Summoner's Journey

Summoner's Journey

by Antillar

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

[Before you read - the story is officially dead. The reasons behind it are posted in the last chapter.]

In a magic world on the verge of an industrial revolution, Ari Ragnarsson must uncover the truth behind his parents' disappearance. They were part of an organization known as the Order, which protects mankind from various threats - both human and supernatural.

Now, after Ari's brands finally manifest, he leaves the safety of his village and travels to the continent. Strength is all that matters in this world and he must learn how to control his powers.

There, he meets a man from another world, who's being hunted for merely existing. Their fates become intertwined, but not in a way either of them would appreciate.

Author's note (contains minor non-story related spoilers about the MC and setting)

This is a progression fantasy with LITRPG elements sprinkled on top. The main character is not a spellsword, but a summoner/support mage hybrid. Since he wasn't ambushed by a random god, there's no cheat item/spell and he has to rely on his skills and wits to survive in a world full of monsters.

The story tries to show the moment when the old starts to be replaced by the new, with a healthy dose of magic and a little steampunk in the background. Also, it revolves around a party dynamic akin to RPG sessions.

No health/mana bars. Numbers are secondary and the LITRPG elements focus more on classes/spells/runes and their evolutions. Tables are sparse at the beginning, but from chapter 7 onwards they appear more often. Still, I won't be copy-pasting the whole character sheet dozens of times per chapter.

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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1: Arrivals ago
Chapter 2: Stranger ago
Chapter 3: Watch ago
Chapter 4: The Golden Goose ago
Chapter 5: Hunters ago
Chapter 6: Decision ago
Chapter 7: Evaluation ago
Chapter 8: Puppets ago
Chapter 9: Wanderer ago
Chapter 10: Ranking ago
Chapter 11: Choosing a weapon ago
Chapter 12: Meet the team ago
Chapter 13: Looks can be deceiving ago
Chapter 14: Preparations ago
Chapter 15: First dungeon ago
Chapter 16: Inside the rift ago
Chapter 17: Goblins ago
Chapter 18: Dungeon boss ago
Chapter 19: Loot ago
Chapter 20: Bygones ago
Chapter 21: The cost of progress ago
Chapter 22: Answers ago
Chapter 23: Training ago
Chapter 24: Once more unto the breach ago
Chapter 25: In Lumine Mundi ago
Chapter 26: An old friend ago
Chapter 27: Parents ago
Chapter 28: Team bonding ago
Chapter 29: Fresh air ago
Chapter 30: Osmosis ago
Chapter 31: Scales ago
Chapter 32: Not alone ago
Chapter 33: Ambush ago
Chapter 34: Consequences ago
Chapter 35: Knowledge is power ago
Chapter 36: Plan ago
Chapter 37: First mission ago
Chapter 38: Abingdon ago
Chapter 39: The hunt begins ago
Chapter 40: Forest ago
Chapter 41: Queen ago
Chapter 42: Chase ago
Chapter 43: The death rattle ago
Not a chapter - the future of the story ago

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daytime damage

Updates aren't super fast, but the story has been good quality so far. I'm interested to see how this story will separate itself from the pack.


We get a diverse set of characters, but the isn't much conversation in the story and it's mostly high stress conversations. Which gets tiresome.

The prose flows nicely, but again, the author heavily relies on pointlessly keeping information from the characters and then using their ignorance and interpersonal conflicts to create problems for the characters to deal with. For example their mentor almost literally never tells them anything.

As of chapter 43 the plot lines are starting to spiral out of control. Ideally some of these plotlines would converge and turn out to be related, and we'd start seeing progress towards their resolution.

So far the main character isn't OP, but considering the rate new extremely high level dangers are appearing and his comparatively slow progress, there will likely need to be large amounts of plot device and cheat abilities to keep him alive.



9/10. Would definitely like to see another character's pov if possible though.

fujitora ishuo

If you like litrpg and fantasy you'll probably like this.

If your looking for something unique you won't find it here.

My favourite part was the magic system and my least favourite part is a typical problem. Whenever the mc touches a rabdome stone the stone will turn out to be important and extremely valuable.


Subverts tropes to provide something great

Reviewed at: Chapter 30: Osmosis

Minionmancers are one of my favourite archetypes. However, almost everyone either makes them 'OP' from the get-go or uses the Necromancer archetype. I'm glad Antillar doesn't. Instead, he's put together a compelling slow-burning story where the protagonist isn't the isekaied one and the world can't be judged through a screen of black and white. It forces the reader to accept gray possibilities like reality.

