Reborn on a Systemless Earth... With a System

Reborn on a Systemless Earth... With a System

by B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

You know the setup: A young man on Earth hit by a speeding truck who ends up in a generic fantasy world.
But what about this: A young man in a generic LitRPG fantasy world hit by a carriage who ends up in modern-day San Francisco, and yet still wants to be a hero anyway? That's how Systemless starts, and boy does it never let up.

Join Eryk Solbourne and his two Earthen friends Francis and Delta as they adventure across the United States and try to achieve the impossible: becoming the ultimate hero in a world where levels don't even exist.

Cover art by Mikayla Buan. 

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B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

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Table of Contents
185 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Against a Necromancer ago
Chapter 2: My Life After Death ago
Chapter 3: I'm in a New World... What Is This Place? ago
Chapter 4: Pink Hair, Just Like Me ago
Chapter 5: A Field of Low-Level Enemies, and Farming Destiny Points ago
Chapter 6: My Fight for Destiny Points ago
Chapter 7: Vending Machines Are Confusing ago
Chapter 8: Guiding Me Around, Giving Me Info ago
Chapter 9: Chased Out of a Con ago
Chapter 10: Through the Fire and Flames ago
Chapter 11: Finally, Some Explanations Around Here ago
Chapter 12: I Call This Hamburger... Excellence Incarnate ago
Chapter 13: A Situation Moves Forward ago
Chapter 14: Life, and... Keeping It ago
Chapter 15: Assessing the Situation and How I Can Be a Hero, Even Here ago
Chapter 16: Big Bout with Buddy ago
Chapter 17: The Longest Ride ago
Chapter 18: Delta Momma Blues ago
Chapter 19: Finally, Another Set of People to Meet and Experiences to Have ago
Chapter 20: A Plan to Push Power to the Plimit ago
Chapter 21: Streaming ago
Special: Royals of Foreign Lands ago
Chapter 22: Haunting ago
Chapter 23: Breakfast & Classes & Parents ago
Chapter 24: Driving Out of Town + Convenience Store ago
Chapter 25: The Great Test (Part One) ago
Special: The Class System and a Japanese-Fusion Diner ago
Chapter 26: The Great Test (Part Two) ago
Chapter 27: The Great Test (Part Three) ago
Chapter 28: The Great Test (Part Four) ago
Chapter 29: Three Scenes and Some Thoughts About Various Subjects ago
New Bonus Chapter Poll + Update ago
Chapter 30: Mystifying ago
Special: Delta's Life at the Office ago
Chapter 31: My Next Day For Destiny ago
Chapter 32: Foresight and My Destiny Revealed ago
Chapter 33: I'm Going to Learn Something Known as Boxing ago
Special: The Adventurer's Guild ago
Chapter 34: A Very Dangerous Proposition... For Them ago
Chapter 35: My Brawl Barely Begins ago
Chapter 36: Boy, is This a Battle! ...Is This a Battle? ago
Chapter 37: When Bad Bros Bounce ago
Chapter 38: I Never Knew What Guns Were Until Today ago
Chapter 39: An Aftermath and an Appellation ago
Chapter 40: Level Up! It Only Took Three Extremely Long Days To Accomplish It! ago
Special: Eryk's First Adventure on Mystix (1/5) ago
Special: Eryk's First Adventure on Mystix (2/5) ago
Special: Eryk's First Adventure on Mystix (3/5) ago
Special: Eryk's First Adventure on Mystix (4/5) ago
Special: Eryk's First Adventure on Mystix (5/5) ago
Chapter 41: Good/Not Really ago
Chapter 42: Backlash ago
Chapter 43: Remnants of a Forgotten Dream ago
Chapter 44: How is Everyone Doing? ago
Chapter 45: War in the Pocket ago
Chapter 46: Time Well Spent ago
Chapter 47: Station-ary ago
Chapter 48: Amtrak, Earbuds, and Little Debbies ago
Chapter 49: I Do Not Know What Sweethearts Are, But I Am Probably Not One ago
Chapter 50: Secretive Agency ago
Chapter 51: Arrival in the Land of Grapes ago
Chapter 52: Pablo Rosas of Paso Robles ago
Chapter 53: A Destiny Point Gauntlet and a Sudden Non Sequitur Cliffhanger ago
Chapter 54: A Not-so-Anticlimactic Resolution ago
Special: Francis and the Phone Call ago
Chapter 55: Hotel Fun ago
Chapter 56: A Memory and a Rest ago
Chapter 57: I Think We Will Decide To Exit Stealthily ago
Another Bonus Chapter Poll ago
Chapter 58: I Ponder My Worries; Delta's Secret is Revealed ago
Chapter 59: Entering the Hot Springs, I Notice Something... ago
Chapter 60: A Nice Hotsprings Bath (Fanservice Chapter) ago
