What should the 5th Bonus Chapter be about?
Another chapter about Francis as a streamer
13.76% 13.76% of votes
Blaze Blitzer and the Dungeon Core Saga game series
19.27% 19.27% of votes
Otters (but not sentient ones)
32.11% 32.11% of votes
Eryk's first adventure as an [Adventurer]
31.19% 31.19% of votes
Other (Leave a comment)
3.67% 3.67% of votes
Total: 109 vote(s)

Hello and thank you for reading everything so far; it's been great!

First, here's a poll for what the 5th bonus chapter should be about. There's a few options I have here, though if you have any suggestions you can leave them in the comments.

Second, I've been posting a ton of chapters this week, but sadly that won't be able to continue as much for a little while. I'm starting to do some big time work on my other series ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture, and so chapters every single day will be a bit too difficult. I'll try and post some more chaptes soon, though!

As promised, if the story hits 110 ratings, I'll do a double-chapter day.

But the previously-stated goal of getting a bonus story all about the sentient beaver race on Mystix, reaching #1 on Trending, is clearly not going to happen. Since I'd feel bad for setting a goal that isn't attainable, I'll change the goal: if the story reaches 200 ratings, I'll release the beaver story and satiate the rabid beaver fans. I think that's fair enough.

So, thank you for reading and keep on believing in the Heart of the Cards!

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