Style: Summoner's Journey reads more like a standard novel rather than a web serial. I love the pacing and over-all style. I intend on buying it when the author takes it to Amazon.

Grammar: No errors that I noticed. The story read like a smooth sailboat on the wild seas of life.

Story: The world-building and character development are amazing, but the overarching plot takes some time to rear its head. I'm a big fan of the magic system as well. I'm glad the author steps away from the same swill everyone else utilises.

Character: Probably the best part of the story. Great narration, great character development, intriguing protagonist and side characters are more than just 2d cardboard cutouts. They have the third dimension! Hell yeah! 

Conclusion: Read this please because it gives me hope for the genre.


Could be a new favorable

Reviewed at: Chapter 33: Ambush

I'm genuinely annoyed that as of reading this theres only 33 chapters, this is the kind of story I would genuinely pay to read.

It's not perfect by any means buts it's close, I'm hoping that as the story continues the issues(if you can call them that) are improved.

The issues being a lack of character development for the rest of the party and side characters though I'm already seeing hints of their personalities and motivations.

If the author reads this  i recommend they read he who fights with monsters for inspiration on character development and infusing more personality into the side characters.

But overall this is a bloody good story so far keep up the good work.


Trash MC breaks the sonic pity barrier, leaves me behind

Reviewed at: Chapter 34: Consequences

This was a very frustrating read for me. The grammar is pretty good. So is the sentence structure. The world and overarching story isn't bad either. I gave a star for each. The style and the characters bring it down though. We go over a dozen chapters before we even learn what the two main characters look like. Outside of plot the description of the characters and environment is just an afterthought. If descriptions are meat then what we get here is mostly skeletal. That only knocked off a star for me. I'll continue reading if it's 3 star or above. The other two stars were lost from the frustrating rage I felt from the MC's irrational behavior and the other characters that lack depth. The isekai best friend is a wooden lump that hardly feels real. The tsundere teammate is angry and hateful for no reason, bossing the MC and others around presumably so that she can be conqueted and tamed later if the anime trope is to be completed.  The other member of the party is silent and mysterious and we know nothing about him after 30 chapters, another anime trope. It's the MC that I can't stand. He's useless trash of the worst degree: unambitious, lazy, weak, ignorant, stupid, mopey, whiney, and has a Jesus complex. A friend hurts themselves.  It must be his fault. Sonebody has hemorrhoids. Clearly it's his fault. Person murdering him is rudely obstructed or wounded. Time to have a two chapter pitty party and wait to die. I simply lost any interest in the travails of such pitiful trash.


Characters are too stupid, too many exaggerated words "he SNAPPED his head up" when someone does something minor. Everything is a huge unfathomable shock to the MC.

Non-MC characters are caricatures of personality traits, they're not real people. MC was raised by legendary parents and did absolutely nothing to take inspiration from them to explore his abilities. He lived in an environment that would promote his growth, and did absolutely nothing with it; he's basically a millennial. "I have the ability to manipulate water, which is something that would be extremely useful and practical in day-to-day living, but somehow I never tested or trained its maximal capabilities."


It's like that quote by Ron Swanson: "if people could fly, they would consider it exercise and no one would do it."

Fassy Drey


Reviewed at: Chapter 43: The death rattle

Although it took me a while to find my bearings with the story, taking me all that while was worth it once I truly began the adventure.

The author comes with a spectacular take on an already saturated genre and if the story is given time to develop, I can fathom it will be one of the top books on this site!

It is a shame to see a story go on haitus just as things get moving. I hope the author gets to find thier bearngs and continues this amazing story in full speed.

I see a lot of hate for the story but one thing I have seen on this site is (and a mistake I made earlier with the characters): "don't judge people and EXPECT them to be some kind of way when you haven't done anything to be in their shoes". What makes the characters so good is that, they are a blank slate we can use to explore this world (even if regular readers might consider themselves more experienced) and do not make the mistake of forgetting their upbringing, the MC is literally a back-water village boy, it's TOO much to expect him to be a genius who can somehow handle everything that comes his way... I love the handicap the author has chosen and would want to see the end of their growth given their capabilities.


This is excellent even though it has a few flaws.  WLITSCH raise some points in his review, like the descriptions of the environment that is lacking, the characters that lack deepness a bit and the MC that seems to be a bit annoyingly kind (not that it affected events that much so far and might be a part of character development as he learns about the real world). I don't think these issues are really that big though, what we have right now is of quality I would pay for. USERNAMEJ though is completely wrong in his review and it seems that he didn't understand the story.