The Great Filter System

by Grammar Slayer

Original ONGOING Action Contemporary Fantasy Sci-fi Dungeon GameLit Grimdark High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Post Apocalyptic War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The era of prosperity and peace came to an end suddenly, but that era also gave the humans a chance for them to develop as species by leaps and bounds at the cost of many sacrifices.

Suddenly, all living beings on Earth got electrocuted when a massive electromagnetic wave crossed the planet, initializing the great filter system. Those who were physically weak passed out and those who were even weaker died at that very same moment. However, that was just the beginning. Even the dead would contribute in order to make the human race stronger, but the contribution would come with a price...

The dead returned to torment the living, even dead animals... portals across the whole planet appeared connecting Earth to unbelievable worlds and bringing their bloodthirsty inhabitants to test the human race survival instincts. While everything was being destroyed at an astounding pace, Cole had one thing in mind, go back home and reunite with his sister, the only family he still had. However, the journey back home won't be easy. Along the way, he will see what the human race can do to survive and what humans are capable of when they were put against the wall...


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Grammar Slayer

Grammar Slayer

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Royal Butterfly Force
  • Overall Score

The story, as another review said, has no incentives to make you want to continue reading. So boring.

Also, why isn't there a multiple lead character tag? That's basically what this is.

  • Overall Score

It's mostly good and realistic but...

Reviewed at: Chapter 17

The story is lacking in making you want to cheer for the characters. Also, despite the tags and the summary suggesting that Cole is the protagonist, it doesn't feel like it at all. He doesn't do anything or possess any qualities that would make him anything more than the best buddy type of side character. The world building is lacking and the descriptions are rarely given. I had trouble imagining most of the stuff that was happening, especially how the characters or the zombies and skeletons look , and how the fights are happening.


Anyway, this is a decent fic but numerous small mistakes caused by what I assume to be a lack of experience, make it a bit boring. It doesn't grip you and make you click the next chapter button without thinking "Should I continue now or later when I have nothing else to read?".

I hope you do not take this as a flame. It isn't one.

  • Overall Score

The game mechanics are so bad

Reviewed at: Chapter 02

-I stopped at chapter 2-

Seems silly that before the characters do a move, they have to scream outloud "mana bolt" or "throw" or "powerful attack" to  perform those tasks. I had to stop right there. Ruines the possiblity of stealth or stealth attacks if the characters are shouting what they are about to do. Also, the characters shouting their moves during combat, is most helpful in helping whoever they are combating.

  • Overall Score

The horror... the horror.......

Reviewed at: Chapter 03

It might be worth a read in the future, when the author's more experienced and the story's suffered a thorough edit. Until then, the grammar alone is enough to scare me from reading this.

Edit: 'grammar slayer' is a fitting name, since the author is constantly maiming it with a proverbial chainsaw.

  • Overall Score

Chapter 2 so far and I love it, especially how reactions aren't overblown or too little, it's realistic :D

Omnis Ra
  • Overall Score

Well thought out idea

Reviewed at: Chapter 04

Like how the monsters and other baddies come to Earth and the people get powers, instead of people getting summond to the other world.