Chapter 61: Being Naked and Examining My Achievements Board ago
Chapter 62: An Escape While Still Naked ago
Chapter 63: Listen, I Didn't Say We Were Smart ago
Special: Julie Rafati, Associate Professor ago
Chapter 64: Miss M's Retribution + My Predicament ago
Chapter 65: A Cult of Karens ago
Chapter 66: I'm Very Upset at the Fact that Beverages Don't Give Destiny Points ago
Chapter 67: Our Ultimate--Hic--Escape ago
Chapter 68: Another Day, Another Fire ago
Chapter 69: Eryk Meets His Match ago
Chapter 70: The Tragic Life of One Pablo Rosas ago
Chapter 71: The 5:55 ago
Chapter 72: I'm Dreaming Again ago
Chapter 73: A Rare Occassion ago
Chapter 74: War in the Pocket 2: Electric Boogaloo ago
Special: A Train-Bound Life (Feat. Delta) ago
Chapter 75: Awake With My Destiny ago
Chapter 76: The Simple Pleasures ago
Chapter 77: Loot ago
Chapter 78: So, Uh, Yeah ago
Chapter 79: Arrrrr ago
Chapter 80: I Forgot to Mention ago
Chapter 81: Meeting the Locals, and Soon the King Too ago
Chapter 82: Our Path to Santa Barbara Castle ago
Chapter 83: This... This is King Bodhi?! ago
Chapter 84: A Beast of a Man ago
Chapter 85: Barb Bucks ago
Chapter 86: We Haven't Gone Shopping In a While... Or Was It Like Two Days Ago ago
Special: Francis Rants About Video Games ago
Chapter 87: Watching the Games ago
Brief Hiatus (like two weeks) ago
Chapter 88: A Slow Night ago
Chapter 89: Dare to Dream ago
Chapter 90: About My Tomb ago
Chapter 91: Systemless ago
Chapter 92: Jump Ultimate Stars for the Nintendo DS ago
Special: The Santa Barbara Zoo (The Otter Chapter) ago
Chapter 93: That Was Fun. Let's Head Back. ago
Chapter 94: I Show Off a Little ago
Chapter 95: Another Audience Allowed, Allelujah ago
Chapter 96: One Night of Training ago
Special: Two Best Friends ago
Chapter 97: My Sweet One ago
Chapter 98: Before Sunrise ago
Chapter 99: A Great Summoning ago
Chapter 100: The Surf-Off ago
Chapter 101: Time to Increase My Rank! ago
Chapter 102: I Show Off ago
Chapter 103: Zoo Again (April Fool's) ago
Systemless Returns Update ago
Chapter 103: Crowning the Champion ago
Chapter 104: Francis, No! ago
Chapter 105: Battle Prep ago
Chapter 106: The Greatest Assault Ever ago
Chapter 107: The Greatest Assault Ever... Continues ago
Chapter 108: I Never Trusted Economists ago
Chapter 109: Oh, Francis... ago
Chapter 110: Saying Our Parting Farewells to Santa Barbara ago
Special: The Agency ago
Chapter 112: News Report (Live From Simi Valley) ago
Chapter 113: Catching Up on Stats ago
Chapter 114: The Dream Warriors ago
Chapter 115: Hoisted: Rare's Gambit ago
Chapter 116: Thunder Whip ago
Chapter 117: The La-est of Lands ago
Chapter 118: Limousine Tour ago
Chapter 119: Taylor & the T-Swift ago
Chapter 120: Canyon + Butlers ago
Chapter 121: Vapid Terrible Luncheon ago
Chapter 122: With Francis ago
Chapter 123: Meeting the Mixtape Man ago
Chapter 124: Let's Sit On the Pier and Watch the Sunset Like "Bros" ago
Chapter 125: Empathy ago
Chapter 126: Blaze Blitzer and the Waifus ago
Chapter 127: The Awesome Adventures of Clone Eryk ago
Chapter 128: Osore ago
Chapter 129: Buried, Both Emotionally and Spectrally ago
Chapter 130: War in the Pocket 3: Revengeance ago
Chapter 131: A Parade in South Spire ago
Chapter 132: Dark Room, Light Room ago
Chapter 133: The Conversation I Never Expected ago
Chapter 134: Shoot Em Up ago
Chapter 135: His So-Called Allies ago
Chapter 136: Dawn of the Fifth Day ago
Chapter 137: Amaranth Ascendant ago
Chapter 138: Resurrection Ritual ago
Chapter 139: New Ruler of New Slayers ago
Special: Delta & Julie - A ago
Special: Delta & Julie - B ago
Special: Delta & Julie - C ago
Special: Delta & Julie - D ago
Special: Delta & Julie - E ago
Special: Delta & Julie - F ago
Chapter 140: Astral Projection Training ago
Chapter 141: It's A Fight Scene ago
Chapter 142: Crafted ago
Chapter 143: Oh No, Sorting ago
Chapter 144: A While Later ago
Chapter 145: Guess Who It Is Now? ago
Chapter 146: The Multiverse ago
Chapter 147: Can We Reconcile? ago
Special: Safety ago
Chapter 148: Trying to Convince Her ago
Chapter 149: Let's Project ago
Chapter 150: Some Consequences Come Instantly ago
Special: Esther's Diary ago
Chapter 151: Peace Negotiations... ago
Chapter 152: Shit ago
Special: In Her Domain ago
Special: Five Views of Disaster ago
Chapter 154: My Reckoning ago
Special: Getting God - A ago
Special: Getting God - B ago

