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Just a fun news post.




Reborn on a Systemless Earth... With a System has been mostly on hiatus for a few months now, but it's finally about to end in one day. That's right... updates resume TOMORROW.


The update schedule for the time being will be two chapters per week, and both will be released in the weekends, usually Sundays. This might increase over time, but I'm so busy with a half-dozen projects that I can't promise anything yet.

On Patreon, there's two tiers. The $2 tier gives you two advance chapters. The $10 tier gives you 4+ advance chapters, and frequently a whole lot more than that. Currently, you can read all the way up to Chapter 117! It REALLY helps me and the rest of the Quinlan Circle out, so I highly encourage chipping in; I'm going to commission more art for this series soon and every bit helps. (It's also a really big self-esteem boost...!)

The story is about halfway over. I want to try and end it by Chapter 200, but I think it'll go past that. But I have one question I'd really love reader feedback on with the rest of the story!

Which would you prefer:

A) More comedic antics with characters and slow progression.

B) Rush the character stuff and get to the Really Crazy Shit.

I'm deciding how quickly/slowly to go to the big Los Angeles story arc that's been teased throughout the story so far, and your feedback will help me figure out how to approach it. Please let me know which you want.

Anyway, please return to our regularly scheduled Eryk Solbourne very soon.


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