Catgirl in the Pantry

by Ascent

Original ONGOING Contemporary Fantasy Romance Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

When Gavin finds that a catgirl from another world mysteriously appears in his pantry, he decides, against all logic, to let her live in his room. But it’s not easy to keep a curious, free-spirited catgirl a secret. She doesn’t know anything about Earth culture, she’s constantly bored, and she has a strange and frustrating disregard for clothing. It’ll be hard enough for Gavin to keep his parents from finding out. And it’ll only get more complicated once a shadowy organization bent on killing any otherworlders enters the scene…

Content: An ecchi reverse-isekai romance/adventure involving a catgirl. Strong sexual themes, but no explicit descriptions of sexual acts (i.e. not erotica). Strong language in some sections. A few sentences of mild gore. A focus on strong plot and characters in an attempt to raise the bar for the ecchi romance genre.

Book is already fully written at 120k words. The entire release schedule, start to finish, can be seen here. Updates average 2.1k words. Because it's already fully written, there is no chance this fiction will ever go on hiatus or be abandoned, so read with confidence!

Heads Up: This book is not intended to be permanently free! It is being posted in its entirety as a beta on Royal Road in preparation for its Amazon release on May 16th. It will be taken down from Royal Road on June 20th. While it is running, I will be collecting feedback from the comments section and incorporating it into the final Amazon version. The Royal Road community is excellent, so I’m grateful to have you all on board as beta readers!

We have a Discord server! Check the author’s notes sections for more info.

As you read, please put any feedback you have comments!

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Delivers on its promise; masterful execution

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

 In the description, the author promised an ecchi with a focus on solid character and plot in the hopes of elevating the genre. He delivers in spades. Likeable and well rounded characters. Believable character interactions. Thoughtful and interesting plot and character progression. Deviates from standard tropes often and to the benefit of the story. Interesting world building (cat girl's magic interacts with our world in an interesting and fun way). An MC that's not a pathetic loser like most "fantasy/ecchi girl dropped in my lap" slice of life shows. It's just damn good, and you should read it. 

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Spectacularly crafted romance novel

Reviewed at: 31: Gym

This story is obviously really tightly planned. Pulling off a convincing romance love triangle where a sexually-charged high school boy is actually trying to figure out which of the competing (and strong-willed) girls he is interested in, rather than just trying to secretly have both at once, can be tough. He's got to go from believably being interested in one, to disarmed, caught off guard and realizing he's completely enamored with the other, over and over, or the triangle is solved too easily. Timing events and new developments is everything, and this author has that timing down pat. Hilarious misunderstandings ensue. Tons of 'Uh oh... here it comes' and 'dun dun DUN!' moments. 

And there is amazing characterization here. All the characters act believably and distinctly from each other. I love that I can tell that their responses to a shared experience are different and based in their own personalities instead of just all echoing a single sentiment. Humorous slice of life scenes are frequently interrupted for real, down-to-earth relational conflict, which strengthens the characterization. The author doesn't seem to shy away from some pretty hefty exploration into the issues that all real relationships have, especially the immature high school age ones. 

There also seems to be some bizarre life-threatening plot arising, which I'm not used to seeing in romance novels until right near the end. I'm excited to see what's in store there.

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Adorable Anime-style Slice of Life

Reviewed at: 28: Not a Cosplayer

What geeky high school boy doesn't dream of having catgirl suddenly appear in his life? 

Gavin is living the dream, he has a drop-dead georgeous catgirl who appeared in his pantry, and needs him to show her about the world, and cute girl at school who suddenly seems interested in him.  Life should be perfect, right?  But the catgirl is getting restless, and the school girl friend seems a little too clever for Gavin's own good. Throw a couple of parents and a little brother into the mix, and Gaven suddenly has a lot to handle.

I am finding this story perfect for a llittle escapist reading.  The characters are well thought out, and the banter is amusing. I particularly appreciate that the author has stated that the whole story is complete, so I know I'm not going to be left hanging.  Perfect to read while riding the bus home.  Give it a try.


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Not for Everyone

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

The author repeatedly says in the comments, that this story is definitely not for everyone.  Sadly, I fall right in the middle of that everyone.  I tend to like slice of life stories, but this one is hard to read.  

