Vincent Kinsington

"Is that the last of it?" Gareth asked as I handed him the box. He was in the back of the moving truck filled with Chet's bed, dresser, desk, two little end tables and the boxes full of our stuff. Mostly Chet's things. I didn't have much.

"Yeah," I said.

Mateo and Gareth hopped out of the back. Alex took a step back as they did so. "We'll meet you there then," Mateo said. He went to the driver's side of the truck and Gareth went to the passenger side. Chet was inside the house making one last scan around his bedroom. If he had missed anything, we could easily come back for it.

"I'll wait in the car," Alex said. He went to his car at the curb and got into the driver's seat.

It was my day off and I was tired from work and school, but I was ready for this move. I hoped Chet picked up the condoms and lube like he said he was going to. I hadn't had a chance to confirm today since we had been so busy. Finally, tonight we would be alone in our own apartment and hopefully not too tired from the move.

I went back inside. Nate sat on the couch. Nat stood by it. Their eyes followed me as I went to the empty bedroom. Chet had his school bag open in his arms. He stuffed the bag of toiletries into his backpack and then zipped it up. I retrieved my own backpack that was on the floor by the door.

"Ready?" I asked him.

He nodded, but looked around the empty room.

"This feels weird," he said.

I took his hand in mine, but didn't rush him. He led me back out into the living room. Nat's hands were entwined together in front of her. Nate stood up when he saw us.

Nat's eyes welled up with tears and she closed the distance quickly to wrap Chet in a tight hug.

"It's okay, mom," he said and patted her back. "We'll come back for dinner sometimes. It's not like I'm moving across the country."

"I know," she said quietly.

Nate came forward and hugged me. "You are always welcome to come back and live here if you need to, Vincent," he told me.

"Thank you," I said.

Chet's parents crossed each other so she was now hugging me and he was hugging Chet.

"You got your pans?" Nat asked me.

"Yes," I assured her. "They are packed away on the truck."

"Don't hesitate to ask us for help," Nate said to Chet.

"I'm not the type to hesitate," Chet said.

They took a step back and just stared at us. I wasn't sure how to break this moment so we could just leave.

"Kanni," Nate called out. "Come say goodbye."

Kannika walked out of her bedroom. "They are leaving now?" she asked as if she didn't just hear our entire conversation. She wasn't fooling anyone. She gave me a hug first and said, "Come back soon and make your spaghetti and meatballs."

"I will," I said. I would miss the family dinners here. They were a lot different than my own family dinners.

"And you," Kannika said as she hugged Chet. "Keep this one because he is now my brother and I like him more than you."

"I'm not going to let him go," Chet said.

She took a step back and smiled at us. Then she got a mischievous glint in her eyes I didn't understand until she said. "I'm glad you're leaving though. Now I don't have to worry about waking up at 2 a.m. to hear you two having sex in the shower again."

"What?!" Nate bellowed while Nat's eyes went wide.

Oh crap.

Nate took a step towards me. Chet quickly stepped in front of me with his hands opened wide as if to stop his dad if his dad decided to tackle me. "It was my fault," Chet said. "Don't blame Vincent. He tried really hard, harder than me, not to break that rule. It doesn't matter now right? Because we're leaving." He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front door. "We love you all," he said as he opened the door.

"We love you all," I said weakly as he pulled me outside. I quickly closed the door behind us.

We paused and looked at each other.

"I guess we weren't as quiet as we thought," Chet said.

"Your dad isn't going to kill me now is he?"

"No. You'll be fine."

Chet pulled me to Alex's car. He got in the back and I sat in the front.

"Ready?" Alex asked us as he started the car.

"I am so ready," Chet said.

We got to the apartment complex. Gareth and Mateo were already there waiting for us. The back of the truck was open. The five of us began to take our stuff to the sixth floor via the elevator. We were a floor above Alex and Mateo. Unlike Alex's and Mateo's apartment, ours was close to the elevator.

It didn't take us too long to get everything moved in. We didn't have any living room furniture - like a couch or a television. Nor did we have a table and chairs.

