Reborn on a Systemless Earth... With a System -- A Reverse-Isekai Adventure

by Thedude3445

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Contemporary Fantasy Dungeon GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead Super Heroes Supernatural

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

The system can be accepted by anyone who decides to Class Up using the world’s various Sorting Scepters. From then on, leveling up will be possible, but it could come at the cost of one's life. All actions one takes, from combat to breathing, take from their pool of LP (Life Points). Run out, and so too will they perish. The only way to replenish one's LP is to level up and learn new skills.

Eryk Solbourne chooses the [Adventurer] class, destined to explore great worlds, fight magnificent beasts, and inspire others. Now he is a D-Rank hero, but he will forge a powerful destiny for himself... and he will do so in a new world, after The Goddess reincarnates him in a brand-new Earth that is in desperate need of his abilities.

Reborn on a Systemless Earth... With a System is the story of a young man on a journey to become a legendary S-Rank hero in a world where ranks don't even exist.

Cover art by Joi Massat.

Author's Note: This story is an experiment for me because it's the first story I will be writing with no backlog whatsoever. Because of that, reader comments are highly encouraged if you would like to influence the direction of the story. There will be 3-4 updates per week, but there could be more depending on my schedule.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Against a Necromancer ago
Chapter 2: My Life After Death ago
Chapter 3: I'm in a New World... What Is This Place? ago
Chapter 4: Pink Hair, Just Like Me ago
Chapter 5: A Field of Low-Level Enemies, and Farming Destiny Points ago
Chapter 6: My Fight for Destiny Points ago
Chapter 7: Vending Machines Are Confusing ago
Chapter 8: Guiding Me Around, Giving Me Info ago
Chapter 9: Chased Out of a Con ago
Chapter 10: Through the Fire and Flames ago
Chapter 11: Finally, Some Explanations Around Here ago
Chapter 12: I Call This Hamburger... Excellence Incarnate ago
Chapter 13: A Situation Moves Forward ago
Chapter 14: Life, and... Keeping It ago
Chapter 15: Assessing the Situation and How I Can Be a Hero, Even Here ago
Chapter 16: Big Bout with Buddy ago
Chapter 17: The Longest Ride ago
Chapter 18: Delta Momma Blues ago
Chapter 19: Finally, Another Set of People to Meet and Experiences to Have ago
Chapter 20: A Plan to Push Power to the Plimit ago
Chapter 21: Streaming ago
Special: Royals of Foreign Lands ago
Chapter 22: Haunting ago
Chapter 23: Breakfast & Classes & Parents ago
Chapter 24: Driving Out of Town + Convenience Store ago
Chapter 25: The Great Test (Part One) ago
Special: The Class System and a Japanese-Fusion Diner ago
Chapter 26: The Great Test (Part Two) ago
Chapter 27: The Great Test (Part Three) ago
Chapter 28: The Great Test (Part Four) ago
Chapter 29: Three Scenes and Some Thoughts About Various Subjects ago
New Bonus Chapter Poll + Update ago
Chapter 30: Mystifying ago
Special: Delta's Life at the Office ago
Chapter 31: My Next Day For Destiny ago

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UPDATE: Every once in a while an author crawls out of his shell and communicates. If he does that, I tend to do that too, so I will update my review after trying to read this one again. Let's see if he can change my mind.

I will update this review after my second attempt to read this one, until then think of this one provisionally.


Weird POV (first person present tense for everything) and the whole thing just didn't grip me.

I was slightly bored for three chapters and then got to awkward scene during probably comic Con and got awkwardly bored. And then decided to read something else.

For sitcom it was not funny and for adventure it was not adventurous. I think it's the formulaic cookie cutter anime aesthetics/behavior without rhyme or reason in everything that just made it too boring to read.

We were presented some interesting characters but instead of doing something with them they were just shoved aside for the most overplayed boring medieval truck kun possible with a sort of just to get it over with narrative.

Then reincarnation dialog with a goddess that should have been probably about her being a funny clutz but came out messily about her being incompetent and depressing and then the self pity party at possibly comic Con.