As I've been considering this review, I've been trying to figure out the problem I have with the story, and how exactly to explain it..  I think what it boils down to is, that the MC is so unrealistic.  Worrying about feelings, and how he views women.  Unless you're a college kid being challenged by a bunch of feminists, this is not something a normal kid is going to be concerned with.  Particularly a virgin idiot like he, as he obviously is.  Feeling guilty over being attracted to a pretty girl.  I mean, how much more unrealistic can you get?  

I like some of the ideas in the story.  Certainly I enjoy the slow pace, but the MC is such an unrealistic, idiotic tool, that its hard to feel any empathy with him.

Mark Arrows
  • Overall Score

It's a great story if you like slice of life, cultural gaps, reverse isekai, heavy world building, and emotional struggling. It takes the question "What would it actually be like to be stuck in an anime situation like this?" And really fleshes it out to the extreme. Details are fine painted into the story at every nook and cranny and the characters really feel unique. Everyone has goals and agendas - they're not background detail left to the side.


If you want combat or action, it's going to take a while and be very slow. 

If you're looking for a self insert character, you're going to be upset really quickly as the main character clearly has a personality, goals, dreams and emotional baggage all unique to him. This is no blank slate. 

Some other reviewers are hitting this story hard because of one issue: it's about high school kid(s) who are clearly acting on a way higher maturity level then average. It takes a lot of self realization to recognize when you're being led by your hormones rather than your head, and being able to truly consider some else's point of view without letting your personal ego warp the picture. There's some shenanigans, but for the most part people actually talk, communicate their thoughts and resolve conflicts in a way adults would. An unusual amount of these hooligans running around seem to be remarkably skilled at doing that. Not perfectly of course, there's still some good old traditional high school solutions, like ignoring the problem or lying when it's complicated to explain. But we haven't seen people communicating through passive agressive song lyrics just yet.


If you don't mind that, it's a great read. If you're a picky reader that wants everyone to act exactly like their age, you'll have an issue. 


Overall 10/10

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Very nice little story.

Reviewed at: 34: "Nyah"

Very nice little story. Curiosly well written , not at all what I feared from the title. I will keep it on my favs :)

  • Overall Score

Nice idea, dry execution

Reviewed at: Chapter 3

The writing just doesn't flow well, it's a bit dry, a bit stiff and the reactions and interactions seem... forced? Artificial? Real people wouldn't act like this in that situation. Trust is established almost instantly not only between complete strangers but strangers of different species. Why? That's not how people work.

World hopping also is handled more like an everyday routine and not like an event of grand proportions. They basically just shrug it off.

Solid idea, but it lacks execution. 

  • Overall Score

I read up to the latest chapter 31.
The story is about a teen boy who is going through puberty and stumbles upon an unusual situation where he finds an attractive cat girl in his pantry. a pretty juicy setting for a lot of storytelling right?
ya, nope. nothing really happens for a damn long time. The reaction of pretty much everyone involved is unnatural, to say the least. the mc seems to have 2 different personalities, one for everyone at school including a girl he had a crush on and another one for the cat girl who is also triggering a lot of signals in his brain. now, if the difference was only that he was more flustered or aroused or embarrassed around the cat girl then it would have been fine. but the problem is that he throws out the whole im-completely-reasonable-person-who-doesn't-care-about-highschool-drama. the mc tries super hard to come off as a typical 'nice-guy' and trying to get sympathy for it. No, I do not mean that he should act like a leach but that doesn't mean that the author has to create situations, again and again, to show how much of a 'nice guy' he is.
It's basically the male version of the popular stereotypical novel with a female lead in a high school drama setting who keeps on uttering how different she is from everyone. 
plus, I would still not rate it so low considering its rrl but the sheer lack of any action mad the story very-very difficult to read. By, action i do not mean I needed some 10 fights within the first 2 chapters or an active harem by the 4th. What I mean is nothing really interesting happens ever and anything that could lead to some interesting outcomes is cut short for frankly no reason. It felt more like the author wouldn't be able to control the narrative had he let things play out naturally. 

Anyways, I got a bit toxic in the last part.
Try the story if you like slice of life, want to try something new and don't have anything else to read atm.

  • Overall Score

Good story for weak males.

Reviewed at: 18: Double-scheduled

Writing was good, grammar was good, story was ok, character not good. I suffered to chapter 14. Can't stand the MC, he comes across as a childish cuck. Normally if the story is good I can overlook similar shortcomings...this was too egregious and I had to drop the story. Avoid.