When we were through moving everything in, Alex ordered a couple of pizza's for all of us. They helped unpack the kitchen items while Chet and I started to make the bed and unpack the bedroom items. We didn't have much kitchen items. There were the pans I got for Christmas and then two glasses, two plates, etc. that the Watakeekuls had given us when we moved out. We didn't have enough at the moment for guests. But that was why pizza was good. We didn't need any plates. We could just use napkins.

When the pizza came, we stood around in our little kitchen and ate. Gareth and Chet sat on the kitchen counters.

"Thanks for coming," Chet said as soon as they were done eating. He started to physically push Gareth out the door.

"Don't you want to play a game or something?" Gareth asked with an all too knowing smile. "I can stay longer."

"No," Chet said.

"We've got to get the truck back anyway," Mateo said. He ushered Gareth out.

"Have fun you two," Alex said with a knowing smirk before he followed after them.

Chet quickly locked the door and turned to me.

"Time to shower and get ready for bed," he said.

I checked the time on my phone. "It's not even nine o'clock yet."

"Yep. Time for bed. Shower first."

He grabbed my hand and started to the bathroom.

"We're going to shower together?" I asked. The excitement beat with my blood.

"Yes," he said. And pulled me into the bathroom. He dropped my hand and sighed when he looked at the shower devoid of any shampoo or soap. "I forgot we haven't unpacked the bathroom yet," he said.

"So you get the soap and stuff and I'll find which box we packed the towels in." The Watakeekuls had also been generous enough to give us a few bathroom towels, washcloths and dish towels. Most of our boxes were unpacked since they were for the bedroom, but there were still a few that were unopened. All the boxes were in the bedroom.

Chet sighed when he saw all the empty boxes scattered along the carpeted floor of the bedroom. "I'm just going to throw these into the living room for now," he said. He began to gather the empty boxes and take them into the living room.

I retrieved the box cutters and opened one of the closed boxes. It was filled with Chet's soccer trophies. I went to the next box and opened it while Chet took even more empty boxes into the living room. I smiled when I saw what I wanted. I took out the towels and washcloths and brought them into the bathroom. I put them away nicely folded.

Chet came into the bathroom behind me. He put the shampoo and soap in the shower and then set the toothpaste, face wash and shaving lotion by the bathroom sink. He handed me my toothbrush and then pulled his from the bag he had. He spread the toothpaste on both of our toothbrushes and began to brush his teeth. I watched him briefly for a moment before I put the toothbrush in my mouth and began to brush my teeth.

I watched him move the toothbrush all around his mouth. Watched as his tongue unknowingly ran across the handle. I looked away as my pants began to get tight around the crotch area. He rinsed his mouth. I followed suit.

"Seriously," he said. "Why does brushing my teeth turn you on?" He slipped a finger into a belt loop on my pants and pulled me to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist as his eyes bore into mine.

"Because I picture my dick in your mouth," I answered honestly. "And my cum on the corner of your lips."

"Gross," he said.


"No," he smirked and crashed his lips to mine. His lips were warm and wet and drove me mad with desire. His hands unzipped my pants while I tried to lift his shirt over his head. He paused so I could take off his shirt. Then he was tugging off my shirt.

Our lips came together again, constantly moving, tasting as we unzipped each others pants and yanked them down. Our boxers quickly followed. We were flesh against flesh, tongues exploring each others mouths. Our hard ons pressed in between us.

Our new shower was like the one at the Watakeekuls where it was a tub/shower combination. I stepped backwards into the tub. He followed. I turned on the shower without breaking my intense kiss with Chet. Freezing water broke our kiss. I frantically fumbled to turn the knob in the right direction. It took too long, but finally hot water ran over my head and down my back.

Chet began to lather me down with sudsy soap starting with my shoulders, my arms, down my chest. He hugged me close and washed my back. He rubbed up against me and my breath caught in the back of my throat. I took some of the bubbly soap from my body onto my hands and circled my arms around him to wash his back as he was doing with me. He pulled away slightly and his soapy hands began to clean my hard on. I moved my hand to do the same to his.

We cleaned each other thoroughly all over the crotch area, down the thighs - I took extra time squeezing and rubbing his thighs - up between the thighs, over each others hips. And then his hands circled back to my butt where he kneaded and squeezed. I swallowed hard as his touch sent tingles through me. My hands ran over the curves of his butt to wash and massage, but when his finger began to enter me, it became difficult for me to move so I just held him.