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Cocop (Cale Plamann)

The Dark Fish Out of Water Comedy LitRPG You Didn't Know You Needed!

Reviewed at: Special: Royals of Foreign Lands

Summary: Systemless is a great fish out of water comedy with LitRPG elements.  I.e. it feels more slice of life than action/adventure.  There isn't really a lot of combat, instead more of a focus on exploration and learning (think Pillars of Eternity) and it works very well.  That said, if you are coming here to read about a powerful combat oriented protagonist this probably isn't the story you should want.

The story is fast paced with short paragrahs.  That makes it a simple/easy read but from time to time it can be a bit too quick and distracting.

What mistakes there were seem to have been fixed before I finished my read through.  Nothing to complain about.

It's more slice of life, so the plot isn't the focus but the worldbuilding is top notch.  The story has done a good job so far of exploring the characters and how they interact with each other.  The system serves as both an interesting plot element as well as a ticking time bomb that drives the plot forward, keeping things from becoming too stagnant in the Slice of Life Elements.

All of the characters feel fleshed out and real.  The MC's fish out of water act is starting to wear a little thin, but at the same time he's learning.  I'm most interested right now in how some of the secondary characters develop.

YAK Edge

In the wide sea of Isekais and LitRPGs that are flooding this site, Systemless certainly shines thanks to its unique premise.

Story 4/5

The premise is simple. Your standard LitRPG protagonist dies and instead of this super awesome world gets reincarnated into our world. Right in the middle of a convention. And hijinks ensue. After ten chapters, he can include illegal weapon possession, property damage, public harassment and arson to his list.

Especially interesting is the reincarnation system that is tied to the overall cosmology. There is certainly some potential there.

Characters 3/5

Eryk is your standard LitRPG protagonist. You have probably met many others like him before. What makes him unique is the situation where he finds himself him. As such, he gets bonus points for developing into an atypical direction. Not to mention that his typical way of thinking just won't work in a systemless wok. 

As such, after chapter ten, he is neither too bad not too good. He is likable enough that one can follow him and there is a lot of potential that he will develop into a truly unique protagonist.

The other characters are okay as well. They aren't too developed for now, as the main focus is on Eryk. But they are nice enough that one enjoys reading about them.


Grammar 4/5

The grammar is at a high-enough standard. It is not perfect but there aren't any major issues and it won't diminish the reading experience.


Style 3,5/5

In the beginning, the author uses what I like to call "Light-Novel-Prose". The ration of showing vs telling is skewed towards the telling side and descriptions and atmospheric writing is sparse. That being said, there is some noticeable improvement within the first ten chapters already.

Overall verdict

A fun little story. Fans of LitRPGs and Isekais who like a fresh breeze in the stale land of these two genres will enjoy this story.


So, characters are great, although the possible romance isn't my cup of tea it's still great enough to ignore it. Little to no grammatical or spelling errors. Definitely a potential top 5 trending story!


I hate how this novel just forces misunderstandings and sells that as plot. It is really frustrating to see how NO ONE can actually explain normally what the f is going on to him. Can't anyone just explain anything simple enough, that Eryk understands it? I mean it isn't hard. The charakters are also pretty unrealistic and messy and i dislike this story. The premise is a good one, but the rest? Idk about that


Seeing the title, i thought— Well that is stupid but consider me surprise.

This story rocks.

I'm a lazy reader and I prefer short paragraphs than long ones. And this novel is to my taste.

Short paragraphs with content. Characters are lovable and awesome.

Plot is not original bu the author makes it more interesting than others.

I hope you try this and loved it as much as I do.



 I dislike the characters I tried but couldn't get over how they're portrayed. That being said I give 4 starts in character because they're well done. I mean sure I don't like them but they're well done and fleshed out. Credit where credit is due. The Grammer is great the style is unique and I read a lot of it just for the smooth story. It's nice to read something professional level from time to time. Anyway everyone should give it a chance I'm dropping it but it took me 30chapters to realize it's not my cup of tea.


It's a fresh take on a worn out story type. That said, it's okay. The writing is not bad. Could use a bit of a clean up. The grammar is also the same way. Just needs some house cleaning. The story itself is alright, it's a neat take on this type of story. I kinda like the MC, but the other people are kinda boring.