To summarize: In the first three chapters there was just the exemplary display of unvarnished make your own anime set characters and scenes without any distinct flair that would grab my attention. And it was more depressing then funny.

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Systemless is a silly and amusing yarn that solidly flips the usual isekai story on its head, bringing a fantasy LitRPG hero to mundane Earth, while retaining his ability to use his video game like powers. While perhaps not the most original twist on the idea, TheDude3445 manages to do it right.

While there is plenty of situational humor just from the expected clash of cultures you'd normally see in a "fantasy warrior shows up on modern Earth" premise, the fact that his RPG power system carries over, and it's very nature incentivises him to keep trying to be an adventurer in a world that doesn't particularly want or need one, forces Eryk to adapt to Earth while still being forced to work with his game system. It makes for an interesting dynamic that I haven't seen done in stories like these; usually the "fantasy warrior on Earth" gimmick has the heroes also battling enemies from their world that likewise made the trip over, giving them an external threat to face. Systemless presents the hero with an internal challenge he can't just stab away.

This review is being written as of Chapter 20, and the chapters are nice and short for quick catching up. So far, the characters are solid, but we're still in the earlier stages of getting to know them. Overall, though, it's a fun, quick read, and I recommend it for fans of the lighter side of the isekai genre.

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I want more! I demand it! Right now!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: Through the Fire and Flames

So, characters are great, although the possible romance isn't my cup of tea it's still great enough to ignore it. Little to no grammatical or spelling errors. Definitely a potential top 5 trending story!

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Not entirely sure how to rate this story; it's funny, it does what it sets out to do, but I also got pretty annoyed while reading it. I think that stem largely from the main source of humour being misunderstandings and those misunderstandings at least seeming easily avoidable. I'm waiting for the characters to stop for a moment and properly sort out the situation except I have no hope of that happening. I would say that kind of humour gets old except I still kept reading and laughing each chapter. 

What this means for me is that unless the story changes in some way, I can't really se a future for the story as something I would keep reading. That doesn't mean this story is straight up someone elses ally and it's probably read better spaced out over several days rather than read all at once the way I did. 

Besides that it's well written with a constant style and a lack of any typos that I could see

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The Dark Fish Out of Water Comedy LitRPG You Didn't Know You Needed!

Reviewed at: Special: Royals of Foreign Lands

Summary: Systemless is a great fish out of water comedy with LitRPG elements.  I.e. it feels more slice of life than action/adventure.  There isn't really a lot of combat, instead more of a focus on exploration and learning (think Pillars of Eternity) and it works very well.  That said, if you are coming here to read about a powerful combat oriented protagonist this probably isn't the story you should want.

The story is fast paced with short paragrahs.  That makes it a simple/easy read but from time to time it can be a bit too quick and distracting.

What mistakes there were seem to have been fixed before I finished my read through.  Nothing to complain about.

It's more slice of life, so the plot isn't the focus but the worldbuilding is top notch.  The story has done a good job so far of exploring the characters and how they interact with each other.  The system serves as both an interesting plot element as well as a ticking time bomb that drives the plot forward, keeping things from becoming too stagnant in the Slice of Life Elements.

All of the characters feel fleshed out and real.  The MC's fish out of water act is starting to wear a little thin, but at the same time he's learning.  I'm most interested right now in how some of the secondary characters develop.

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Seeing the title, i thought— Well that is stupid but consider me surprise.

This story rocks.

I'm a lazy reader and I prefer short paragraphs than long ones. And this novel is to my taste.

Short paragraphs with content. Characters are lovable and awesome.

Plot is not original bu the author makes it more interesting than others.

I hope you try this and loved it as much as I do.


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Unique. While some stories are about someone from our world reincarnating in a world with a system, this is the opposite. Really liked this.

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 I dislike the characters I tried but couldn't get over how they're portrayed. That being said I give 4 starts in character because they're well done. I mean sure I don't like them but they're well done and fleshed out. Credit where credit is due. The Grammer is great the style is unique and I read a lot of it just for the smooth story. It's nice to read something professional level from time to time. Anyway everyone should give it a chance I'm dropping it but it took me 30chapters to realize it's not my cup of tea.