It had been so long. The last time we had sex was in the shower at his parent's house and I had been the one inside him. The last time he had been inside me...I couldn't even remember when. He could do whatever he wanted with me forever and I would be happy. His finger touched that spot inside me that sent shivers of electricity through me. My legs went weak. His strength and the shower wall helped me stay up. He inserted the second finger. As they moved inside me and hit that spot again, I groaned. I didn't realize my head was tilted back until Chet's lips met my wet skin along my neck.

He pulled away and I was left without his flesh against mine. He grabbed the shampoo and massaged some between his hands. Then his hands were running through my hair, his fingers on my scalp. I lathered shampoo in my hands and did the same for him. My fingers brushed along his scalp as I washed his hair. We rinsed all the soapy suds away while still touching each other. I turned off the water and we got out. He grabbed a towel and patted me down so I did the same for him.

"We didn't bring in our pajamas," I said.

"We're not going to need pajamas tonight," he said.

A red wave of heat washed through me in anticipation. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hall towards our new bedroom. Same bed though. It was going to be our first time in that bed even though we had been sleeping in it together for months.

I pulled him back before we reached the bedroom door.

"Did we leave the blinds open?" I asked.

"Would that stop you if we did?" he asked.

"At the moment, no," I said. My raging hard on didn't care who got a good look as long as this man in front of me - my heart - could have me anyway he wanted.

"I closed them before I followed you into the bathroom," he said. I let him pull me into the room.

Closing the blinds wasn't the only thing he did before going into the bathroom. The lube and condoms were ready on top of the night stand by his side of the bed.

Our lips met again as our arms wrapped around each other. And then the back of my legs were against the bed and I fell back onto it. I scooted so my head was closer to the headboard as he crawled over me. He was sexy above me. His eyes were heated. His lips met mine again. His tongue darted inside my mouth where mine eagerly greeted him. His hard on pressed against me as mine did him.

His lips broke away from mine and trailed down along my jawline. When he got to my earlobe, he sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue along it. Chills ran all over my flesh and a moan escaped me. He nibbled it and I clung onto him harder. His lips left my ear and went down my neck, down my chest and stomach. He scooted down a little further and ran his tongue along my hard on. I groaned as he took me in his mouth. My hands fisted in his hair as the heat and wetness enveloped me.

"Wait," I said as his mouth worked me.

He sat back on his knees between my legs and said, "Why? I thought you wanted to see my with your dick in my mouth and your cum at the corner of my lips." He smirked and I burned.

I swallowed suddenly incredibly thirsty. "I want to cum with you inside me," I said.

He crawled over me until his head hovered over mine. His deep brown eyes stared into mine before they darted to my lips. Then he slowly dipped his head and kissed me. As our lips moved together, as my arms enfolded around his neck, he reached out and grabbed the lube.

He broke away from the kiss just long enough to put the lube on his fingers and then he was kissing me again. He inserted his fingers. I didn't need much preparation since he had already started this process in the shower. He prepared the condom and the lube. I watched him hungrily wanting nothing more than for him to be inside me.

He readjusted my legs and then slowly pushed inside me. We stared at each other in the small space between us. He swallowed as his eyes trailed down along my body and then back up to my eyes. He began to move in and out. He hit that spot that heated my body and sent tingles to every part of me. My eyes closed as a moan escaped me. One of my hands fisted in his hair. The other hand reached for my hard on and began to stroke it. As he continued to move inside me and pleasure that spot, one of his hands wrapped around mine and we pumped me together.

I bit my bottom lip as I groaned and arched. His lips crashed against mine and for a moment it felt like I was flying and then I released on both of us. He climaxed just after I did.

I opened my eyes as he pulled back from the kiss to stare down at me. He stayed inside me as he watched me. I had missed this. His finger ran along my jaw.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too."

He pulled out then and cleaned both of us. He settled beside me and threw one leg over both of mine. Our naked bodies next to each other on top of the blankets. I readjusted so I was using one of his arms as a pillow.

His free hand began to gently trace my eyebrows. With work, school and the move, I was exhausted. I hadn't intended to go to sleep that early, but his gentle touch soothed me and my eyes closed on their own. My dreams were consumed with Chet.


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