Dated July 4th, 2024:


Dear diary,


Happy birthday, America. It’s me, Esther. I may only be a year old, but I’ve lived in you the whole time, and you’ve got a lot of great things to offer the multiverse. I hope you can be force for good instead of a destructive one, when all is said and done.

And, thank you, diary, for giving me a voice. My parents and Master Keitou are so busy all the time down here in the safe house that I don’t get much time to talk to them like I want. So for the past month or two, it’s just you and me, and I’m glad you’re listening.

My mothers have grown so much. I don’t think they’ve noticed yet, but I sure have.

Mom has trained her powers up to a very respectable degree, and I think she may even be able to use some of her Destiny Card skills without even consuming Life Points. She doesn’t have a system anymore, so it just makes it all that more impressive. She’s so strong and awesome!

Maman isn’t a good fighter, but that doesn’t matter. She’s been reading a lot of books on her e-reader device that she never got around to, lots of nonfiction work and educational textbooks. She’s told me now she’s interested in switching careers to become a career activist, because there are a lot of things wrong in the world that she wants to change.

I want to change them, too. So I’ve been studying interests in my free time. Science is very interesting, and so is mathematics. I think I love all of the STEM fields, and I want to get really good at them! I wish I had people my age to talk about it with, but at least sometimes I can talk to Maman about the things she is studying.

It’s been an interesting 13 months since I was born, and I have a feeling in my gut that we are just a day or two away from something big happening. In fact, it might even be today. I think everyone else feels it, too. Now, Master Keitou and Mom’s training has kicked into high gear, and they are fighting each other nonstop. Maman looks a little bored by it, but I’m always excited.

Mom is so powerful she can throw Master Keitou down in one attack now. She’s just that strong physically. It’s hard for her to get close enough when Master Keitou is doing her big attacks, but with her magical powers growing, even that won’t stop her for long.

One day, Mom is going to be one of the best heroes in the whole multiverse. Maybe even the one to save the day. I’ll be there to support her when she does.

So, this is the end of my diary entry for today. I’ll talk to you again soon, whenever I get lonely or bored. You’re my best friend, diary, so don’t go anywhere!



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