Bonus Chapter Ideas: Which topics are cool?
Eryk and Borguk's friendship
3.97% 3.97% of votes
Please just make a beaver chapter already
20.63% 20.63% of votes
A flashback chapter featuring one of the classes we haven't seen yet
2.38% 2.38% of votes
A chapter about Francis's parents
6.35% 6.35% of votes
A chapter about Julie
19.05% 19.05% of votes
Blaze Blitzer and the Dungeon Core Saga Series
8.73% 8.73% of votes
Fanservice-filled beach chapter
11.9% 11.9% of votes
More Miss M
19.05% 19.05% of votes
Whatever happened to that Buddy guy from like 45 chapters ago?
7.14% 7.14% of votes
Other (Please comment!)
0.79% 0.79% of votes
Total: 126 vote(s)

It's that time again!

We reached 135 reviews today thanks to the newest review the story received today. That means one thing: Otter chapter coming soon!

However, there haven't been all too many ratings for Reborn on a Systemless Earth... With a System in the past month or so, and so I'd like to encourage that with another poll asking about possible content for new bonus chapters, as well as some Ratings Stretch Goals. If we reach these goals, I'll give some extra stuff that can range from crucial backstory to silly side stuff.

Here is the stretch goal list:

150 ratings: New bonus chapter!

165 ratings: New bonus chapter!

175 ratings: A chapter every single day for a week.

190 ratings: New bonus chapter!

200 ratings: RED ALERT. A lengthy side story bonus chapter all about the Beavers of Mystix. The Most Important Goal of Them All.

So keep this in mind and I hope this encourages many new ratings.

Another bonus I would like to offer for now is the Destiny Card Challenge!

What is the Destiny Card Challenge? Well, I will give exclusive access to anyone who reviews Reborn on a Systemless Earth... With a System to create a Destiny Card! Give it a name and a power, and I will make sure that, at some point, in some form, that Destiny Card appears in the story. This can be some game-changing stuff! And it's available to every single person who reviews the story (no matter what the score is, of course; I love all reviews regardless of content). (PM me or comment for your card ideas if you have them, either way is fine.)

Anyway, vote on the bonus chapter ideas you like, and make sure to comment with other ideas if you have them.

Thank you for reading so far into my silly story!!!


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B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

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Avatar art by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

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