Chapter 13 — Tribe - Name ago
Chapter 14 — The Weak - The Goddess of Trickery ago
Chapter 15 — The Weak - Paul Lycos [Part 1] ago
Chapter 16 — The Weak - Paul Lycos [Part 2] ago
Chapter 17 — The Weak - Paul Lycos [Part 3] ago
Chapter 18 — Evolve - Let Go ago
Chapter 19 — Evolve - Body Type Trial ago
Chapter 20 — Evolve - Soul Inventory ago
Chapter 21 — [System] Upgrade - Trust ago
Chapter 22 — [System] Upgrade - Rebirth ago
Chapter 23 — [System] Upgrade - Resire ago
Chapter 24 — Changes - System Shop ago
Chapter 25 — Changes - Paulie / Women ago
Chapter 26 — Changes - Zero ago
Chapter 27 — Moving On - Numa ago
Chapter 28 — Moving On - Plans ago
Chapter 29 — Moving On - A Step Ahead ago
Chapter 30 — Zero - Mithra's Dirge ago
Chapter ?? - A few days ago

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  • Overall Score

Early Part Unreadable. Power Fantasy of the highest order.

Reviewed at: Chapter 28 — Moving On - Plans

I reviewed this at chapter 12 saying it was unreadable and it's hard to understand the descriptions of the characters' actions. But the world was intriguing so I decided to read all the way to the end (chap 28).

The world is really interesting, but also very convoluted and hard to understand. If you like Power Fantasy without much struggle, this may be for you. The main villain is good, but beyond that the MC gets his power from undeserved exp. He's also a literal pheromone producing machine that has a sex contract with *SPOILER* a tribe of catgirls and 2 goddesses *SPOILER OVER.

It's not worth picking up, but for those who've read everything else with some time to kill, it's kind of interesting and a lot more readable past chapter 15 or so.

mike karr
  • Overall Score

Gives up a huge boost to get laid

Reviewed at: Chapter 2 — System - Adaptability

Actually stopped reading when he gave up last of his race boost in order to get laid in a world where he knows nothing and has no power base behind him. 

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Fun, Interesting, and rather unique!

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 — Dungeon - Counteractor

Although there are some parts that confused me, overall it was a very enjoyable read!   I do think a few things could be clearer here and there, though maybe I just missed something, and id like to see some more reaction to things, since it feels like....well, dont wnat to spoil anything.


That said, I really did enjoy this, so keep up the good work!

  • Overall Score

I honestly can't tell why I kept reading this it is terrible but also really intriguing and hard to put down